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  1. Oh, and obviously neither like the Scarecrow and his Strawmen. However, they have different ideas of how to deal with them.
  2. The question is: whether you support the Justice Warriors or the Power Brotherhood, the other team are awful. How do you represent this? Are they Rivals, or Hunteds? Either way, the (S)JWs and the Power Bros have an ideological difference that could well result in violence. Keep the politics nice, obviously.
  3. I've pretty much stopped using taverns, for this reason. OK, there are some cities that have them, but in general if you are in a city for no good reason, you aren't welcome.
  4. "Operate" is the key word here. If it implies vigilantism, then there are a lot of places where supers logically wouldn't be allowed to operate.
  5. Sounds like an upgraded/localized 911. I can't really see that being a problem beyond a few idiots for a while.
  6. That's not necessary. Characters can fight for their communities without significant individual gain, delusion or for the sake of tyrannical bastards. Obviously that depends on the community, but it doesn't require them to be unduly sanitised.
  7. I remember a short story in Space Gamer magazine in the early 80s that started with a young super getting a message on his pager. He then went and logged in to a secure network to get the details of his mission. So even in the early 80s, the idea of an on-call gig based system for superheroes was around. There were stats for the characters at the end of the story. IIRC, for V&V, Superhero 2044 - and first edition Champions.
  8. I tend not to make a big deal of it, and treat it as one of a number of unfree statuses. Even "free" people are typically constrained by clan/tribe/whatever membership. Even kings and things, at least notionally. The only truly free people are vagabonds, beggars and murder hobos.
  9. 4000 years is nothing special - even the Americas have been settled 3-4 times longer than that. Australia more than ten times longer. The effects of magic and the gods can be whatever you want them to be. They can work in favour of a higher population density - or a lower one. Your choice. But yes, a higher population density sounds likely.
  10. Just for fun, I looked up the population density of my own state in Australia. Queensland has a population density of 2.8/km2 (7.3/sq mi). Most of the population is concentrated in the south east corner, with most of the rest up the east coast. That leaves a huge sparsely populated area in a modern, developed country. Western Australia is even more sparsely populated: 1.0/km2 (2.6/sq mi) While we're at it, Alaska is 1.26/sq mi (0.49/km2) So very low population densities aren't incompatible with developed societies. (Insert Alaska joke here.) Obviously there will be more densely populated areas.
  11. Another drawback Champions Complete has is that the villains included are weird. They may be good for demonstrating that "you can build anything", but they mainly aren't the kind of characters useful for a starting campaign.
  12. I thought so, but the ambiguity was there.
  13. Is that 400 points (including Complications) or 475 points (400 + 75 from Complications?)
  14. Ant-Man would be to the land what Aquaman is to the oceans.
  15. If you want an already designed version of this, I suggest Steve Perrin's "The Star-Devourer". The Champions stats are 2e/3e, but conversion is trivial, if not unnecessary. Incidentally, it's one of the finest Batman/Superman-type scenarios ever published. The Awesome character gets to play with the monster while the Normal-ish character gets to solve the problem.
  16. Unless there were supers present, obviously.
  17. I was thinking the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Surprise!
  18. As always, Terry Pratchett was the master of naturalistic place names. Even when he was making jokes he was creating places where people would actually live. Beyond that, it doesn't hurt to look at actual ports. Even those with relatively short histories have history, society and geography baked into them. Why is this area known as Lady Furgnell's Chair? Because....
  19. I was thinking of their warehouses, and where their ships dock: "Medici Wharf" or "East India Docks" - that kind of thing. More generally, a neighbourhood can take on the name of the most prominent feature - "down by the Arsenal" can become "the Arsenal".
  20. All you need to know about Queensland: Historically, we were known as the Deep North. We developed punk bands independently from the US, and before the UK. If somewhere is awful enough, young people will find a way to rebel against it culturally. While there is no chance whatsoever of me ever writing Champions Down Under, Champions of Queensland might be an option. It would have worked better in the 80s, since we're a bit too civilized now.
  21. Is there a naval base? If so, it is likely to be quite large, and very secure. (Don't want people setting your ships on fire!) Religious foundations can be important, even without an specific Sea God. You could have a Christian-style church dedicated to the patron saint of seafarers, which could give its name to a local area (parish). It might also have a hostel for retired/injured sailors, and so on. If there are significant numbers of foreigners in a particular area, it could be named for them. Important brokerages and merchant houses could give their names to a neighbourhood/street.
  22. The actual glitch with Brigade is that policing in Australia is organized at the State and Territory level, aside from the Australian Federal Police, which is a topic in its own right. Mayors have no authority over police, there is no "Sydney Police Chief" and in any case Sydney is divided into numerous local councils, of which the City of Sydney (and thus the Mayor of Sydney) is just one. This would, of course, be pointed out in a hypothetical Champions Down Under. Also, there is a colony of penguins in Sydney Harbour. Thinking about it, it would be easier to do Champions of New Zealand. There is less existing canon, and you get to play around with great chunks of the Pacific. It's a shame I've never been there.
  23. One thing Champions of the North has for it is a clear underlying concept. It's not always easy to come up with that. For Australia, the disparity between its large area and highly concentrated, urbanized population could be a key factor. The cities are pretty Brand X modern, "western", English speaking places, but the Outback is a big nowhere. The local heroes could probably take care of urban super crime, but the stuff in the weird places is likely to be weirder. Then again, writers who aren't Scott Bennie might be better served not trying to be Scott Bennie and just do their own thing. One thing that is consistent across all the international books, regardless of edition, is that most of their page count is character sheets. It's that bit at the front which is challenging.
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