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  1. An interesting fact is that while D&D5e is perhaps the most successful edition of D&D ever, it hasn't brought popularity to a long tail of secondary RPG systems in its wake. Leaving Hero aside, there has been NO superhero game in the last decade which has capitalised on the popularity of superhero movies. (The Marvel RPG of a few years ago was not all that successful). I find that quite remarkable - in a world where comic book movies and characters are mainstream, and where I can buy Dungeons and Dragons again in toystores in my mid-size town for the first time since the 80s, I can't reach out to the shelf next to D&D and find any superhero RPG. Since that is the case, it's hard to argue it's an anomaly the Hero isn't being played in force these days. Even Mutants and Masterminds has had its day - it was much more popular 10 years ago. Weird, but there it is.
  2. I for one would love to see more of your fantasy setting material. All of those ideas sound good - especially your take on sword and sorcery, and low fantasy. It doesn't have to be a doorstopper like Turakian Age. Perhaps an ongoing series of short PDFs which could eventually be collected into a book?
  3. Did I just read aright. You're enraged at the people of of the Middle Ages, because they were all cowards? I've heard everything now.
  4. I'm so envious. I've built up and sold off several collections through the years, and now have a lot of pdfs and a small number of hard copy books. And even though I have all I need, practically speaking, I still go weak at the knees when I see a bookshelf full of Hero and other RPG books. It's definitely irrational.
  5. I just looked up the Wikipedia article on Hungarian mythology. Very interesting stuff. So there's just not enough English information available? Or is it scanty and speculative even in Hungarian?
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