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  1. That 5E book was pretty excellent. It is still a very good starting point for making vehicles in 6E.
  2. I rarely run many adventures that don't have at least some element of silly. A lot of the cornball elements of superhero comics that modern fans find ridiculous, I find to be crucially needed tonal elements of a superhero campaign.
  3. Wow. I admire the work for that Batgirl. The scooter is absolutely inspired. That kid looks so confident - Gotham City goons better watch out.
  4. I just got Hero Designer working the other day. I confess my knowledge of how to export things is very, very shaky. I clicked on them both multiple times and I kept getting an error message. Would I have to open Hero Designer first? I do not know how to get my computer to know what to do with them. EDIT: OOOoof! I got it. Hero Designer is pretty counter-intuitive for me. I had to let the idea sit for a little bit until I could think of something else I hadn't already tried. I will go look at those files now. EDIT AGAIN: That Officer Sasquatch write-up is amazing! He's a teeny bit higher than I intended to make him, but that is easy to tweak. He is absolutely what I was looking for. Thank you!
  5. What combination of powers did you guys use to create his floating eyeball movement? I get that Flight is the obvious power, but would there be some kind of limitations on that? I can certainly imagine a beholder who uses the power of Flight at that power's full utility, but I can also imagine a slightly bobbing, floating version might not be able to do everything. Any thoughts on that?
  6. This is a very good example of how I imagine this character. He speaks English like a native, but looks absurd.
  7. I confess I do not know how to open those.
  8. New observation: I was looking through the 6th ed Bestiary for some stats on a lion for a different character and in the dinosaurs section, on page 453, I found the entry for Gigantopithecus. A sentence in the second paragraph of the description reads: "Some people have speculated that it survived to the modern day in some isolated places - including the Himalayas (where it's known as the yeti) and the Pacific Northwest (where it's called 'Bigfoot' and 'sasquatch')." So, now, in addition to the great advice, questions, and links provided by the participants of this thread, I now have some official 6e stats for a bigfoot. He totals 168 pts.
  9. Where exactly is this "Print to PDF" option? In the guide, it says it is "from the Current Character menu", but I see nothing of the sort in the drop-down box of Current Character.
  10. One day I will actually see what HERO Designer looks like.... I can't get my HD6.jar file to open with anything but Adobe Acrobat. It won't give me options outside the Microsoft App Store and of course Java won't be there. I have attempted to hit a YouTube tutorial on opening .jar files with Java in Windows 10 and every step looks like I will have to educate myself about elements of programming that I have never had to use. I will do so, I suppose, but if anyone knows some kind of user-friendly way to manage this, I would much appreciate the help. EDIT: Apparently "Jarfix" was the magic bullet I needed. I believe it is already fixed.
  11. Groovy! I ordered a copy of the 5e Millenium City book for myself anyway, but it's going to take a bit to get delivered (it sounds like the kind of book I should have picked up ages ago).
  12. Well, the power level of the PCs is intended to max out at 12DC. As I said earlier, I want him to be lower level than them. Off the top of my head, I think I'd want to put him in the 6DC - 9DC range, at most.
  13. First, that is hilarious. Second, I don't envision that mysterious, inaccessible element of bigfoot to be part of his abilities. I want him to just be a quietly strange anomaly on the local police force, something of a local celebrity, but no one goes crazy about him because, once you scratch the surface of his bizarre identity, he is a surprisingly boring, normal guy.
  14. That is very helpful. I have never owned either of those resources, and I believe you just sold me on both of them. I understand the differences between 5th and 6th ed. well enough to make that work.
  15. In my currently running campaign, I am using a friendly NPC called Officer Clint Sasquatch. He's a bigfoot police officer. He is heavily inspired by a couple of elements from the Champions Online game - Kodiak, the bear-like police officer in Millenium City's Westside, AND the bigfoot tribes found in their candadian north zone. The other, even closer inspiration is DC comic's recent Sasquatch Detective https://www.dccomics.com/comics/sasquatch-detective-2018/sasquatch-detective-1. I basically combined the ideas and imagined a hidden race of bigfoots, like in the game, but in this case, one of them acclimated himself to modern society and joined the police force. I am looking for any ideas for Officer Clint Sasquatch's write-up. - I don't want him overshadowing player characters. In my standard 400 pt campaign, I envision Officer Sasquatch being in the vicinity of 200 pts. - I looked through a couple of different Bestiaries for stats on a Bigfoot, a Sasquatch, or even an Abominable Snowman, but surprisingly there were none in the 6th or the 4th ed Bestiaries. - Given that, I am eye-balling the Dr. Moreau-inspired animal men in the 6th ed. Bestiary. One of them, "Gorilla-Man" might work as a good starting template. I can mix in some police officer skills & equipment, and it might work pretty well. Any other ideas folks might have? Is anyone aware of actual write-ups for Bigfoot, or even specifically for Kodiak (https://championsonline.fandom.com/wiki/Kodiak) from Champions Online? Thanks!
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