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  1. That's the part that makes me nervous yet. I am going to enjoy the extra feeling of safety now that I'm "fully vaccinated," but would be an idiot not to keep an eye on Covid numbers while so doing. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, but still a chance that it's an oncoming train.
  2. Just make sure the cricket bat is long enough that you can maintain social distancing.
  3. There you go trying to apply logic and reason to the way people think.....although there are times I am rather illogical myself, so maybe I should just shut up. 😜
  4. Is anti-vax sentiment just that strong, did word not get out efficiently, or...do I just need more coffee this morning before I can puzzle it out?
  5. I freely admit that I am struggling big time with Covid restrictions by now. Remember back when it was "14 days to flatten the curve?" I sure don't. I want to go back to my dojo so badly it hurts, once I am fully vaccinated (April 29!). It's the only place where I have consistently seen real fitness results, as it's never the same workout twice and never easy. They've been operating according to Minnesota guidelines on gyms, with masks required, and a moratorium on certain drills (grappling, open hand, and some weapon drills) that require close contact with another person. The owners hav
  6. I was thinking of having them both together, i.e. there can be no peace without justice...but yeah, justice before peace makes sense too.
  7. My son's school has canceled evening classes a couple of times in recent weeks, due to curfews and other offshoots of our recent social unrest. I usually don't fear much for his safety, but this does bring home how serious the situation is. I would not want to be a juror, judge, or anyone else involved in the Chauvin case. Tensions are so high that no matter what the verdict is, someone on one side or another will be dissatisfied. I hope I'm wrong and that all this tension can somehow lead to honest debate, then peace and justice, rather than more anger, destruction, or worse, b
  8. I had my second shot yesterday (Pfizer). I woke up this morning with chills, fatigue, and general aches and pains--not incapacitating, but I can barely focus enough to play with chemicals. At least that means my immune system is doing its job!
  9. ...after a significant number of anti-vaxxers die off, unfortunately, probably taking a number of innocent casualties with them. I wonder if it's even possible to contain this anymore, or if we just have to buckle down for what will essentially be several bad flu seasons.
  10. Thank you for doing what you do for those kids. If I think of better words I'll send them, and I know the previous sentence sounds trite, but it is at least sincere. You've gotta take care of you, man. I'll go out on a short limb and guess that your employer sure won't.
  11. We can use a computer for this assignment?? 🥳
  12. “It's my estimation that every man ever got a statue made of him was one kind of sumbitch or another. -- Malcolm Reynolds” Personally, I'm sure that Lincoln (along with every single other human what came cryin' into the world) had his accomplishments, his mistakes, his merits, and his flaws. He was neither angel nor demon, just human.
  13. Hello Hero Hive Mind, As a shameless child of the 1980s, I'm a fan of The Terminator, among other stories. I recently found a Kickstarter for a Terminator roleplaying game (see below). I'm probably going to back it to some level. Has anyone played a Nightfall game before? Any thouhts/recommendations about this system, these authors, etc.? ( )
  14. Looks like an uptick in my state is in progress (screen grab from World O Meters). It's a little early to know if that will become a sustained trend. Sigh...my return to the dojo is probably going to be delayed again. There are worse things, though.
  15. If only I didn't have celiac disease.....
  16. It is my better half's opinion (and mine too, frankly) that this exact thing is a driving force behind the sudden reopening.
  17. The Tolkien rip-off didn't hit me when I read Sword of Shannara, because I wouldn't read "Lord of the Rings" until many years later. I also stopped after the second book because it felt like too much of a retread, plus I just lost interest in the Shannara setting after that.
  18. No thanks, he's not my type. 😁 I'll settle for getting him out of office and suitably punished.
  19. My son was fortunate enough to have only the last 3 months of his senior year of high school (class of 2020) screwed up by the onset of the pandemic. He is self-directed enough that it was rarely a problem. His school had also read the tea leaves and had been working on a distance learning program for some time, so they weren't caught as off-guard as they might have been otherwise. Easily the hardest part of the whole thing was missing his friends. Zoom and related online tools rose to the challenge of managing assignments, but there was just no substitute for mingling with his classmates.
  20. Seems appropriate given the chilly weather we're having here now. 🙂
  21. I too am encouraged by the change of tone with the new administration...but praying that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train. [ducks a punch]
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