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  1. Re: Nazi Germany's Secret Plan to Bomb New York Not that sad, I also knew it was an Ekranoplan at first sight -- the hull and the lower stub wings are also dead giveaways.
  2. Re: Laser launched rockets "Scaling up" isn't the simple, easy step it's often made out to be. Look up the actual mass / weight of the objects being lifted by lasers currently.
  3. Re: Making nuclear weapons look like firecrackers That idea is modern political mythology, really.
  4. Re: Save the American Space Program?! Are Space Haters a subspecies of Damn Hippies? Seriously, though, you're talking about a "treaty" that was never more than a proposal never signed by anyone who mattered, attacks on your person that aren't happening, and Space Haters and Damn Hippies that are largely imaginary. There are so many strawmen in your posts that it's a fire hazard.
  5. Re: Announcing Kazei 5, Second Edition BTW, if you're in any way contemplating picking up K5, and you haven't... you should.
  6. Re: Making nuclear weapons look like firecrackers OK, helped. As for the atomic bomb, there's a rough choice... help the people of this timeline uncork the bottle on the atomic genie in order to prevent the development and usage of the "volcano bomb".
  7. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Read the five-book Vatta's War series by Elizabeth Moon. Made for a nice distraction, the writing is good...
  8. Re: Making nuclear weapons look like firecrackers If your character can liberate occupied Hawaii, they can probably decapitate the Japanese government and military, quite likely making the superweapon unnecessary. Also, can I ask why the atomic bomb hasn't been invented and used in this timeline, and why it couldn't be?
  9. Kristopher


    Re: Neomen What he said.
  10. Re: Save the American Space Program?! I could go for that. And I think you're right, the lifesaving and cropsaving benefits of better weather forecasting and mapping alone have more than paid for the entire space program. It's one of those no-brainer investments.
  11. Re: Announcing Kazei 5, Second Edition I've been reading through K5 in my spare time, and in general I'm happy. I don't have a detailed review yet. One specific thing I do like is the way that things like weapons have an "Effects" section at the beginning of each entry, then a description, and then the HERO build at the very end. For a non-supers game, in which the build is utterly and entirely a means to an end, that's exactly the way it should be
  12. Re: Announcing Kazei 5, Second Edition Mine arrived today, with a big "address being checked" sticker on the package. I'm at work and things have been nuts here the last three weeks because of year end, so I'm still playing catch-up, and won't get a chance to read through it much until this weekend, but flipping through it, so far, I'm impressed.
  13. Re: Announcing Kazei 5, Second Edition We'll see if I get mine. I guess the warehouse mailed them instead of sending them UPS or FedEx, which was my original understanding. I have stuff sent to my office, but the business has a PO Box for postal mail, vs the physical address for shipping companies. Sometimes the post office here (big business, very small town, gotta love agribusiness) will return stuff addressed to street addresses instead of the PO Boxes.
  14. Re: Star Mapping software: You call THIS progress? Did you try the Win98 compatibility mode?
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