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  1. https://www.theroot.com/surprise-surprise-off-duty-cops-from-all-over-the-cou-1846029959
  2. I never saw it as busting chops . It can be.. vexing, of course, to feel like I'm right and why can't people see that but then there are nights, horrible horrible nights, when I look into my heart of hearts, and have the sudden irrational fear that I may not know everything after all. Terrifying!
  3. What gets me is that if policies like Universal Healthcare , affordable college and the like ARE socialist, and socialist can never be democratic... well, NATO's got a LOT of Commie tyrannies! Le Gasp. In fact, I think we lost most of Europe!
  4. Pardon me narrowing down to just this quote. Let's just say that I am PISSED at 90% of the GOP in Congress and leave it at that as far as the actual republican leadership goes and I agree it's on the Republican politicians to show they are truly acting in good faith. They should reach out first, and offer something up first. And even then I wouldn't blame the Democrats in Congress for not wanting to chance it but would hope they'd try. But as for the general populace, some of the right leaners I know felt and feel they weren't getting ANY Nods from Democrat Politicos (Beyond
  5. Speaking of conservatives who have been FIGHTING for democracy... Props to the Lincoln Project January 6, 2021 - “Today’s violence and insurrection in Washington and in state capitols is the direct responsibility of Donald Trump. This shameful culmination of four years of lies, propaganda, dog whistles, gaslighting, and conspiracy theories at the hands of a dangerous, unstable president has now put our Constitutional system of government at risk. While our democracy has been under attack since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, today’s domestic terrorist attack on
  6. I tend to agree with you, but I'm still for putting our broadest brushes down
  7. First, can we define who "THEY" is? Because, maybe I misread Cancer, but I thought he meant Americans with a conservative bent and often rural background. Others seem to be defining THEY to those who stormed the white house in a seditious act, and it's a mistake to assume all of the former are the same mindset as the latter. That said, yes, as a guy who voted for Bernie in the primaries I totally feel the frustration of being told that ideas I think are just common sense and common decency are too big and unrealistic over and over. Be it from more moderate democrats or those voti
  8. Because someone inquired... You can certainly use folks from the same universe/source as the insitution/organization you have chosen if you wish. It might cost you some votes if folks think you're not really changing it up enough but it's possible. Mind you, if I were playing and I saw someone picking (For example) "The Round Table" and then started drafting "King Arthur" then Lancelot I might try to steal a knight like Sir Gawain just to keep them from getting a full set, but I'm jerk like that But then that might work against me when your next knight applicant was S
  9. THANK you for this. We all have some biases, but we can't let us blind us to the fact that some people who do not agree with us have their own legitimate concerns. If we don't address them, talk about them, even if we don't agree with the whys and hows, we're just going to have another Trump, a smarter one possibly, show up in 10 years and con a whole new crop of people who had concerns ignored.
  10. It does, and thank you. Right now, I am just glad I'm not in Missouri burying my head in my hands over Senator Josh Hawley - who , in addition to and because of his actions, is crying over a lost book deal and calling it censorship
  11. Tennessee, we don't send our best https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2021/01/07/tennessee-rep-terri-lynn-weaver-capitol-riot-lot-of-patriots/6578595002/
  12. Okay. Someone sent me an excellent question I should have thought of... essentially they wanted to know if you could draft a younger version of a protagonist. My answer is, not normally, unless there is actually some official younger version even if it's a flashback scene or the like. THAT said, this is supposed to be fun. And i hate limiting folks SO... IF you wish, you may us an option allowing you to freely change the ages of the characters in your draft as suits you! Not just one of them either. If you want a 14 year old Hans Grubber trying to frame a 13 year old John McClane so he ge
  13. Yay! I think I'll take January and.. oh right! Moving right along
  14. Some of these guys are old pros and will likely be correcting me, but if it helps, we're all a bit rusty. Just remember only one pick a day, and that you may get sniped even in a draft with a pool to draw from as large as this. So I suggest back up plans You got it, he she should be an established official character from published works, TV, or film. Make it GOOD cross over fiction! More seriously, I'm aware how fan ficy this could be. That's not always a bad thing though, What If was just fan fiction written by pros who got a check who h
  15. The List Tjack Academy of the S.H.I.E.L.D. The Organization/Institution: S.H.I.E.L.D Academy.(Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- TV) The Protagonist /Applicant: Xander Harris — Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) The Bestie/True Friend: Connor Reilly (Angel - TV) The Crush/Love interest: Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars - TV) The looming threat:Rossum Inc./ Laurence Dominic (Dollhouse —TV) The Antagonist/Bad Guy: Captain Hammer (Dr. Horrible’s Sing a Long Blog—Web Series) A mentor/instructor/old hand: Dan Conner (Roseanne —TV) Option One: Codes to t
  16. The return of the superdraft! Why? I kind of miss it and I need a distraction from the politics Welcome to the completely unasked for "I want to be a-" Fantasy (?) Draft! Starting Monday, January 11, Noon US EST , if we get at least a few people interested anyway. The basic theme is, as the pick descriptions will elaborate on, is the protagnoist hero you draft has ambitions to join a fictional organization or institution for training and/or membership. It's a staple of Romantic Fantasy but, while I did put fantasy in the title, knowing that if I tell folks, metaphorically speakin
  17. Members of Congress who backed Trump's coup attempt
  18. Okay. I'm going to say it If this was a Black Lives Matter protest, cops would be shooting people by now
  19. I completely understand the downside of making Pelosi happy and appreciate your sacrifice. Thanks! One down, one to go.
  20. Thank you for the article... it actually touched on something I should have known but didn't see mentioned until now Some Trumpkins I know were talking about how WRONG it was to 'reveal a private conversation' etc etc. as if it was done without cause or reason. I didn't realize that Trump had trashed him on twitter after the conversation. Yeah, you know what's worse than revealing the actual private conversation? It's lying about said private conversation to bear false witness against someone like Trump was doing. And yeah, the Democrats started tearing into
  21. I hope Scott has a healthy and speedy recovery
  22. I've been told by a family member "I don't GET the movie" I get it, I just don't WANT it
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