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  1. Hi, my handle is Storyarama, and it came from a time where I was doing Storytelling as a hobby. My first time playing was with AD&D 1st ed. I was actually headed to summer camp when I heard some of the kids on the bus talking about what spells they were taking, and I just had to find out what that meant. That was the week of summer camp that changed the whole direction of my life. My first time GMing was a couple weeks later after camp, when I put together a dungeon and had a buddy run a party of characters through it. Apparently, giants and first level characters do not mix well. TPK. Oooops. Learned some important lessons though. Currently running: Champions 5th ed., Fantasy Hero for 5th ed., AD&D 3.5 Currently playing: Champions 5th ed., AD&D 3.5, Star Wars D20
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