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Duke Bushido

Looking for a book by Surbrook

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Michael Surbrook wrote a book / PDF titled "Here be Dragons."


I know there's a 6e version, published by Evil Beagle,  but I have been (perhaps erroneously) informed that he had an earlier version for 5e published by D3 Games.  I've been hunting it for a couple of days now with no luck (the 5e version).


Anyone on the board have any idea where I might try to buy a copy of the 5e version?


Thanks for any help you can give!





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The D3 version is 6E.  I bought mine back in 2012.  It has the 6E picture on the front cover. 


I was combing over the site and could not find it.  It is strange, because I still see other 5E and 6E D3 items in the store.


Interesting.....   According to rpggeek, the Evil Beagle version was published in 2017




But RPGNow (sue me, I am old) says it was last updated in December of 2016.  Give me a minute to download it.  It appears I purchased it sometime, somehow.


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39 minutes ago, Lord Liaden said:

Perhaps the fact there's a 5E D&D version led to confusion as to the existence of a 5E Hero version.


That may well be the case, actually.  The person who mentioned it to me might not have taken a close enough look to realize it wasn't for HERO 5e.



28 minutes ago, Jazzidemus said:

Maybe it was the older title, Here there be Tigers. By Dockery & Schroeder in '86. For the Hero System. 


This is another possibility, but that one is clearly not a bestiary of any sort. However, I can see how someone with a passing memory of it's existence could construe it as "same book for an older edition."  


26 minutes ago, Norm said:

It is like Lord Liaden said.  It is a D&D 5E book.


I was able to find it on Lulu.




huh....  searching around....  seemed to have found a HERO version on DriveThru





Yep; found the HERO version many times the last couple of days.  Unfortunately, it's 6e.  Certainly I can use it; it's just that 5e is, in general, easier to back-port to the older editions than is 6.  Not _vastly_ easier, but easier enough to make the 5e books preferable to me.



Thanks to all who tried!    :)







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