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  1. I got into HERO with 5th edition revised, and now use 6th. I did purchase the Early Champions and Champions 4th edition Bundles of Holding and from those bundles I read the early editions and discover the origins of what would eventually evolve into the generic, universal system we all love. HERO truly is the same game throughout all editions. There's been tweaks with every edition, and while I only have limited actual play exposure to two (later) editions, I'm immensely impressed with the foresight, deliberate thought, and play testing that was put into Champions 1st edition. It set the foundation for all subsequent incarnations, except for Fuzion, which I have no experience with.
  2. I'm not familiar with the Bubba The Monster Hunter books, but they sound like something I'd enjoy.
  3. I completely agree with your point and how you've proven it, @Chris Goodwin I'll even say that regardless of game system, having fun in a game is primarily "about campaign feel, character guidelines, and campaign setup."
  4. Enthusiastic fan quotes for some of the San Angelo sports teams and events, especially super sports would be a great addition. How about Super Major League Baseball or Super Rugby Union? Super Soccer (Football), Super National Football League, Super NBA.... Maybe some non-realworld sports specifically for superheroes: Furious Psionic Fights, or Eldritch Arcane Duels, Around the Moon NASCAR...
  5. Do you know the title of the made for TV movie?
  6. I wasn't aware there was a reunion TV movie produced in the 80s. Is it available in the series DVD boxset?
  7. I'm looking forward to Western HERO in PDF. I used Western HERO in the 90s for a short Western campaign that was a great success with the players. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find any local gamers that are interested in Westerns, regardless of the system used for the game.
  8. The version of Hero Designer that I'm using, which I think has the latest update, only has options for 5th edition revised or 6th edition (the two volume Blue Books).
  9. I'm totally looking forward to the new edition of San Angelo: City of Heroes. I was just browsing through my original copy yesterday for a planned Champions game.
  10. The picture must have been taken with a Smart Phone. What I call "Fauxtography" ? Use actual camera, and buy film not pixels.
  11. I like what you're doing with the media stations and channels. Nice logos! How about adding a list and short description of some programming on the channels and stations. Live talk shows, or podcasts, of interest to local superheroes. Also, perhaps a local online newspaper (site, media outlet -- I'm not sure what it's called these days) with some example "headlines" and "newspaper clippings" that can be used as short scenario ideas or rumors for GMs to incorporate or use as jumping off points to start adventures and campaigns.
  12. This is a great thread @PamelaIsley Thank you!
  13. I'm enjoying this thread and the 3e characters so that I can see how they compare with 5/6th edition characters (the only HERO versions I've played). I do have a copy of the Champions 4th edition BBB that I picked up used in the early 90s. I read it, created some characters, and never got a chance to play HERO until 5th edition Revised.
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