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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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1 hour ago, unclevlad said:


You're up in Rainland.  It's understandable.


Me?  I haven't either...and the Hatch Valley is like 20 miles from me.  This IS the land of chiles, and tamales are central to Christmas cooking.  


By the same token, tamales are apparently best prepared by a group, as much a family bonding moment as anything.  So that rather leaves me out.....


Well, I've been up here for a few decades, but earlier in life (in addition to 6 years in Germany) we tramped up and down the California coast and did 2 years in eastern New Mexico (and I came within a few hours of marrying a girl from ABQ).  And for a couple of years here in WA I was with my folks in Yakima County, which has an enormous Latinx population of all the farm workers.  I mean, to get to their house from I-82 you almost have to drive past the place in Union Gap which got the James Beard award for their tamales a few years back.

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8 minutes ago, Cygnia said:

Honestly, I hand-mixed my masa and it turned out well.


How much masa were you using?  The recipe there was using 4 cups.  It's a very good video IMO, but she was cooking in a very nicely equipped kitchen.  BIG Insta-Pot and stand mixer both, and the stock pot she used for the double boiler setup was also rather large.  They all kinda have to be, cuz that recipe probably serves, what, 6-8?

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On 12/10/2022 at 6:57 PM, Logan D. Hurricanes said:

I'm not hungry enough for the Fractal Burger. 


Then you'll never finish the New York Möbius strip steak sandwich.



3 hours ago, Logan D. Hurricanes said:



Ah yes, the living pizza embodiment of the old "I can do it quick, I can do it cheap, I can do it well, pick two and call me back" bit. 

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