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  1. Re: 400 pounds per square inch = ??? A decent grappler can choke out a guy in 3-5 seconds once the choke is sunk, but they usually can't maintain a full power choke for more than 20 seconds or so if the guy is defending properly. Guys with exceptionally good squeezing endurance will still tucker out after a minute or so (which is an eternity when you are on the receiving end). Constrictor snakes have the opposite problem. They don't attack the vulnerable neck, they attack a targets whole body. They also don't care if it takes 45 minutes for their prey to stop squirming. They know slow and steady wins the race. So, high STR for Grabbing/Holding on, but not for damage. Damage would be inflicted via a relatively small Continuous NND or a modified choke hold (because rigid neck protection will not help here). I'd make the bonus STR and NND 0 END so they can squeeze for as long as it takes. Of course, while this may be a fairly accurate model of how things work, it may also be dramatically rather lame...
  2. Re: Calling all Green Lanterns Well, that's not exactly an even representation there... Miri is noteworthy for just how much clothing she wares compared to the other Star Sapphires, including Carol Farris, Fatality and (briefly) Wonder Woman.
  3. Re: Calling all Green Lanterns
  4. Re: Calling all Green Lanterns In one of our games, Blue Blaze was a GL homage with strange Egyptian bracers that let him harness and shape mystical energy for a variety of purposes. It was one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. (Un?)Fortunately, he was based on really well meaning version of this guy: [ATTACH=CONFIG]42677[/ATTACH] Also, lets not forget Orion, now a member of the Ultimates in 6E.
  5. Re: Are there ANY good plant/wood powers names? Hmm... Log-Girl just sounds wrong, doesn't it?
  6. Re: Are there ANY good plant/wood powers names? Gaea Nymph Sprite She-Ent You could just call her Jungle Girl, but people might be upset if she's not in a leopard skin
  7. Re: Are there ANY good plant/wood powers names? I almost forgot, my Omega Red homages are plant based! The mother is a villain named Death Bloom (yes, we were going for eXtreme!) However, her heroic children are Wilt and Blossom. They are all plant/life force manipulators.
  8. Re: Are there ANY good plant/wood powers names? We have an NPC named Belladonna
  9. Re: Who are the copies/pastiches/tributes/captain ersatz in your campaigns?
  10. Re: Who are the copies/pastiches/tributes/captain ersatz in your campaigns? John Neville is wounded by your observation...
  11. Re: Proper Whip Build in 6e Just for the record, 6m is a rather big whip. They make 20' whips, they just aren't what you commonly see. Most folks use a whip in the 8-12' range. That's generally the size you see in the Indiana Jones and Zorro movies (though they will use longer ones in certain scenes). I own a variety of different whips in the 6-12' range. My next one will be a 3' snake whip EDIT: beat to the punch. took too long to hit post!
  12. Re: Who are the copies/pastiches/tributes/captain ersatz in your campaigns? Reasonably sized VPP to allow for the telepathic duplication of skills, martial arts and "super skill" style power constructs. They can theoretically keep a particular set of skills for as long as they need, but once Will copies a new set, it erases over their previous one. Of course, nothing prevents them from copying a skill set more than once if they encounter the same target again. In fact, they often load up the pool with abilities copied from the DELPHI's top hand to hand combat instructor, a semi-retired Vietnamese uber-martial artists that everyone calls Scar (that character used to be a Shang-Chi level martial artist, but he's in his late 60's now and doesn't have actual super power's to keep him active duty) They also have several limited Overall levels that they can only use with copied skills and related abilities. A reworked Style Disadvantage for their Martial Arts too. While their overall fighting style changes often, when they duplicate someones techniques, they mirror it perfectly, flaws and all. Mind you, they have several permanent physical skills and martial arts to draw on, so they're not totally dependent on mimicked skill sets. Most of their shield tricks are built in a separate MP, for example.
  13. Re: Who are the copies/pastiches/tributes/captain ersatz in your campaigns? Thanks. His design actually kinda spiraled out of a pitch I wanted to make for a Taskmaster mini series...
  14. Re: Who are the copies/pastiches/tributes/captain ersatz in your campaigns? From a vaguely similar thread...
  15. Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore I always thought meringue cookies taste juts like cereal marshmallows. If you've never had them before, you may want to check them out...
  16. Re: Ben 10: Omniverse That info was in the very first post I know there's not too much else to talk about at this point, but I really don't want the whole thread to focus on the art...
  17. Re: Triad Yep...The Five-In-One were kind of a creepy hive mind, but they started showing independence not too long after they were introduced. They are also more of uber-telepaths, since individually each girl is as strong as a young Emma Frost and they only get stronger when working together.
  18. Re: Triad A rather facinating set of X-men chracters that currently refer to themselves as the Three-in-One http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stepford_Cuckoos
  19. Re: Triad While I really wish Mind Link could do sense sharing, the book pretty explicitly states that it does not work like that. So without house rules, that really not a good option. For what it's worth, all the examples of how to do this sort of thing in the Hero books use some variation on the Clarisentience build. Now, that said, I do have a slight concern about the character as written... what's her role in the game? Is she an NPC? - she's a relative wimp of a telepath compared to most starting level mentalists, even when the three of them are working together. She might be able to get some things done faster than your average mentalist, due to having 9 total actions per turn. Then again, not really sure of what power level the game operates on... - she has no physical combat abilites and in fact appears to be a liability in a fight, so I'm thinking she's not actually on the front lines... - Her skills might be helpful depending on the focus of the game. Hard to judge withouth knowing more. Though the rolls for those skills, even with the Overall skill levels, don't seem that impressive. She's no Batman, even when all three of them are woking together. Also, are they supposed to be a Stepford Cuckoos homage? Just curious...
  20. Re: Ben 10: Omniverse On mobile, so hope this works http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SdGYaUCnOUY#/watch?v=SdGYaUCnOUY
  21. Re: Famous Martial Artists in the Champions Universe? American Eagle is basically a low powered Daredevil homage, while Nighthawk is a low powered Batman. Bai Hou is a very skilled monkey kung fu practitioner. Disheng Long is a short range teleporting Ba Gua Zhang practitioner.
  22. Re: VPP Frequency? He's not talking about SFX He said "powered by COMIC power" not coSmic power
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