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  1. You're in luck... https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/a847434/the-avengers-rebooted-shane-black-not-marvel/
  2. The Wendigo is mentioned, but not written up, on page 34 of COTN4. It is not even mentioned in COTN5 (that i could find). Couldn't find anything in the HS6 books Ihave either.
  3. http://kimberlychapman.com/rpg/equipment.html https://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/comments/3sqc3x/generic_rpg_price_list/
  4. Yeah, that isn't exactly what i was looking for. More just regular folks who have this one thing that makes them different... Not this one thing that will kill them if they ever discover it.
  5. I suppose he must eat something in the desolid world, since I bought him no LS...
  6. Both very interesting. I love the side effect on the "Get thee Hence" power. .
  7. For a dimension-hopping campaign arc I wanted to make a SuperWorld... a world in which everyone had a superpower, but in which most people were unsuitable to be heroes or villains for one reason or another. I was thinking of giving everyone on the world one (or maybe 2) powers that would be interesting, but would still leave them not well rounded enough or not dependable enough, or maybe even not non-destructive enough to be a hero if they were to switch dimensions and end up in the campaign universe. The powers would be limited to 100 Active Points, 15 Real Points. Would love to s
  8. Is there an official writeup of Vanguard in any 6e books? If so, which one?
  9. I have not played Hero System since 4e. I bought the 5e and 6e basic books out of nostalgia, but never had a chance to play. Well, my kids are finally asking me about them (my kids are in their 20s btw) and i decided to show them how to use the flexibility of Hero System to make any character you can imagine. I figured the easiest way to do this was download from DriveThruRPG and print the Champions Character Creation Cards, and then use them to "make" their favorite characters from the comics, using the standard 400 point superheroic builds. We are having a good time doing this, and it may ev
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