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  1. For Amtgard, the fantasy medieval LARP, I have a cloak with pockets. It is indeed awesome.
  2. Because his urine test came back positive for Coke.
  3. Grindstone: Transfer STR rather than Drain STR. Static Fling: EB Double Knockback. Pretty sure I have someone with a Flash Damage Shield, can't remember who.
  4. When introducing HERO to new players, I have explained using a Move action and an Attack action (which could also be a Move). Such an effect would remove the first. I've also looked into replicating MMO Mesmerize effects here: and this looks like an interesting addition to the discussion.
  5. Because Steven King never had a heart to begin with?
  6. My wife bought a ceramic dinosaur, but one of its horns was broken.. I asked, "Wouldn't that make it a diceratops?" My son answered, "No, a dieceratops would have one to six horns."
  7. I think the answer he was looking for here was, 'Na'.
  8. I logged on to two notifications, this pic, and something in my 'Help Driving HERO' thread. The juxtaposition is ... amusing.
  9. Please don't, it isn't necessary. I'm just trying to correct things as gently as possible.
  10. Wasn't arguing that. I'm Christougher, he's Christopher.
  11. No offense intended, but please check your spelling. That spelling refers to a different member.
  12. Thanks to the work from home epidemic, I get to wear all my superhero t-shirts.
  13. Television special mentioning this had perhaps the finest line that could be said about the man: He portrayed so many legendary figures, he became one. Hearing of his death was, like others said, a gut punch. What completely broke my heart were the memes of Stan Lee welcoming him to Heaven.
  14. Funny, because I get the opposite reaction from the quote. It's for *entertainment*. Enjoy playing with it.
  15. That pic is doubly effective with the boards' new feature, showing only the camera, expand it and then... bam.
  16. That's awesome. Wish we could see more of the costumes of the rest of the crowd. +1 to Wonder Man for pulling off a great costume.
  17. That's why it's in the Funny Pics thread instead of the Creepy Pics thread.
  18. Fair call on the cost; I was looking mostly at middle values to simulate effects, not at abusability. For now, taking Hugh's suggestion of 10/d6 and limitation. Might go 5/d6 for Movement and 10/d6 for Attack. For a lot of SFX, the target and their abilities has little to no effect on the duration. I didn't want to make it EGO and a mental effect by default because that might stop people from thinking of any other SFX. BODY tends to be similar in most games. An Advantage or Limitation to change the affected stat is pretty obvious; maybe +1/2. Thanks for the t
  19. The problem with that line of thinking is that Followers and Summons are their own beings, even if they are CloneSmiths. The GM runs them, not you. Duplication is the only way to have multiples of yourself that you run. There is, however, nothing wrong with using "Summon Horde of Smiths" as the special effect of an attack, possibly with Indirect per your previous examples. Duplication isn't always the answer. Chris.
  20. Considering a Fast and Furious type game with significant focus on driving, how can I discourage players from wanting to buy their Combat Driving up as high as they can afford? Specifically, I'm looking for different game-mechanic options so that not every thing is Combat Driving roll after Combat Driving roll after Combat Driving roll after ... you get the picture.
  21. A few years back I posted that DOJ had purchased WOTC... That would have been nice. Chris.
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