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  1. Hi Steve, when HSMA, p 9 says that "... characters with innate Ranged attacks buy Ranged Martial Maneuvers, in which case you should consider that Ranged attack as a “weapon”...", is each attack power slot of a Multipower it's own attack (I'd need to pay a WF for each slot past the first), or can the whole Multipower be treated as the "weapon" the Ranged Martial Maneuvers apply to? Also, how does one apply a Martial Maneuver to an attack power that is advantaged, like AoE/Explosion? Thanks!
  2. Hi neighbor!  I'm in Cleburne, TX.  Not that matters a whole lot during Stay At Home, though.

    1. Barton


      When travel ban off we can physically meet.

    2. SteveZilla


      Indeed!  I'm currently in one Hero game (Supers), and was in a Fantasy Hero game that just ended, though another will be starting soon.  And also a Hero system version of 'Gamma World'.  Obviously all played online.  Are you in any Hero games currently (including any FtF games suspended for COVID)?

  3. I am attempting to "reverse engineer" the cost breakdowns for an existing, multi-floor base. I don't have access to the book it is drawn from, and the GM has not supplied a cost breakdown - only said "you pay X for it". I have no idea if X is accurate or not since the base has had some changes to it over the course of the campaign before my character joined. Instead of pestering the GM to do the write up, I am using it as an opportunity to refresh my base construction rules knowledge. Especially since I haven't done anything like this since 4th ed. I had generally been presuming 3m per
  4. I know I saw the 'Spell' Limitation for FH spells, and IIRC it prevents spreading, and possibly bouncing the attack. But now I cannot find it. Can someone clue me into the right book and page where I saw this? Thanks!
  5. I don't have my Ultimate Base unpacked yet, so I ask the collective brain. When designing a base, how "tall" should each floor be? I.e., do I need to leave "room" for the real-world stuff like trusses, I-beams, formed concrete slabs, air ducts, pipes, etc., etc.? In 6e1, it just gives a total (exterior) volume that the base occupies, with no guideline on how to divide that up into floors (or even for a single-floor structure). Thanks!
  6. Ah, yes - that does sound familiar. "Less plausible" is IMO an opinion and not in the rules themselves (but if I am wrong, please post book/page reference for me. :) ) 'Overloading' is not the case with this character (10D6 Blast is the base power), I feel compelled to challenge the desire to limit DCs based upon what the "base power"/SFX is. Aren't there 10-15 STR Martial Artists that can do 12D6 strikes out there (not just published characters, but PCs as well)?
  7. For me, I like my fantasy* games to not have: 1. Guns, grenades, and just about anything that explodes. I consider Alchemical Fire to not be an explosive, but a flammable - like oil but moreso. 2. "Tech" - Gnomish mechanical contraptions are generally ok, but the less mechanical (while being more complex) it is the more it smells like "tech" to me. 3. Real-world politics - I game to get away from that crap (I don't like it in any game, to be honest). 4. Steam powered anything. 5. Mass transit. *Fantasy as in "sword and sorcery" games. Which is why I consider Gamma World to be S
  8. Hello, I want to make sure I'm understanding the 6e RAW regarding a character with his own attack powers (Blast and RKA) and how those interact with the Ranged Martial Arts maneuvers from the Martial Arts book. As built, he has a Multipower with (among other things), two attacks. In addition to that, I bought him the "Offensive Shot" and "Quick Shot" maneuvers (among others). As I understand it, I don't need to buy anything else to be able to use either maneuver with either attack power, yes? And as a Ranged Martial Artist (having Breakfall as well as a KS for the MA style, and 17 pts
  9. Interesting line of thought. But because of another spell the character has that can be 'washed off', I think the umbrella is something I'd have to pay for as opposed to get points for.
  10. It doesn't have to be "stored securely", as it is a small item the character has with her - small, but very important. Should it be removed from her (pick pocket, combat grab, whatever), she becomes virtually powerless. For the purposes of her other powers it is *treated* as a OAF, but it itself has no powers in it. I was thinking of a triggered power (a spell) to retrieve a wand stolen from me, so I wouldn't be rendered helpless for the rest of the combat - or until returning to town/base. The 'focus' can still be grabbed and broken, and just grabbing it would still prevent her from cas
  11. This is for a Fantasy Hero game. Questions: 1) Can you designate a Fixed Location as a small object? Not buying it as a Focus, because of Fantasy Hero game with money. It's an object in it's own right. 2) If so, can a UAA Teleportation power that is within range and not blocked by the UAA cutoffs or Teleport impediments, teleport that object *to me* without seeing it? I'm thinking of some sort of a "Quickdraw" ability (magical/supernatural), or an "Item retrieval" ability that can function across a short distance (10m or less - that I would buy the Teleport distance to)...
  12. Though for 'complete' coverage the character would need this (and be resistant) for PD, ED, and Power Defense at a minimum IMO. I would think the more streamlined way would be to use extra CON, as no matter what defense it goes through (Blast, AVAD - Sight Group Flash Def), or even no defense with NNDs, because CON is the single deciding factor - the "point of convergence"?
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