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  1. If I make a power with Damage Over Time with a long time between increments (say, 1 hour; -2 value), and apply the Target's defenses only apply once (x2) modifier, I presume it is not a -4 modifier at that point and should instead be a -1? Note this is referring to just the interaction of TDOAO and Increments of longer than every turn.
  2. Try asking this guy - he specializes in old hardware/games (and has even written a new game for old hardware). https://www.facebook.com/the8bitguy/ https://www.youtube.com/user/adric22
  3. 4th stage victims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etXTNNraFDU
  4. 6e. What is a good ballpark value for the Limitation "Only To Avoid Becoming Stunned" to be applied to an extra purchase of CON? For example, an 18 CON character and low-ish defenses wants to be able to avoid becoming Stunned, so buys +5 CON; Only To Avoid Becoming Stunned(-?). In 6e, would it be a -3/4, -1/2, or -1? If this is already listed in a book, please give the reference to it. Thanks all!
  5. Thanks to everybody who contributed. :) My GM went with: Change Environment (Precipitation [rain, sleet, hail, snow] To No Precipitation: 1 pt Telekinesis STR) (5 BP); Area Of Effect(1m Radius; +¼) (6 AP); No Range(-½) Which, with the other spell-general Limitations made it cost 2 pts. My other consideration was: 3 TK 2 STR; Affects Porous (13 BP); AoE(1m Radius; +¼) (16 AP); No Range(-½), Only To Deflect Precipitation [rain, sleet, hail, snow](-2)
  6. This is for 6e. Would this be a valid build for the effect I want? Is there something cheaper that I'm not aware of? Umbrella: Barrier (2m x 2m x ½m, 0 BODY, 2 PD/0 ED), Non Anchored (18 BP); Mobile(+¼), Dismissible(+¼) (27 AP); Restricted Shape("Umbrella" Above The Target; -¼), No Range(-½), Only Vs Effects From Weather (Rain, Hail, Sleet, Snow; -1) I'm wanting a spell that shields the caster from mundane weather effects (rain, sleet, snow, hail), where the effect can be ended consciously, and doesn't impede moving through doorways or other narrow passages. Thanks!
  7. Hugh and Gnome, you both make good points that my non-braining brain failed to realize. :)
  8. I would presume a Buyoff would cost END, the same as a Naked Advantage does?
  9. I am a little confused as to what options to use from the Linked Table (6e1, p385). A character has Resistant Protection (SFX is a self-sustaining 'Force Field' - i.e., no END cost, and is still Persistent). The character wishes to buy some Life Support (safe environs) that are Linked to the Resistant Protection (since it is the 'Force Field' that is granting the protection). The Life Support has lower Active Points than the Resistant Protection. Would the Linked limitation on the Life Support be -½, -¼, or even -0? Forex, do I apply the -¼ reduction because I don't want/need the "proportionality" that comes with Linked? Do I apply the -¼ reduction because the Resistant Protection would be "in use most of the time"?
  10. Of note: My name is Steve, I am taking dance lessons, I grew up on an airport around airplanes, and I have nonmagnetic metal screws in one leg. Oh, also some minor NSFW language, and over-the-top cartoonish violence.
  11. Even before reading anything on that page, my first thought was "Zardoz"? 0.o I wish you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery, Hyper-Man.
  12. #RandomThought If an astronaut on the ISS gets sick, are they still _under_ the weather?
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