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  1. alas, no fiction... Blaster Pick: Black Canary (Dinah Drake) Option 2: Green Lantern Corps Ring Option 3: Monster Society of Evil (at least all that aren't specifically picked) Target: The Philippines The Mission: Stop Mr. Mind, foil his evil plan to use Miss America as a atomic weapon and to empower the Imperial Army soldiers with molecular manipulation from her, free the many POWS and natives... and watch in Annoyance as some General walks on the shore boasting about how HE has returned.
  2. Chinese spyware copied from NSA Spyware
  3. Condolences, Cancer . He sounds like he was a great guy
  4. Tennessee has at least one Senator go to the Trump party is my prediction. The 'regular' republicans , instead of standing strong, try to placate by being Trump LITE but still more authoritarian than they were. Democrats sigh and now come in THIRD place
  5. He's too DREAMY to be really evil; he's just misunderstood
  6. I could be wrong but I think she's a member of the order of the scribble https://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0196.html
  7. Rich is a master of 'it's all coming together now'
  8. I hope you feel better soon and hope you don't have to drop out but understand if you need to. If you want, and assuming you trust me, and if our Comish for this draft is okay with it, you can PM me your list and I will try to draft for both of us?
  9. All was suddenly not so sunny for the Empire of the Rising Sun. Reports of a mysterious Allied Sub, of superior technology, rising from the Pacific, and unleashing a squad of warriors so powerful and so strange that there was little time to react. Yet, the General did not seem concerned. He was strange too, no? His plans seemed to have ground to a halt of late. Rather than rushing to aid those areas facing attacks from the Allied supermen, he had had fortifications set up to a place of little value. At least, little they could see. And his focus was on one prisoner. An American wo
  10. Jumping jack flash... prayer on it's way for you and yours
  11. Thanks! China got rough treatment in WW2 (Which is, I know, an understatement of nightmarish proportions) so I wanted at least one Chinese superhero of sorts. though I was really tempted to choose the Green Turtle instead. However, I needed a shapechanger so the Monkey King seemed ideal for all qualifiers
  12. Namor was taking a well deserved rest in the Submarine after a couple of fights and a long hard shift. Rex blamed himself. One thing they didn't expect was two Nazi Uboats in Pacific waters. The Blackhawk Sub was the superior tech, but two against one is not fun odds. While the Sub managed to get its torpedo off first, the other U boat launched it's own. They had seconds to act. Rex wondered if Mary summoning the lightning to change would kill them all or not? For that matter, could mandrake's illusions fool an already launched device? He never had to make either call to find out
  13. You know, when he started getting known in the late 80s early nineties, I actually listened to some of his rants and kind of nodded. I was.. an idiot then. In a year or two after that he got too full of BS for even younger version of me. And now I see the damage he did to the country... I'll say condolences for his loved ones and leave it at that.
  14. TX Mayor rants on FB about "Socialism" (Like wanting electricity up that you paid for) gets backlash, resigns protesting he was taken 'out of context' Seriously, I can understand sometimes Mother Nature is just too tough, but how is it SOCIALISM to want Utilities you pay for to keep working?
  15. Okay. I admit to a lack of perception skills and sometimes I have the empathy of a pet rock, but geez o pete. This makes me feel down right in tune with the cosmos by comparison. Sympathies
  16. Also my way of giving a shout out to the Wind Talkers
  17. The heroes had the might, but the numbers favored the enemies side. The idea was to get as many prisoners of war to safety as possible, but with hundreds of Japanese soldiers converging even a handful of heroes proved to be hard pressed. Namor snarled and smashed, sending the imperial forces scattering, but they reformed and began throwing grenades. Namor might scoff at that sort of thing, but Rex cursed. "Shrapnel's getting too close for comfort to the prisoners we're trying to save, and I might want to have some pups myself one day," Then he found what he was looking for "We got
  18. So far so good here in Eastern TN but we're expected to get the worst of OUR fall out on Friday. Just a guess but I think we're going to be a lot better off than much of the country *Knock on wood* Those of you who are facing your new Penguin overlords, hang tight
  19. Now I want Patrick Stewart to quote lines from Godzilla movies
  20. Well, maybe New York State will arrest him yet
  21. Thank God she's all right.
  22. Are cops using copyrighted music to keep videos of them from being posted?
  23. Yup. FIgured while others were dashing for Speedsters I'd snipe proof my golden age villain. He LOOKS goofy (At least in period era art work) but he's one dangerous little wriggler
  24. The Admiral was a miracle, everyone in Imperial Japan was talking about him. Originally considered to be too timid to serve the Empire well, a bureaucrat in warrior's uniform, over the last few months he had brought new sciences, new ferocity, and new unity to the soldiers of the Rising Sun. True, it was rumored he relied on the help of monsters as much as men, but Island by Island, his leadership was bringing Imperial Japan victory after victory. If he had odd companions, and odd habits, what did it matter? Only victory mattered. That little worm he kept as a good luc
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