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  1. Hence I mentioned Volume 1. Crayon said he has the two Big Books in another thread.
  2. I tend to do that. In some cases, there's a small pantheon: Father, Mother, Son or something like that. There's still the one sun, many sun gods issue.
  3. No idea, since I just made it up!
  4. I sometimes get caught up in the "one sun, many sun gods" dilemma. Partially, that's a matter of overthinking, and no answer is actually necessary. To the extent that I have an answer, it's that the gods (and similar spirits) are really just emanations of more fundamental forces. Angels, I suppose, although with free will. Of course, only heretical theologians and philosophers make arguments like that.
  5. I wouldn't like to be Black Harlequin. Sure, he's a psycho killer, but he's unlikely to get a chance to whack Foxbat. And without that... Anyway, I expect the episode of To Save the World where Foxbat guest starred was probably somewhat controversial.
  6. One thing that needs to be pointed out about the kind of game you are thinking about: combat is lethal. Characters will die. You should run some combats both by yourself and with your players before you start serious play. Otherwise your players will get a nasty surprise. There are ways to build characters to minimise this. Look up Combat Luck in Volume 1, and get your players to buy lots of body. Don't get confused by supposed benchmarks here.
  7. You only need to read BR. Use the others for reference. Even BR is pretty dry reading. Pay attention to the Basic Rules and Concepts chapter. Follow its references at your leisure. Don't hesitate to skip over long sections like the Skill and Power lists. Ask us questions, even if you think they are silly. The suggestion of Champions Begins is good. There is also the Fantasy Hero Primer in the files section. Obviously, both are oriented to specific genres, but both are useful introductions to the whole system, written by different people. One may be clearer than the other, depending on the topic. Also, they are free. But with a bit of effort BR is enough. The most important thing is to keep your early characters simple. Someone of us still prefer simple characters even after 40 years.... Benchmarks for your characters are a bit tricky. As long as they are consistent within your game, it's fine. You don't need to build characters for games you aren't playing in. We can point you at vague notional averages, if you like, but they don't mean much, beyond possibly making it easier to use published characters. There are a bunch of published books that would be handy, but you've already spent a fair bit of cash on a system you might not even end up liking! Good luck, persist, and feel free to ask.
  8. Doing what? Superheroes, spies, crimefighting, horror... One problem is that there isn't a lot of stuff published for any of these except superheroes.
  9. Not a disadvantage for Darth Vader, but a special effect of his presence. For Anakin, probably not a disadvantage either, since he was hanging around with Force users all the time. They would be prime examples of people who could hear such things. Actually all Force users could potentially take a DF, if they don't know how to cloak it. Doubtless that would be part of Jedi and especially Sith training.
  10. I'm tempted to suggest posting this in the Champions Now subforum. An unfortunate effect of the examples provided in that book is that people seem to assume that you are supposed to use it to play vapid liberal versions of social dissent. It's an excellent Silver Age game, and even if you wanted to play leftish politics, you can do it without being boring or dumb.
  11. I don't know about the specific version of the character requested, but any early career Robin would be a good start. In the early comics, he was prone to use a staff and a sling. That's the only thing that would differentiate him mechanically from any other Robin.
  12. Speedy hadn't appeared anywhere since the original Teen Titans were cancelled. He was an unused chàracter who hadn't appeared for years. Sure, it made Green Arrow look like a bit of a dick, but that was part of the point. GA didn't see it coming. That's his problem, not ours Not hack work at all.
  13. That sounds like a very cool plot twist. Fortunately my Second Sight will pick it up.
  14. Isn't that what the whole thread is about? If you don't have the bread, you don't get the magic.
  15. OK, this Superman stuff: it looks like we are talking about the series Superman: Son of Kal-El. This is not main continuity Superman, but a spin off title that may or may not sell and/or be cancelled. Traditional Superman is still being published alongside it. It's nothing to be outraged about, except in the minds of the easily outraged.
  16. Which isn't going to happen in any real way, trolls to the contrary.
  17. The "source" for this is the ridiculous troll Ethan Van Sciver. I wouldn't get too worked up about it.
  18. Sleepwalking can, of course, be a special effect of a character's powers. Perhaps they can't be used when the character is awake.
  19. A general thought about ranged weapons: the amount of energy an arrow or spear has drops away quickly over distance. While an arrow may go straight through padded armour at short range, it (the armour) might be quite effective at a distance. That might suggest a horrible level of complication, so maybe it should be left alone
  20. I've never read Supergame. Nothing I've read about it makes me particularly curious about it either.
  21. That would be interesting, but I'm not that big a completist. Even I have limits.
  22. I agree entirely with this. I'm particularly interested in the original version of Superworld at the moment, due to its brevity. Yes, it's incomplete, but there is a lot packed into a small parcel. I also find the Australian Super Squadron interesting. It looks too much like Villains and Vigilantes for its own good, but has its moments.
  23. "Magic Items Only" is one of the possible solutions to this question. It leaves open the question of who makes them, and who they are being bought from, both of which can be answered easily enough. A bigger issue is the blurring between "casters" and "warriors". It's not a problem in itself, but it can look like "all characters are the same". That can be fixed too, but there needs to be some setting information to do that.
  24. First, magic and societies are as deeply intertwined as societies and religion. In this case, we know that money exists, and magic can be commodified. Can magic be used by anyone who can stump up the cash, or are there other prerequisites? How much money are we talking about? Are there other restrictions on buying it other than having enough money? What is actually being bought? By analogy to buying weapons etc, something physical is being bought, which can be lost/stolen. Is that the case? Also, what does/can magic do? This conceptual stuff needs to be worked out before getting into game mechanics.
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