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  1. "Usable as an Attack" is not a valid modifier to Mind Link, per HD anywho.
  2. I assure you multiple people have done Trek, and Shadowrun or related Cyber-Punk genre stuff (again, see Kazei 5.)
  3. Eh, if the Clairsentience is linked to the mind link, this is automatic - if the mind scan fails, the clairsentience fails. However, Mind Link can only be used, it seems, on a willing target - I don't even see the option to make it an attack. So I think this would be telepathy + clairsentience, with the CS having the "Only through the Senses of Another" option rather than the mobile perception point (the perception point is the mind-linked character.)
  4. In campaigns using Hit Locations and wounding and such, this is even more of a go-to option since any real BODY damage would likely take someone out of the fight anyways, and the more actors involved the more tracking there is of wounds and the like if you don't.
  5. Well, I my first HERO character, for a humorous one-shot, earned his powers be taking entirely too much LSD and becoming "Acid Boy" - who was basically tripping so hard that his hallucinations were (usually) real. Cosmic Power Pool, with an EGO roll activation on all slots
  6. And I use ample amounts of handwavium where I wish to; as can / should any GM. If you want any kind of scientific plausibility, you look to the real world. Most real underground creatures are blind, or at best can tell light from dark. They rely on delicate antennae which detect movements in the air currents, or on chemical senses to track their prey, or sonar like bats. Some literally just blunder around in the dark and feel their way around. There are some underground habitats with bio-luminescent flora or fauna and these are some of the strangest and most wonderfully weird places on Earth - like the one cave where these inch-worm things hang glowing globs of glue from the ceiling to lure and entrap bugs. Or caves where the entire life cycle revolves around giant piles of bat guano - creatures living in, on, and above the pile not seen anywhere else on the planet. One of my favorite CRPG's, the Exiles or "Avernum" series, had the huge underground chambers lit by glowing fungus.
  7. I understand that, was merely responding with why I can't go with that answer for my own purposes. On a side note, I remember the old "no absolutes" commentary in regards to things like Magic Missile always hitting or "real invulnerability" where something simply cannot be damaged, and find this kind of one of those odd little exceptions to everything in HERO playing so nicely together in my mind
  8. Well, build Ant, add growth is the simplest; but not most elegant or complete or "fun" way to do it. Ants made giant might have more tricks that just massive strength and a nasty bite.
  9. That's just it. I don't. On Lostorum, people believe what they will and that belief can even grant them great magical power, to the point such a believer can make others believe through the manifestation of that power; but, ultimately, "proving" God's existence on Lostorum is as nebulous a concept as it is here. Those of faith believe "The Veil" (the southern aurorae) separates the land of the Gods ("The World That Was") from the land of the Mortals ("The World That Is.") The Gods and Mortals were divided from each other long ago, and mortals pass to the other side of the veil when they die. But the Gods cannot and do not walk the lands; you can't summon angels or demons (merely shadowy "projections" of them which are easily written off as illusions or hallucinations.) So evolution is not out the Window on Lostorum, and in fact Lostorum's Darwin is just now writing Lostorum's version of The Origin of Species, Lostorum being in the midst of the railroad boom. The "missing link" problem will be massive, though, as humans do not have a common ancestor in Lostorum's fossil record. Many theories exist concerning why that is - from "%deity% created us" to "humans came to Lostorum from another planet" (the latter being derided by the former, naturally.)
  10. Nah, it's boring to kill two player characters with the same dirty trick. The second one has to think he has some chance once the first drops, or there is no sport.
  11. Honestly, Captain America's. At least, the one I know: Super Soldier Serum turns heart-of-gold weakling into Prime Grade-A Ass-kicker (who still has a heart of gold.)
  12. Not really. I mean, you could build a character with Automaton powers, sure; but most people would not recommend it and most GM's won't allow it. Look at some of our cinematic or literary "cyborgs" to base things off of: Does a "cyborg" bleed? Can it be stunned, or knocked out? Is it a human mind with cybernetic gizmos, or wholly a computer mind? Good questions to ask, but for the sake of gameplay, you probably want your Cyborg PC to not be an automaton due to the necessity of using killing attacks to even inconvenience said character. In other words, using some of the automaton stuff for a PC cyborg is likely going to have unforeseen consequences, and not just for the person playing the cyborg.
  13. Just keep in mind that making your non-Jedi characters "match up to" the Jedi characters does deflate the sails of the Jedi a bit. At the same time, Han Solo and Boba Fett were just as bad-ass as a Jedi; just in their own light. Don't worry about non-Jedi going toe-to-toe with Jedi; just ensure that the non-Jedi aren't going to be completely overshadowed by the Jedi. This actually makes Star Wars a rare RPG genre where "splitting the party" actually works - Old Ben goes to shut off the generators, the rest of the party frees the princess
  14. The thread for my Cybernetic Super-Soldier "Hardcase" might have some useful info; maybe? http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/88024-critique-a-character-hardcase-cyborg-super-soldier/ Basically, Cybernetics don't end up with much in the way of limitations, is the final verdict. Your GM may or may not allow some of the things I did on this character; but Hardcase is very similar to Street Samurai, just at the super-heroic level. A cyberpunk street sam would probably have far lower strength, defenses, and none of the built in energy weapons.
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