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  1. I played a non- gender specific Hero once, he/she was based upon an anime/ manga character called Joker who was a shape changer who could shift between male and female and impersonate you after touching you, he/she had no specific gender orientation
  2. I've been thinking recently about LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & intersex) characters and I know there are some in the champions universe and hope this thread can identify them the ones I know are Meteor (predators) maybe not in the mainstream universe anymore Flare (bisexual?) I apologise if this thread has been done before, but with search disabled I couldn't find out
  3. I agree about the Valdorian age sourcebook it was the first thing I thought of when I read your initial post
  4. I feel the best selling point for Fantasy Hero is it's free form character generation system, want to play a magic user who's skilled with a bow, you can, a warrior with some magic, you can don't like hit points, don't worry we don't have them etc
  5. clairsentience,precognition only, only to detect events which could lead to a persons death in the next 24 hours
  6. Players El Gato Dorado-the golden cat, a catgirl Aerialist Doctor Rockso a Lucky Heavymetal Clown Gimmick Angeblo-Angel demon hybrid a tecnico/Rudo We started with the PCs fighting a last Lucha standing match against El Puritano- the Puritan who opposes all things antisocial and hunts Dr Rockso Hell O'Kitty a demonic catgirl who is El Gato Dorado's long term rival El Monstruo- the monster a huge bruiser of low intelligence The villians were eliminated early then the match went down to the wire until finally angeblo threw Rockso out of the ring knocking him unconscious in the
  7. yes reality (actually Therakiel's Magic) would prevent them from going there
  8. the concept is that Vibora Bay is an arena where he can try out his mock battles, so no outsiders enter
  9. I was wondering lately whatever happened to Husband and Wife team Panda and Raccoon? They were among my favourite of the anti-hero types, also does anyone have a 6th edition write up for them?
  10. As I am about to start a Lucha Libre Hero game set in Vibora Bay I thought I'd share my ideas on why it became synonymous with Masked Wrestlers It all begins with Therakiel falling from Heaven and crashing through the San Sebastián swamp, when he awakens it's the 1930s and he begins to study the humans in the city and he realises that there will be no bystanders in the forthcoming final battle between Heaven and Hell, as all humans must choose to side with either Light or Darkness, so to understand how they would respond he created a culture where there are no grey areas Lucha Libre, and empo
  11. My major question is whether its a Fifth or Sixth edition book, as it has an odd ordering of the attributes Str, Dex, Con, Bod, Int, Ego, Pre and includes OECV and DECV (OMCV DMCV?) and what is MAN?? I've never seen it in Fantasy Hero or any other Hero game?
  12. I'd like to know also, it's certainly one I'd purchase
  13. After re-reading some of my champions book I got to thinking about Cantrip from Teen Champions as a legacy hero specifically with her Mother being Morgaine the Mystic which could make her Father Black Paladin, maybe Morgaine realised that Black Paladin would eventually come for his daughter so she placed the child with a foster family and swore them to silence on Cantrips true parentage. This could also explain why Talisman later kidnaps and tortures Cantrips anyway just some speculation
  14. in fact originally SHIELD was closer to UNTIL but now they are more like PRIMUS
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