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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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Dark chocolate still works better with good black coffee, or something like a Baltic porter, double bock, or Russian imperial stout.  


QUITE a few years ago, I hit Great American Beer Festival during a year when they ran a couple food demos each night.  Yummm.  Some didn't work that well;  I remember one that bombed because the chef didn't realize the festival provided induction burners.  His pans were aluminum.  Anyway, one of em was Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at the Brooklyn Brewery, and author of the excellent food and beer book, the Brewmaster's Table.  He did a cheese and beer pairing.  I think the organizers were...a tad...upset with him, because he had 4 fairly high-end cheeses.  Kinda blew the budget out the window, I suspected.  Anyway, his point was similar to this.  Cheese and wine *don't* make for great pairings that often...but cheese and beer often do.  Twas most yummy!!!  Don't ask what the pairings were, this was...mid 2000's, I think?  I'm leaning to 2005.  AND GABF, with unlimited 1 oz tastings, and a hotel in walking distance.


And I got him to sign my copy of his book. :)

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Cheese and beer pairing well shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has beer to wash down pizza. :) 


Wine pairs differently with various foods, and cheese is no different. The main thing to think about is balance. For example, port is a very sweet wine, so you need a strong, salty cheese like Stilton to balance out the sweetness.


A general rule of thumb for pairing wine with chocolate is that the wine should be sweeter, or it will be overwhelmed by the chocolate. So I tend to get semisweet chocolate when I pair it with wine. That said, Pinot Noir tastes great with chocolate cake.

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On 1/29/2023 at 6:25 PM, Cygnia said:

Before they shut down for good, my favorite local wine shop always had a Chocolate & Wine pairing for Valentine's Day and Halloween that I made sure to make a reservation for.


They also had a Wine & Girl Scout Cookie pairing when it was cookie season.


I miss that shop.


I know that feeling.  Had one like it for a while.  The owner ran several wine and munchies exploratory tastings, with lots of interesting stuff on the sideboard along with some REALLY nice wine.  There was also a Chablis brunch;  4 different Chablis, a full buffet.  And a glorious German wine dinner.  The greatest part:


--there were several exceptional, bountiful years in much of western Europe.

--this predated the collector craze.  Prices were manageable for a student working part time...on excellent wines like classed-growth Bordeaux, and even some estate Burgundy.  The German wines...you could get 3rd, maybe even 2nd tier stuff at fair prices.  


At the time, what he did spread to a few other merchants, for a while.  For me, this culminated in sitting in on a wines of the century dinner...wines from each decade, possibly with the exception of the 1910's.  Including a couple great...and one that has to be called legendary...bottles.  Cost me $125...in 1982 or 1983, mind.  WORTH IT.


Good times.

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For the birthday of a friend, we went to a new Indian restaurant up in Luleå. It had opened fairly recently, the premiere a bit delayed because the proprietor wanted to recruit genuine Indian chefs and all. I remember that I ordered a chicken tikka masala (and that it was really good). When the birthday boy -- let's call him J. to protect the innocent -- got to order, he asked the waitress for the strongest item on the menu, which turned out to be some fish dish (IIRC). The nice young lady then felt obliged to ask, "So ... do you want it Swedish strong ... or Indian strong?" J.'s eyes brightened, and with no hesitation he answered "Indian!"


He had to pause his eating of this fish a couple of times, to just sit there, breathing. Once, he started wandering about in the restaurant, making little "hooh!" noises. But he finished the dish, and some good naan.

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