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  1. Read all the books but haven't seen or played the game. It's a very good setting that would be an excellent HERO starter set.
  2. Cheese, bacon, grilled onions and BBQ sauce.
  3. I'm with Hugh. This is Metagaming in it's purest form plus it's unnecessary as it costs more than a two slot Multipower
  4. You guys have short memories. Just off the the top of my head the 70's gave us Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Meat Loaf and Parliament/Funkadelic. Sure there was a lot of dreck, but even Disco had some gems and while it's not for everyone, this is when Rap was in its infancy and Country was going strong.
  5. It's too early to say that. The movie has been out for one week and has higher reviews than Black Widow. It already has over 50 percent of Black Widow's gross. If it has better performance in weeks 2-4 then we'll get a better comparison. Plus how does this invalidate ScarJo's lawsuit? The crux of that is that Disney doesn't want to give her a cut of streaming sales because it would also then be possible to determine steaming's income and that would lead to bigger paydays for the actors.
  6. The Framework issue is better handled as GM permission on a Special Power than as GM forbiddance on a Standard Power. As a Gm you'll scrutinize both the same but as a player the psychology just seems to work differently.
  7. Duplication works just fine if you take away the permanent character points flaw. Making all the duplicates slightly weaker by requiring Regeneration from Death be bought on them doesn't cripple the power and does provide some penalty for replacing them. Summon is more problematic. First off, it really needs to be a Special Power or else those expanded class advantages are meaningless. Secondly, the current first two levels of Amicable and the first level of Antagonistic need to be dropped. They don't really simulate the genre well. It may seem too powerful but if you can't put the Summon in a Framework, this is going to either be your schtick or some something that's going to require a bunch of Limitations to have alongside your other Powers. Possible, yes but GM approved combat usable version, unlikely.
  8. Ida made landfall far enough to the west of us that we just got heavy rain.
  9. I would say that it is more strongly flavored to the Fantasy Hero genre and more to classic Tolkien derived fantasy at that. Even the description text leans more toward the fantasy feel and it's definitely more common there. In more supers related settings the drawbacks of Summon are greatly downplayed or ignored. The monster hordes are mindless or don't think of rebelling unless that are being slaughtered in job lots. Summon is much more common in sentai shows and anime but those don't usually follow the same western tropes as pertains to creature loyalty. This genre is also big on Duplication and Multiform. Summons in this genre probably start off at +1/2 Amicable and go from there.
  10. So you're making an already expensive Power harder to use? Summon already has an opposed EGO roll with built in minuses and you only get EGO/4 rounds of combat without making an even more difficult opposed roll. You really don't get a lot for what you pay Duplication guarantees a loyal fighter for as long as you want the Power active. Yes, it says the duplicate(s) are free willed but in the very next sentence it says the player has complete control of their actions. A GM making my duplicate mutiny would be taking over my PC directly. Unless I took a Psych Lim or this was given as a possibility beforehand, I'd feel betrayed.
  11. Amicable literally says the creature summoned behaves as if it has a Psych Lim at a particular level. Since the GM has to approve all Summons writeups what stops it from being included? You add it to the sheet and don't give any points for it. Also Amicable is an Advantage, it should be better than a straight Summon where the creature will fight to the death if it loses a contest of wills. Otherwise, it would be better to just spend those points on bonuses to the EGO Roll. It's not like the Summon is going to be in multiple combats. At EGO/4, getting a turn would be a big deal for most. Compare that to Duplication which sticks around until you want it to end and won't attack the prime without a Limitation being taken. Yes you can win another contest of wills, but that's risky.
  12. The +1/4 Amicable says that the Summons wants to help the Summoner akin to Moderate Psych Lim and +1/2 becomes a Strong Psych Lim. Requiring the +3/4 Total Psych Lim level to enter combat seems to be counter to that. It also discounts the possibility that the Summons might be inclined to do the requested task naturally. A PC with a similar Psych would need a good reason not to do take the action and you don't summon cowardly creatures to fight battles for you. The Summons may flee after a few setbacks but an Advantaged Summons should get better performance than a basic one where you have to win a contest of wills.
  13. Having the Aid switch to another Aid once a certain level is reached(typically max). You only have to buy the two Aids and not the Drain and the subsequent Aid can have different fade rates and modifiers than the first with a Conditional Limitation based on the threshold.
  14. Summon has no built in Lockout. You can only Summon one creature per use of the Power but nothing stops you from using it multiple times and having an army. A very loosely controlled army but while they may not be loyal they are not hostile unless antagonized or you take a Limitation. And it only takes a +1/4 to make them friendly.
  15. Transfer can be defined as Drain with a Linked, Self Only Aid but the Power he wants is not the classic Transfer. But you can do this in 6th. Just don't buy the Aid as Self Only. Nothing says you can't Link the Drain to any Aid you want. I was against the change made in 6th until I worked with it. It adds some complexity but the gains are greater. Variable Fade rates being the biggest benefit unrestricted recipients and threshold triggers are also enabled without having to apply modifiers to the basic Drain power. The Aid can be as complex or as simple as you need. I suggest writing the Aid first so you can get a good gauge on the Real and Active Points. It can get rather expensive to apply to multiple Powers/Characteristics at once.
  16. Or you could make villain death as rare as hero death and write stories where everyone survives. The Flash went 30+ years with only one villain death(The Top) and it worked just fine because there was a large Rogue's Gallery.
  17. Yes, the first run of Master of Kung-Fu drew heavily on the original Rohmer works. I thought the choice to place it in Great Britain while jumping into the then modern world was inspired. Then they made it into some of the best James Bond adventures that were ever written. Those Moench/Gullacy arcs were Marvel at it's finest. Plus they introduced me to Fleetwood Mac!
  18. What media sources have you been reading? Anything to the left of Fox tears into Trump like sharks on a whale carcass.
  19. I like the Hit Points mechanic for a Fantasy Hero game as it adds an extra level of realism to the danger of large amounts of non-killing damage taken. The 3.5/Pathfinder equivalent is roughly akin to how excess nonlethal damage can become lethal in excess amounts. I don't see how it reduces bookkeeping as it has to be tracked separately and adjusts Body as well.
  20. He's funny. He's also nailed the two worst parts of western comics and movie franchises. Haphazard or just lazy effort put into world building. Lack of satisfactory or lasting resolution to conflicts due to the need for sequels.
  21. She should be. Haven't seen a news story but if the deceased was a patient then she was a caregiver and should know better.
  22. Finally had a chance to watch The Suicide Squad. It was a fun ride that didn't take itself too seriously while still sticking to concept. They managed the character background well, the violence was well choreographed and the plot was coherent and believable. As long as you go in expecting an action comedy, you won't be disappointed. 8/10.
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