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  1. I did. However, other companies provide a higher quality logo, so I figured Hero would do the same. 96 isn't exactly high quality, which I figured they'd want products to have That's just the blurb on the community page. My concern is how the terms affect using my own IP outside of Hall of Champions. As someone pointed out on another forum, the wording of the agreement allows others to use your IP, which is a no go for me. As of last week, the agreement states: In other words, you can't use your own IP with other systems. Since I all ready have, that means either I can't use it with Hall of Champions, or I have to take down the other products (which I'm not going to do). it also grants others to use your material, not just what Hero products you can tap into The only company that doesn't do this with their CCP is Genysys Foundry, whose terms state The person who posted this on another forum stated Jason was going to change it to be more in line with Genysys Foundry's terms. If someone whose posted to Hall of Champions can confirm that it was changed, that would remove any concerns I have. I know it's not a big deal for many who use HoC, but for someone like me (who releases product for multiple systems), it is (because of the limitations most CCP have)
  2. That's kind of a low resolution one though. I would think the official one would be higher than 72 dpi
  3. Where is the Hall of Champions logo to be found? I can't find where to download it from the community page. Is there any prohibition about publishing characters that I've published for other systems? The info on the community page isn't really clear on that (at least it isn't to me)
  4. Not that I can see. I'm at the page for the Hall of Champions community, and it says where to place the logo (alongside the text you need to include), but nothing on downloading the logo. All the instructions on how to upload are there on the community page. Guess I'll have to ask Jason. Still makes no sense to make it this hard to get the logo though
  5. You would think, but it isn't available in the community content product listing, nor the Hero Games listings. If it's supposed to be a community, you'd think making the logo easily accessible would be kind of a priority.
  6. Where do you download the compatibility logo?
  7. Here's some art from Kris Smith. This for something I'll be putting together for another system in the future. The characters are in the vein of the old 60's Batman tv show, in that they are somewhat cheesy. First up is a Creative Commons character called The Skunk. The Second is a new take on a public domain character called The Checker (renamed Checkers here) Here is The Putty, another Creative Commons character, followed by The Puzzler, a new take on a public domain character of the same name:
  8. Astro-Man was also a member of The Tomorrow Squad for awhile, but realized he had a higher purpose
  9. That is definitely one of their inspirations. A little Challengers of the Unknown in there as well. They're supposed to be heroes who exist between the Golden & Silver ages of heroes Here's what will be the cover art for this (whenever I get off my butt and write it)
  10. Some new material from Dan Houser, who is the line artist for ICONS. Here is the Tomorrow Squad: Doc Tomorrow, Astral Girl, Beacon & Quartz:
  11. A pair of new pieces from Joe Singleton. This is The Hierophant, the head of the Church of Cosmic Transcendence, and ruler of The Theocracy: Combat troops of the Theocracy:
  12. Here's a color composite of the group:
  13. This is the Combat trooper for MIDIAN, an organization based in the Middle East. Considered a terrorist group, they strive to recreate the ancient kingdom of Midian: This is Bloodwolf, also known as Zeeb. He was a prince of ancient Midian. He was supposedly slain during the Time of Judges, but was saved by the gods. He is able to turn into a reddish liquid form.
  14. Here is the Japanese villain, Ultra Spectre X. Think a villainous Ultraman type. Major Miracle is a Golden Age Italian hero. His inspiration was Red Rube, a Captain Marvel knock-off from the 40's, Threw in a little of Cap himself as well
  15. I haven't posted anything in awhile, since I quit Photobucket over their recent move to screwing over users. Anyway, here's some new pieces from Juan Paolo. First up is Strigoi, the leader of a group called Tyranny, Inc. The image is based on a head bust done by another artist named James Sheilds: This is The Blood Guard, Tyranny Inc's elite combat troops:
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