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  1. Velociraptors. Better refill it fast. NT: Nina, Pinta, and ________
  2. Good news, you can now find BW action figures and costumes at the Disney Store.
  3. The ambulance company gives you frequent flier miles.
  4. If we're going to include cameos for links to the universe, the Adams Family butler, Lurch, appeared. I guess he has a apartment in Gotham. And Stalag 13 commander, Col. Klink also. And "The Skipper" from Gilligan's Island.
  5. 1636: The Cardinal Virtues The 1632 series continues to expand, as the ripples of the time traveling West Virginians change the history of Europe.
  6. Q. What do you do with a Klingon who changes a light bulb? A: Execute him for cowardice. Q: What does a Klingon do with a burned out light bulb? A: Execute it for failure.
  7. It was so hot here yesterday that two hobbits threw a ring into my backyard.
  8. Spidey doesn't fit neatly into one catagory. He's a brick for offense (strength), a martial artist for defense (high dexterity/speed), a gadgeteer for gimmicks (entangle web, 'spider-trackers'), and a set of theme movement powers (clinging, swinging on a web).
  9. What has happened to my hobby that men feel the need to actively drive away half the human race?
  10. And (according to director Zach Snyder), if Darth Vader can destroy a city then Superman can too! http://www.avclub.com/article/if-darth-vader-can-destroy-cities-so-can-superman--234208 Clue for Mr. Snyder: Darth Vader is the ​VILLIAN ​he's allowed to be evil. It's in the job description.
  11. Reminds me of work. The field across the street is full of burrowing owl nests.
  12. The passengers on the plane might be bothered, though.
  13. He offers to let you work a half day on Christmas Eve: Only 12 Hours instead of your usual 16!
  14. Seducing Mrs. Claus got me there, but the reindeer venison made it permanent!
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