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    Hyper-Man reacted to rravenwood in Need More HERO   
    Good to know, GM Joe!  According to http://towerofzenopus.blogspot.com/2012/08/old-school-champions-1st-edition-2nd.html, a similar situation exists for Adventure 1: The Island of Dr. Destroyer.  There also seem to have been multiple versions of 1e Champions itself (see this older thread that I started: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/88322-different-printings-of-champions-1st-edition/).
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    Hyper-Man reacted to gewing in Cool Guns for your Games   
    Latest I have found on the Lightweight Small Arms Technology program. Panel that is lighter more Compact and longer range than the 308, and also may be more accurate than standard ammo
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    Hyper-Man reacted to GM Joe in Need More HERO   
    Here's a curious thing I just noticed. My three BBBs are all different, but all claim to be first printing!
    The one on the left is the one I've always had. I bought it as soon as it arrived at my FLGS back in '89. I believe it is a true first print run book. It has held up extremely well over the years (tho I do take good care of my books).  The other two are additional copies I acquired over the years.  Notice the middle and left-hand ones have different positioning of the stock number (400) in the stripe at the top. Unseen in the photo is the difference between the middle and last volumes: the last one has significantly thicker pages.
    They must have gone through several print runs, perhaps with different print houses, but never did get around to incorporating the errata (all show Climbing as being 9+(STR/5), for example).

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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Cancer in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    I try to keep as small of an amount of serious stuff in my brain as possible at all times!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Cool Guns for your Games   
    This is still my favorite awesome sci fi seeming gun of all time, the HK G-11 caseless

    The bullets load in sideways and are rotated into position, they are caseless for less weight, the gun just looks cool, and its been around since the late 60s, steadily under development.

    As you can see, about half of the gun is actually the ammo (slides in on top) and the system to rotate it into place.  It has smaller bullets; 4.73×33mm in square blocks of propellant.  Despite its somewhat complex appearance and concept, the gun actually is simpler in action than the standard rifle, with only 6 steps rather than 8 for each bullet firing (no extraction and ejection).

    Its interesting to me that most of the rifle is actually empty, just there to give it shape and size.  Its light for its size and type, but the ammo is expensive and non standard, which makes it difficult to fit into any military.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to bigdamnhero in Quote of the Week from my gaming group...   
    Lots of great in-character quotes this week, which of course I didn't write down and have since forgotten. But this out-of-character exchange will be remembered a long time...
    Several of us had been having a lengthy discussion about using shields with spears, pikes, etc...
    Female Player: "OK guys, are you done talking about Handling Your Spears so we can get back to the game?"

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    Hyper-Man reacted to Hugh Neilson in MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?   
    I'm not sure Chaosium had CoC or Stormbringer out before DDG. Wiki suggests DDG in 1980, CoC in 1982, so it may have been licensed at the time, almost certainly before a second DDG printing.
    Here we go...

    Anyway, clearly a tangent - back to Mythic Hero!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Old Man in Cool Guns for your Games   
    Supercavitating bullets for underwater use
    A 60m underwater range for .50 is pretty spectacular.  You could actually reach a sub at periscope depth with that, though perhaps not puncture it.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to gewing in Cool Guns for your Games   
    something similar was the basis of the Fin stabilized 30mm round used in the RAMICS anti-mine system.   IIRC it would pentrate over 2 inches of steel at 60 or 80 meters.   Seemed to me it would disable subs well...
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Steve Long in MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?   
    Yup, that's true. At this point it's all idle speculation. I've never done a book set with a slipcase though, so it's fun to daydream about.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to PhilFleischmann in MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?   
    Thanks for all that!  It sounds amazing!
    It really didn't take me that long to write that outline, because I wrote it a long time ago.  What took a while was finding it in the *old* section of these threads.
    My main problem with the old deendee DDG* was that even though it tells me that this particular god wields a +4 spear that does 4d10 of damage, it gives me no clues about what I'm supposed to do if I'm one of his clerics or worshipers.
    *I have the first edition, with Cthulhu and Elric and all the other copyright-violating stuff.  It might be worth some money on eBay.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Lord Liaden in MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?   
    Whether MH should be one book or two (or more) would probably merit a separate discussion once the book is closer to completion.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Steve Long in MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?   
    Sorry I missed this question earlier, Zephrosyne. Mea culpa.
    Honest -- I don't know. I can't know that until I'm finished with the writing and a rough layout is mocked up. At this point I don't know whether I can publish it as one volume, or two or more will be required.
    I can offer this as a data point though. 6E1 & 2 are combined about 550,000 words. The MH manuscript, which is far from finished, is currently at 425,000 words. So make of that what thou wilst.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Steve Long in MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?   
    First off, PhilF, let me say Thanx! for taking so much time to write out what you'd like to see in Mythic Hero. It's always great to hear from fans who have strong opinions about a book and are willing to express them in a polite and constructive manner. So take 2 XP out of petty cash and treat yourself to something nice -- maybe an CSL with your favorite attack.
    On to answers and observations about the points you made.
    1. When I started writing MH back in 2011, it was still a Hero Games project rather than a personal project, and the guys around the office jokingly called it "Steve's Deities & Demigods." So I'm afraid I have to disappoint you a bit by explaining that the main thrust of MH, by and large, is to provide character sheets for the gods and heroes of world mythology (including game stats for weapons and other objects of myth).
    However, the operative phrase here is Steve's DDG. I have the deepest respect for the authors of the DDG, a book I love and treasure, but to compare the DDG to MH is like comparing The Pokey Little Puppy to War And Peace. When I write about gods and mythoi, I include far, far more information than the DDG does. I cover the cosmology, the setting, the magic system (if one exists that's worth writing up in game terms), the major myths pertaining to each god and hero (and often the minor ones), relevant monsters and villains, and all sorts of other great stuff.
    By way of example, look at the Hindu Mythology chapter in the DDG. If memory serves, it's 7 or 8 pages long, and more than half of those pages are basically whitespace. The Hindu Mythology chapter in MH is over 70,000 words long -- and most of that's not game stats, believe me. When I set out to cover a mythos, I cover it. In fact, there's so much info in MH that I am considering a separate publication where I strip out the gaming-related information and put out a book with just the researched, scholarly material.
    (Another fun data point:  the bibliography for MH, which is far from complete at this time, is already over 6,000 words long. So if you want to follow up on my work, you'll know where to start. )
    1a. Are you going to be fighting the gods? Quite possibly! World mythology is replete with stories of conflicts between gods and mortals -- be those conflicts physical, mental, social, magical, or just plain weird. And for that I think a character sheet can be helpful. Plus, as you observe, someone may want to play God vs. God, or pit two Greek heroes against some dudes from Aztec myth, or what have you.
    1b.  But here's the great thing:  you can completely ignore the character sheets if you want to. Just flip on past 'em and read the text (and look at what I plan to be awesome artwork!). The fact that they're there for gamers who want them doesn't mean the book is pointless for gamers who don't want them.
    1c. Plus, even if you don't want the character sheets as a whole, you might find bits of them -- like the HERO System stats for Mjolnir, or Zeus's thunderbolts, or Maui's magic fishhook -- useful or fun to have. If nothing else they're good argument fodder.
    1d. In the final analysis, though, it comes down to this:  I want to do character sheets for gods. And this project is all about me doing what I find fun, fascinating, and hopefully of use to a lot of gamers. I've been at it for years, and have years to go. I'm not going to make any money off of it -- in fact, I expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars out of my own pocket bringing the book to print. So I'm going to do it exactly how I want to do it, and that means character sheets for gods.
    2.  Pretty much everything in your Section II is covered in the character sheets for the individual deities, or when they don't have a sheet just in the text describing them. (Though of course many gods aren't important enough to merit more than a line or two explaining who they are.) Naturally, not every god gets the same coverage; sometimes certain data are available for God X but not for Gods Y and Z. But I am doing (literally) years' worth of research about all this stuff so you don't have to!
    3.  Virtually nothing that you describe in your Section III will be in MH. That's not the purpose of the book; that's an entirely separate subject. If and when I happen to come across a useful detail about priests or temples or what not, I often throw it into the text, but most gods don't have any info about that sort of thing. After all, in many cases, those details are simply unknown to modern scholars.
    However, all that being said, I have an idea for a stretch goal for the Kickstarter I'll hold for the book. It's to write a second book, in PDF, which would provide a one-page description (no more) of the priesthood, temple, etc. of any god important enough to get a character sheet in MH. But these would be entirely fictional -- where I know real world details I will use them, but for the most part I am just going to make things up to create religions that are appropriate for gaming.
    There will be some information and guidelines for creating your own pantheons and gods for your games, but I don't plan for it to be extensive (at least, not right now). Again, that's not really the main focus of the book.
    4.  Virtually nothing that you describe in your Section IV will be in MH. However, where the material justifies it, I have written up complete magic systems for the magics specific to a mythology and/or its culture. To name just a few, I've already written up Finnish, Egyptian, Hawaiian, East Slavic (Russian), and Australian Aborigine magic systems. In fact, I have enough new magic systems that after MH comes out, I may extract them and publish them separately for gamers who don't want all the mythology stuff.
    It occurs to me that it might help people see what I'm talking about if I provided a sample chapter. I'll ponder on that, and if I like the idea I will mock up a crude layout and provide a link.
    Anyhow -- I hope that helps to explain where I'm comin' from. If you have further suggestions or questions, by all means fire away!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to PhilFleischmann in MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?   
    Hi.  Remember me?  I've been away a long time, and I probably wouldn't even have bothered to reply to this thread (I haven't read all 17 pages of it), were it not for the fact that it was this very topic that prompted me to come back to this website.  I was looking for a post I made in the Fantasy Hero threads, called "Stuff to Make up about the Gods".
    The main concern I would have with a book like this is whether it will be too much like Deities & Demigods from that other system.  IMO, it was a stupid book.  All the gods statted out like characters?  Are we going into combat with these guys?  Meanwhile, all the actual information that would have been useful for the game was missing.  How is this god worshiped?  What does this god want from me?  From his clerics?  From the world?  What are this gods goals and values?  What's the structure and status of the religion?  What am I required to do?  What am I forbidden to do?  What happens if I break the rules?  How do I deal with members of other religions?  etc.
    That's what I'd want to know about the gods, not their stats and combat abilities.  Yes, I suppose it's possible to run a game where the players are gods themselves, or at least have god-level power, and might indeed go toe-to-toe with Zeus or Ra or Odin or maybe even Chuck Norris.  And yes, Hero system would probably be a great system to do that with, but I don't think most players and GMs run "god arena" games.
    So anyway, I found the post I was looking for, and here it is, (with typos corrected) in case you haven't thought of this stuff yet:
    I. The pantheon
    A. Creation myth
    1. Creation of the natural world
    2. Creation of people
    B. Organization
    1. Family tree
    2. Command structure
    a) Rigid-fluid
    b.) Degree of authority/control
    3. Relationships between deities
    a) Couples
    b.) Allies/Partners
    c) Rivals/enemies
    C. Reality
    1. Form. Examples:
    a) The gods are all myth/superstition.
    b.) The gods are legends based on exaggeration of historical events.
    c) The gods are spirits of dead ancestors or other historical persons.
    d) The gods are abstract concepts with no actual consciousness.
    e) The gods are quasi-real with forms/attributes/aspect assigned by worshiping cultures.
    f) The gods exist on a different level of reality, which allows them to modify their aspects/appearance based on their own desires or the culture they interact with.
    g) The gods exist in a concrete sense and have true forms/attributes/aspects, which may be subject to interpretation/misinterpretation by worshipers.
    h) The gods (at least some of them) are natural forces/phenomena which may or may not have consciousness, e.g., there is no "god of the sun" - the sun *is* a god.
    2. Power Level. Examples:
    a) The gods are nothing more than mere mortals that are worshiped.
    b.) The gods are mere mortals believed to rise to divinity upon death or other event.
    c) The gods are somewhat more powerful than typical mortals.
    d) The gods have great power that only the greatest of mortals could rival.
    e) The gods have incredible power beyond any mortal.
    f) The gods have cosmic power, incomprehensible to mortals.
    3. Power Source. Examples:
    a) The gods' power is intrinsic.
    b.) The gods' power is granted by superior gods.
    c) The gods' power comes from external forces.
    d) The gods' power comes from natural phenomena related to the gods' portfolio.
    e) The gods' power comes from worship.
    f) The gods' power comes from mortals' deeds.
    II. The deity
    A. Symbolic
    1. Name(s)
    2. Epithets/Nicknames
    3. Appearance/Typical depiction
    4. Symbol/Icon
    5. Associated items/animals/materials/colors/phenomena
    B. Intrinsic
    1. Myth/Story
    2. Portfolio/Sphere of influence
    3. Differences/similarities to other deities
    4. Stats/powers/abilities
    a) Possessions/Artifacts/Relics
    b.) Pets/Familiars/Mounts
    5. Divine "rank"/Level of power
    6. Home
    a) "Plane" where the deity dwells
    b.) Relationship of the deity to the "plane(s)"
    C. Psychology/behavior
    1. Personality
    2. Goals/desires
    3. Degree of involvement in mortal affairs
    a) Manifestations/Avatars
    b.) Spells/powers/abilities granted to clergy/worshippers
    c) Signs/Miracles
    D. Social
    1. Among the gods
    a) Reputation
    b.) Position/function/purpose
    2. Among mortals
    a) Popularity/Obscurity
    b.) Purpose of worship/reasons invoked
    c) Abilities/skills typical/valued
    III. The religion
    A. Internal
    1. Principles
    a) Values/Dogma
    b.) Obligations/expectations of clergy
    c) Obligations/expectations of laity
    d) Laws/taboos/restrictions
    e) Attitude toward heresy/disagreement/questioning of doctrine/theology
    f) Theology: What the gods are, their nature and aspects.
    g) Theology: Afterlife, other "planes" of existance.
    2. Practice
    a) Rituals/Rites
    b.) Holidays
    c) Prayers
    d) Priestly Vestments/Raiment
    e) Temple architecture/layout/decor
    f) Expressions/idioms
    g) Equipment/paraphernalia used
    h) Resolution of disputes
    i) Punishment/penance/atonement
    j) Education/Indoctrination of the faithful
    k) Proselytism
    3. Status of clergy/laity
    4. Sects/factions/orders
    5. Organization/hierarchy
    B. External
    1. Position in the community
    2. Relations with other religions
    C. Race/ethnicity/location/culture of worshipers
    1. Alternate interpretations/aspects
    2. Alternate names
    IV. "Divine Magic"
    A. Effects
    1. Types of effects available/not available
    2. Power Level
    3. Special Effects
    B. Source/Method to acquire/use. Examples:
    1. No actual divine magic exists. Priests don't claim any magic.
    2. No actual divine magic exists. Priestly magic is all chicanery.
    3. There's no real difference between divine magic and "arcane" magic.
    4. Divine magic is an inherent force in the world, separate from wizardly magic. Priests access it by their own means.
    5. Divine magic is a fragment of the god's or gods' power, which priests access by being priests or doing something that priests do.
    6. Gods grant magic to priests directly and consciously, if they choose to.
    7. Gods grant magic to priests through intermediaries or lesser divine beings, with occasional oversight by the god(s).
    8. Gods grant higher-powered magic to priests directly and consciously, while lesser magic is granted more-or-less automatically.
    9. Priests access magic through their own faith, without the god's direct involvement. Strength of faith determines success or power level.
    Not that you'd necessarily need to fill in *all* of these details for every single god/pantheon, or even any of them.  It's just a list of things that might be relevant.  I came up with this as a guideline for creating ones own custom mythos for a game world.  I assume there will be some text devoted to how to create your own gods.
    And BTW, I lived in Hawaii for a while when I was a kid, and learned about the Hawaiian gods.  I actually wrote them up way back when, when I was playing this other RPG system.  The gods book from that system had me believing at the time, that gods needed full write-ups like characters or monsters.  
    EDIT:  And one other thing to possibly include about gods/religions is their eschatology.  And if you don't know what "eschatology" means, don't worry about it, it's not the end of the world.
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Mister E in Experiences teaching people Hero Game system   
    I get the point you are making but my first thought when reading your post was "Playing Batman would still be pretty fun".

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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from DasBroot in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    I try to keep as small of an amount of serious stuff in my brain as possible at all times!
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Grailknight in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    I try to keep as small of an amount of serious stuff in my brain as possible at all times!
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from BoloOfEarth in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    I try to keep as small of an amount of serious stuff in my brain as possible at all times!
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Lawnmower Boy in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    I try to keep as small of an amount of serious stuff in my brain as possible at all times!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to That Masked Man in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Hyperman, who is a good friend of mine IRL, was admitted to the hospital on Thursday. Since then, he has had surgery and is doing much better. He will likely be transferred to physical therapy in the next day or two. He asked me to let everyone here know because he isn't really able to type at the moment, but we expect he will be back soon.
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    Tell him to ask for an extra couple of blankets at night. That'll make it easier to get a good blanket rope going so he can escape and return to us.
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    Yikes, best wishes to Hyper-Man for a speedy recovery.
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    It's good to hear from you, HM. I don't really know what to say, and things like "Be well" sound woefully inadequate. But I wish you the best. I think I can say that we all do.
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    Welcome back. Glad it was just the brain and nothing serious.
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