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  1. So which products had Divis Mal and Cestus Pax in them ?
  2. From Champions, even So the heroes have been lured to a trap set by the Black Harlequin (yes, from Champions Battlegrounds). They haven't faced the Harlequin before, so they're not 100% sure of his MO. Some of the traps have had holographic lures, others real people. A woman hangs over a train track. A killer teddy bear with a knife is sawing at the ropes to drop her to her death. 6 more toys are swarming towards her. Snake, the martial artist, begins battering and breaking toys, but asks, "Do they feel mechanical, or are there, like, little men inside ?". Reassured that they seem robotic, he smashes all of them (aided by the delaying tactics of Dark Matter Lad, master of force walls). But the woman falls onto the tracks, and a train approaches. Snake leaps over, scoops her up, and leaps to safety (anime superleaping). And Dark Matter Lad asks, "Does she feel mechanical, or is there a little man inside her ?"
  3. Q: When does Benn's wife plan to deliver their children ? A: Two cows, a chicken, and a rabid duck
  4. A simple error this one, but it lead to a ridiculous situation. A hero with a 2D6 RKA and FW 14- sets, braces, and rolls against Grond (4th edition, no LOW) 5 times ! Because he forgot the -2 per successive roll, poor Grond has about 1 rPD when the guy finally pulls the trigger. It took two shots to down him, and practically hospitalised him.
  5. If it's a VPP, I would make it Cosmic, but then limit it as you've said. I think you'll have to think about just how frequently it can change (once per phase, once per second, once per DEX rank in a phase, an infinite amount in a phase). I would consider buying it not as a VPP, but as an EC of END burning defences or even just straight defences. For example, the chracter is effectively immune to all toxins. Rather than a VPP which allows him to do this, just buy the Life Support. Buy power defence, armour, hardening, flash defence, mental defence, etc.
  6. If two characters meet, the difference between heroic and superheroic isn't worth writing up. If the VIPER agents didn't pay for their weapons, I wouldn't worry so long as I could still balance the fight scenes. If you want a campaign where some guys are built using heroic points and others aren't, I'd be inclined to give the superhero more points, but make him pay for all his equipment. Paying points for equipment seems to balance the other bits nicely.
  7. I have been tempted to create new powers on occasion, but usually I do so after trying to build the effects with existing powers and finding the results unsatisfactory due to unusually high costs relative to actual value. For example, powers which cause knockback but no damage can be very expensive to build. Bodyjacking (a la Bodyjacker in Millennium City, after the errata is applied) also seems more expensive than it should for the utility.
  8. We won't know until the VIPER book comes out, but I expect to see King Cobra take on a similar role as in the New Millennium. A member of VIPER who once rose up to the position of Supreme Serpent, but has since been deposed and is believed dead. I liked it for a couple of reasons. Having VIPER and COIL both have serpentine/reptilian mutated supervillains was redundant. If there were too many omega level masterminds and threats in 4th edition, there were also too many snake motif villains. By making King Cobra a (former) leader of VIPER, you keep just one source for all those snakes. By having him deposed and believed dead, individuals can still resurrect him to strike again.
  9. I believe 4ed Ultimate Mentalist priced exactly this at -1/2.
  10. I would certainly recommend the Ultimate Mystic as a companion to Mystic Masters. Some nicely themed packages there, though I occasionally disagreed with some of the ECs.
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