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  1. Velociraptors. Better refill it fast. NT: Nina, Pinta, and ________
  2. Good news, you can now find BW action figures and costumes at the Disney Store.
  3. The ambulance company gives you frequent flier miles.
  4. 1636: The Cardinal Virtues The 1632 series continues to expand, as the ripples of the time traveling West Virginians change the history of Europe.
  5. Q. What do you do with a Klingon who changes a light bulb? A: Execute him for cowardice. Q: What does a Klingon do with a burned out light bulb? A: Execute it for failure.
  6. It was so hot here yesterday that two hobbits threw a ring into my backyard.
  7. Spidey doesn't fit neatly into one catagory. He's a brick for offense (strength), a martial artist for defense (high dexterity/speed), a gadgeteer for gimmicks (entangle web, 'spider-trackers'), and a set of theme movement powers (clinging, swinging on a web).
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