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  1. Hi Steve, I have a quick clarification to ask you. Allocating points of a MP or VPP (with the "Change Powers As A Zero-Phase Action" Advantage) is defined as a Zero Phase Action. But 6e also says things like "point reserve can be allocated only once", but then gives an example of what can't be done which would involve allocating points, using the activated power, and then taking those points and reallocating to a different power and using that one - all in the same Phase. Implying (to me) that the restriction is on "double-pumping" reserve points. So is there only a single opportunity at the start of a Phase to allocate one's framework(s) and if not taken then too bad so sad, or could a character at the start of a Phase allocate a portion of their pool into one or more powers (a non-attack Zero Phase Action), make a non-attack Half-Phase action (like a half-move) -- and *then* allocate (not re-allocate) the remaining, unused, pool points into other powers since Zero Phase actions are allowed after a non-attack Half-Phase action (typically a half-move)? Example: Mr Framework has a 90 point Multipower pool, and several Variable Slots - a 12d6 Blast, a 30m Flight, and a +10PD/+10ED Resistant Protection. On Phase 12, he allocates 30 points to the Flight, and not seeing any problems around does a half-move of flight around the corner of a building. He now sees his sworn enemy, Mr. Bad. Currently he has only allocated 30 of the 90 reserve, and has only done a half-move. As a Zero-Phase action he allocates the as yet unused 60 points into the Resistant Protection (using 30), and the remaining 30 into the Blast. Yes? No? Antwerp?
  2. In Entangle under 'Mental Paralysis' (6e1 p217) it says one of the required Advantages is 'Takes No Damage From Attacks(+¾)'. But under 'Takes No Damage From Attacks' (6e1, p219), there is no +¾ option. What am I missing? Does making a Mental Paralysis follow the rules of the +1 level of TNDFA where I have to define "one reasonably common and obvious way to remove the Entangle"? And does it follow the +1 level that no outside help/attacks can free the target - only the target can free themselves?
  3. At least some of the Enterprise-D occupants do get their hair cut by a barber...
  4. And it made many people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. It turns out my GM preferred me to use Continuing Charges, so for the price of the Zero END, Uncontrolled I was able to take Continuing Charges, 6 @ 6 hours. However, that meant I could no longer limit the power with Time Limit(6 hrs; -½). The Active Points remained the same, but the Real Cost rose by 2 pts (for my character). I'm uncomfortable playing under a hard cap of 6 uses - I prefer more open-ended abilities, but I will live with it. Thanks, everybody.
  5. Unless I'm way misunderstanding Focus, if someone steals the Focus (or I give it to someone), I then don't have the power and can't make another light orb. If I *create* the light orb (Physical Manifestation), it can then be treated as a physical object (and because of Uncontrolled) can be given to someone else to use. Splitting the party? No problem, I make two (one at a time).
  6. It is my understanding that I don't need to apply "Mobile" to this power (below) because it is No Range, per 6e1 (and having GM's option). Also, *none* of the example powers using Images on p238 have Mobile. This power is to create an "orb" (Physical Manifestation) that is independent of the character once created (Uncontrolled), and lasts for a period of time. It can be picked up and moved, thus moving what area is being illuminated. Sight Group Images, +4 PER Roll; Reduced END(Zero; +½), Area of Effect(8m Radius; +½), Uncontrolled(+½); Only To Create Light(-1), No Range(-½), Physical Manifestation(-¼), Time Limit(6 hrs; -½) I seriously cannot see why anybody would say a light source requires Mobile. Moving it should not be limited to an artificial 12m per Phase limit, and not require an *attack action*.
  7. Hi Steve, when HSMA, p 9 says that "... characters with innate Ranged attacks buy Ranged Martial Maneuvers, in which case you should consider that Ranged attack as a “weapon”...", is each attack power slot of a Multipower it's own attack (I'd need to pay a WF for each slot past the first), or can the whole Multipower be treated as the "weapon" the Ranged Martial Maneuvers apply to? Also, how does one apply a Martial Maneuver to an attack power that is advantaged, like AoE/Explosion? Thanks!
  8. Hi neighbor!  I'm in Cleburne, TX.  Not that matters a whole lot during Stay At Home, though.

    1. Barton


      When travel ban off we can physically meet.

    2. SteveZilla


      Indeed!  I'm currently in one Hero game (Supers), and was in a Fantasy Hero game that just ended, though another will be starting soon.  And also a Hero system version of 'Gamma World'.  Obviously all played online.  Are you in any Hero games currently (including any FtF games suspended for COVID)?

  9. I am attempting to "reverse engineer" the cost breakdowns for an existing, multi-floor base. I don't have access to the book it is drawn from, and the GM has not supplied a cost breakdown - only said "you pay X for it". I have no idea if X is accurate or not since the base has had some changes to it over the course of the campaign before my character joined. Instead of pestering the GM to do the write up, I am using it as an opportunity to refresh my base construction rules knowledge. Especially since I haven't done anything like this since 4th ed. I had generally been presuming 3m per floor like unclevlad suggested, though at ~1 foot lost for building "realism" per floor, that makes for a 'loss' of 1.5m in height, or 2,385 cubic meters. But with the size cost structure as it is, it turned out to be not much of an issue. Also, the base is an... unusual shape, and the size I was estimating would be if it actually filled the entire volume (footprint area x highest point).
  10. I know I saw the 'Spell' Limitation for FH spells, and IIRC it prevents spreading, and possibly bouncing the attack. But now I cannot find it. Can someone clue me into the right book and page where I saw this? Thanks!
  11. I don't have my Ultimate Base unpacked yet, so I ask the collective brain. When designing a base, how "tall" should each floor be? I.e., do I need to leave "room" for the real-world stuff like trusses, I-beams, formed concrete slabs, air ducts, pipes, etc., etc.? In 6e1, it just gives a total (exterior) volume that the base occupies, with no guideline on how to divide that up into floors (or even for a single-floor structure). Thanks!
  12. Ah, yes - that does sound familiar. "Less plausible" is IMO an opinion and not in the rules themselves (but if I am wrong, please post book/page reference for me. :) ) 'Overloading' is not the case with this character (10D6 Blast is the base power), I feel compelled to challenge the desire to limit DCs based upon what the "base power"/SFX is. Aren't there 10-15 STR Martial Artists that can do 12D6 strikes out there (not just published characters, but PCs as well)?
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