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  1. Not a disadvantage for Darth Vader, but a special effect of his presence. For Anakin, probably not a disadvantage either, since he was hanging around with Force users all the time. They would be prime examples of people who could hear such things. Actually all Force users could potentially take a DF, if they don't know how to cloak it. Doubtless that would be part of Jedi and especially Sith training.
  2. I'm tempted to suggest posting this in the Champions Now subforum. An unfortunate effect of the examples provided in that book is that people seem to assume that you are supposed to use it to play vapid liberal versions of social dissent. It's an excellent Silver Age game, and even if you wanted to play leftish politics, you can do it without being boring or dumb.
  3. I don't know about the specific version of the character requested, but any early career Robin would be a good start. In the early comics, he was prone to use a staff and a sling. That's the only thing that would differentiate him mechanically from any other Robin.
  4. Speedy hadn't appeared anywhere since the original Teen Titans were cancelled. He was an unused chàracter who hadn't appeared for years. Sure, it made Green Arrow look like a bit of a dick, but that was part of the point. GA didn't see it coming. That's his problem, not ours Not hack work at all.
  5. That sounds like a very cool plot twist. Fortunately my Second Sight will pick it up.
  6. Isn't that what the whole thread is about? If you don't have the bread, you don't get the magic.
  7. OK, this Superman stuff: it looks like we are talking about the series Superman: Son of Kal-El. This is not main continuity Superman, but a spin off title that may or may not sell and/or be cancelled. Traditional Superman is still being published alongside it. It's nothing to be outraged about, except in the minds of the easily outraged.
  8. Which isn't going to happen in any real way, trolls to the contrary.
  9. The "source" for this is the ridiculous troll Ethan Van Sciver. I wouldn't get too worked up about it.
  10. Sleepwalking can, of course, be a special effect of a character's powers. Perhaps they can't be used when the character is awake.
  11. A general thought about ranged weapons: the amount of energy an arrow or spear has drops away quickly over distance. While an arrow may go straight through padded armour at short range, it (the armour) might be quite effective at a distance. That might suggest a horrible level of complication, so maybe it should be left alone
  12. I've never read Supergame. Nothing I've read about it makes me particularly curious about it either.
  13. That would be interesting, but I'm not that big a completist. Even I have limits.
  14. I agree entirely with this. I'm particularly interested in the original version of Superworld at the moment, due to its brevity. Yes, it's incomplete, but there is a lot packed into a small parcel. I also find the Australian Super Squadron interesting. It looks too much like Villains and Vigilantes for its own good, but has its moments.
  15. "Magic Items Only" is one of the possible solutions to this question. It leaves open the question of who makes them, and who they are being bought from, both of which can be answered easily enough. A bigger issue is the blurring between "casters" and "warriors". It's not a problem in itself, but it can look like "all characters are the same". That can be fixed too, but there needs to be some setting information to do that.
  16. First, magic and societies are as deeply intertwined as societies and religion. In this case, we know that money exists, and magic can be commodified. Can magic be used by anyone who can stump up the cash, or are there other prerequisites? How much money are we talking about? Are there other restrictions on buying it other than having enough money? What is actually being bought? By analogy to buying weapons etc, something physical is being bought, which can be lost/stolen. Is that the case? Also, what does/can magic do? This conceptual stuff needs to be worked out before getting into game mechanics.
  17. Western Australia will install electric vehicle (EV) stations at 45 new locations, creating a fast charging network spanning more than 3,000kms.
  18. Immortality/Eternal Youth doesn't seem to be on the list. If you have everything, losing it hits hard. Otherwise, I'd go for a cure for a loved one. For that matter, eternal youth for them as well. Without that, immortality becomes a matter of watching everyone and everything you know and love die. Of course that also includes the Earth. Cosmic powers may or may not be able to reverse climate change. Even if they can, there are other ways to destroy the place where Cosmic Guy lives.
  19. Spending experience points. The Ninjitsu and Invisibility competitions would be disappointing for spectators. On the other hand, the Foxbat Relay would always be popular.
  20. Nice loophole! Totally correct!
  21. I've considered using Mopee in a character origin.
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