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  1. A rom-com in the place you'd least expect...
  2. The Circle of the Scarlet Moon at its height had enough influence in government, money to hire super-mercs, etc. that they could have made Talisman's life hell if she pushed them too hard. Her "quotation" about them in Arcane Adversaries p. 6 implies Talisman was very conscious of how insidiously dangerous the Circle is. She would even work for them on occasion after she left. I got the impression the Scarlet Moon didn't go after Talisman harder for her "betrayal" mainly because they hoped to draw her back into their service full-time. There is another possible use for Talisman, especially if she matures over time. Bethany "Witchcraft" Duquesne became Archmage in large part due to blessings before her birth from spirits from the Parterres, one of the requirements for Archmage. The same blessings her twin sister received. (Note that aside from protecting Earth, that office has no moral requirement.)
  3. Talisman left the Scarlet Moon because she had no patience for their "constant scheming in the shadows." She wanted power, but she wanted to openly revel in it, so had no interest in seizing their organization. But after decades of that activity her attitude could have changed. By 2050 all the current leadership of the Circle would probably be dead, including the elder Duquesnes, so any vestiges of loyalty Talisman might have retained for them would no longer be a factor.
  4. How about making Talisman the leader of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, finally fulfilling her family heritage? None of them would have enough magic left to oppose her. After decades of experience, and diminishing of her personal power, Talisman may have come to appreciate the Circle's covert scheming.
  5. City of Toronto launches anti-ageism campaign with fake ‘aging cream’ posters
  6. Feral Hogs Find and Destroy Cocaine Worth $22,000 Hidden in Woods
  7. As Australia Burns, Its Leaders Trade Insults
  8. Most of those look green to me. Which I hear isn't easy.
  9. It's essentially the same origin story for Grond in CV3 for 6E, with a few wording changes.
  10. https://archive.org/details/GodzillaResurgence
  11. Freakshow gained his fear-inducing powers, and enhanced physical abilities, from falling into a pool of toxic waste. Fleshtone's powers were the result of being accidentally doused with a soup of chemical and biomedical waste. (Both villains are in Champions Villains Volume Three, as are Grond, Glacier, Blackguard, and Armadillo mentioned above. Mr. Zombie and the Brain Trust are in CV II, while Gigaton and the other Project Sunburst mutates are in CV 1. Shadowboxer can be found in the Millennium City source book.) From Digital Hero #11 comes Sludge, mutated by a dousing of chemicals from an explosion in a chem lab. Active from 1970 to 1997, he was a frequent opponent of the Fabulous Five.
  12. Black Widow has also been very useful in areas other than straight combat. In the first Avengers, she was the one who saw through Loki's ploy. In Winter Soldier she demonstrated her mastery of stealth and spycraft. In Civil War during the airport battle, she was the first to realize Cap and Bucky would make for the Quinjet, and was there ahead of them, in a position to turn the tide of the fight. And of course, in Endgame she stepped up to take over running the Avengers. Hawkeye's explosive arrows in the first Avengers were pretty devastating, to a degree that, admittedly, subsequent movies have rarely shown. But he always displays keen tactical sense. Cap used him very effectively as a high-ground sniper and observer, coordinating the actions of the rest of the team. To be honest, when Hawkeye is in assassin mode he's so cold-bloodedly efficient, he scares me worse than the Hulk.
  13. But that's a point of constitutional law I haven't found any details about: is the Chief Justice empowered to set the agenda of the trial, or just govern its conduct during the trial? If it's the Senate that decides how the trial will proceed, and since the GOP controls the Senate...
  14. In the name of balance, I have to point out that we only have Amy Robach's vent that the story she'd prepared was solid enough to withstand scrutiny. ABC News made the assertion that "not all of our reporting met our standards to air." Many stories are spiked if editors determine they don't have enough substantiation to be credible. And we have more than one recent example of premature reports having to be rolled back when they were discovered to be in error. Hindsight may be perfect, but it doesn't help decision making in the moment. And it would be dangerous to always take the word of an individual over the word of corporate, just because they're corporate.
  15. I debated whether to put this here or in the "Political Discussion" thread, but decided the issues involve more than just politics. 57 countries sue Myanmar over reported genocide of Rohingya in historic lawsuit The concept of holding the entire sitting leadership of a country responsible for ongoing crimes against humanity in international court is certainly a novel approach. I would be very interested in knowing what type of punitive measures could be leveled by the court, or the United Nations, if Myanmar's leaders are found guilty, if any; and if that might actually become another tool to curb extremism in that and other countries. What's also intriguing to me is that the countries lodging the suit are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the great majority of them being Muslim-majority countries, many of which have highly questionable human-rights records themselves, a few verging into genocide. The Rohingya being predominantly Muslim, I understand the motivation behind the member states' action; but any precedent set could come back to bite some of them in future.
  16. I know, although I think that's partly due to the film's themes, ecological (hearkening to the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster of 2011) and political (depiction of the kind of Japanese government incompetence dealing with Gojira, that Japanese frequently criticize generally). Shin Gojira was the highest-grossing live-action Japanese film of 2016 and became the highest-grossing Japanese-produced Godzilla film in the franchise. It received 11 Japan Academy Prize nominations and won seven, including Picture of the Year and Director of the Year. BTW I found a recent short but high-quality amateur video on YouTube depicting a battle between Shin Gojira and Legendary Godzilla.
  17. I've seen octopi traveling over land, so, not inapplicable in principle.
  18. I could see a plot by some of the malevolent mythic gods most active on Earth in the modern era, including Hecate, Set, and/or Tezcatlipoca, to try to force the ambient magic level back up where it was before, or even higher. Per her write-up in The Hercules Force, Hecate and Tezcatlipoca once teamed up to try to shatter the Ban preventing the gods from fully manifesting on Earth.
  19. My understanding is that if the House of Representatives submits articles of impeachment to the Senate, the Senate is required to hold a trial for the official being impeached. Constitutionally there's nothing McConnell could do to prevent that from happening. In the case of a trial of the President, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, currently John Roberts, would preside over the trial. BTW that's the stage during which the President would receive his "due process," including public proceedings, facing his accusers, calling witnesses and cross-examining (as the Republican elected officials complaining about the proceedings knew very well). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impeachment_in_the_United_States
  20. That's definitely a, "Butt out, we're bonding!" expression.
  21. I'm well aware of that premise of the setting, and don't necessarily hate it. Just bringing up data for consideration. But different people could have different answers to your questions, and different decisions as to how to implement them.
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