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  1. I’ve watched season 1 of Pennyworth.
  2. It's becoming true that humanity is becoming less human.
  3. No fake news, yay democracy, no election interference.
  4. You have way more mentions than that Galileo fellow.
  5. Buffy’s male cast members break their silence over Joss Whedon abuse allegations https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/flashback/buffys-male-cast-members-break-their-silence-over-joss-whedon-abuse-allegations/news-story/6ee795569e9e0c17e61fb9249500214c
  6. The Stan Lee Story That Tore Apart Marvel Comics Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko were heroes in “the House of Ideas.” But a 1966 profile gave all the credit to one superman. https://slate.com/culture/2021/02/stan-lee-biography-true-believer-excerpt-jack-kirby-marvel-comics.html
  7. Oct 2002, and the first thread I remember is one by Starlord about Marvel. Other memorable threads and “discussions”: Takofanes vs Dr Destroyer. Whatever happened to Kara & Rachel? Worldmaker vs Morningstar70, which closed The Thread For Random Musings About Random Musings.
  8. Ok, found him: Peter of Spain. Unfortunately both editions are expensive: $186 AUD ($145 USD; the other edition is $400 or $500+ AUD).
  9. Yes I do, it it lead the the de-certitude of knowledge, which lead to science.
  10. That is very similar or identical to the book I’ve recently finished about debating. Which reminds me, I have to follow that up.
  11. How about the law of non contradiction which Stanford's online encyclopedia defines as: " ps: I'm genuinely curious. And thanks for the link, never heard of that before. I can see its applicability with a set of 1, however am also curious to your response to LNC. THat's just it, as we are talking about existing things. Can an existing thing essentially be its opposite?
  12. Example: Kindness is both kindness and unkindness. Thus you can be unkind and call it kindness.
  13. x = x + (not x) ie X can be its thesis & antithesis at the same time. illogical?
  14. 'The oldest brewery in the world': How the Egyptians made beer more than 5,000 years ago http://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-14/egypt-unearths-oldest-mass-production-brewery-in-world/13153822
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