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Announcing Kazei 5, Second Edition

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Is not good enough. Want to be stronger? Faster? Smarter? You can, provided you are willing to pay the price... your humanity.


Cybernetics allow you to punch harder, shoot straighter, run faster, and even think better. And if that’s not enough, you can become a full-conversion cyborg, sacrificing mere meat for cutting-edge machine.


You might opt for a genetic upgrade, a reworking of your DNA with the intent of “fixing” all of nature’s mistakes. Or you might be a replicated human, vat-grown and computer-designed for a specific purpose.


Still not satisfied? You can take on the role of an esper, a living weapon with powerful psychokinetic abilities.


Kazei 5 presents an original near-future campaign setting designed for use with the HERO System 6th Edition ruleset. Recommended for experienced GMs and players looking for an anime-themed cyberpunk setting, this world book includes:


* Rules for cyberware, cyberspace, mecha, and espers, including numerous sample powers.

* Tons of cutting-edge near-future equipment, such as weapons, armor, vehicles, and exo-suits!

* A comprehensive and immersive campaign background detailing the world of 2030.

* A wide array of sample characters, ranging from cybernetically-augmented security specialists to nigh-unstoppable esper weapons.


Created by the author of The Asian Bestiary (Volumes I & II) and Ninja Hero, Kazei 5 is a setting that’s been a decade in the making. Enter a world of cyborgs, cybernetics, genetic enhancement, and replicated humans, where the entire idea of what it means to be a normal human is in question.


Technology is making man obsolete. The choice is yours, upgrade or die.


Kazei 5, coming later this summer from BlackWyrm Games.

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Re: Announcing Kazei 5, Second Edition


There will indeed be powered armor aplenty.


It covers APEX and Exo Suits' date=' yes.[/quote']


Good. This just went on my "once-I-have-a-job-again" shopping list. I've never been all that satisfied with the way Hero has handled powered armor, so I'm looking forward to something better.

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Re: Announcing Kazei 5, Second Edition


Heh... it's sort of a mix. Superheroic abilities, but with a lot of Heroic Limitations. So while you might have a street samurai with a 25 STR, 30 DEX, and 7 SPD, she still needs to deal with STR Min, Real Weapon, and Real Armor Limitations.


Hmm... okay, it's more superheroic than anything. Cyberdroids, cyborgs, powered armor, espers... yeah, it's superheroic.

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