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  1. In my mind the cars are like the ones in the 2008 movie. In the 5th edition Ultimate Vehicle we can find some of these gadgets (the Supercar in page 46 has many of them). I like things from the movie like the tombstone droppable panel (this makes more sense in surpass a car with forward machine guns) and the idea of activating weapons or gadgets only when arriving to certain places. But I would like to write some background story for the PCs, some motivation and things to do outside the cars, not just a race.
  2. Well, I should have figured the police could be very busy this day with a great number of incidents and calls, not all of them for real but they must check them anyway. The points thing is interesting, but killing innocent bystanders is not OK. Killing a rival, or the police, on the other hand... This adventure can be fun, but must be written as a screenplay with charcters and motivations.
  3. Every year a mysterious Maffia boss forces some tough people to run the Death Race in Hudson City. Lots of money in bets around the world, hidden cameras in the cars and the streets, thousands of spectators, the police trying to stop them or infiltrate a driver, drivers running for their lives or the money or trying to discover and kill this boss. Well, I only have this idea, but could grow into an adventure. Drawbacks I see so far, which is the race course to follow and why the police could not stop them with helicopters.
  4. Finally, the adventure is here. Spanish/English edition, with the stats only in English and a different illustration in each part. This is the blog, with one player telling their playtesting. https://murallasblancas.blogspot.com/2020/10/los-misteriosos-contra-las-cuerdas.html And this is the link to the adventure text in PDF. (28 pages) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YVi-OxupXsIny-r4qsNtn94mOilO0Hot/view
  5. I think this Sunday we will finish the adventure, it will be available at one of the player's blog some days after that. With two drawings inspired by one of the Santo movies.
  6. 5th edition. The first half was played last Sunday and gave me some things to think for a faster play in the ring. It starts with Relevos Australianos (3 vs 3) and a PC is in the other team.
  7. I am about to play a Lucha Libre adventure, as Master, and when we finish it I would like to make it available for everyone to play. So, the question is, may I post a link to the document in this forum? (It will be written in Spanish and translated to English in the same doc, with 4 Player Characters write-ups ready to start)
  8. I miss the good old days when you could find tens of character adaptations. We have even a Doctor House for Hero System back then, but now the magic is gone.
  9. We have many Marvel character's write-ups in several web sites, but... Has anyone written a Marvel Cinematic Universe character as it? Just curious... and thinking about an adventure with cinematic flavour, of course.
  10. I think Sansa will be the Queen, and marry the son of Robert Baratheon. Dany killed by Arya, Jon and Arya killed by Dany or Grey Worm. Tyrion also killed, may be.
  11. And I want to write this as a Champions adventure and play it.
  12. Well, I think in Medieval times the idea of "we could be better" equals "we could be rich, or Lords" for they knew about this people living better but had none or very little idea of improvements in technology. But money were not used as today, most peasant people never had a coin, they barter and pay taxes in goods. We are used to have coins in Fantasy games because is easier and we are used to money in real life. Not an expert in Medieval Economy myself but for sure there are interesting books about this topic (how much holidays peasants had, use of commond lands, etc). Also for
  13. Just a few random thoughts wich may apply or not at all: If the kingdom is in an economic stage of Feudalism is hard to imagine a Social-democrat king "Olof Palme style". It has more sense in a context of absolutism, say Louis XIV with Illustration ideals. But this is fantasy, of course. The recruitment of the brightest childs to the state administration was practiced by Romans and Chinese, but the childs had to become eunuchs. So they will not use their power to enrich themselves and his family. The Romans had public basic education, by the way, until Christian Church took it over a
  14. A modest approach to the Idirans as imagined in The Culture series. Criticism welcomed. Idiran Warrior Val Char Cost 30 STR 5 20 DEX 30 30 CON 40 30 BODY 34 23 INT 13 18 EGO 16 25 PRE 15 0 COM -5 12/32 PD 9 8/24 ED 2 4 SPD 10 10 REC 2 60 END 0 60 STUN 7 Characteristics Cost: 178 Cost Power 23 Idiran Body: Growth (+15 STR, +3 BODY, +3 STUN, -3" KB, 800 kg, -2 DCV, +2 PER Rolls to perceive character, 4 m tall, 2 m wide), Inherent (+1/
  15. I would like to play something in The Culture universe. Working now in a personal adaptation to direct a number of adventures, but yet not sure if I will use Hero rules for it. Looking for a mix of very advanced tech and more realism in what players can do. I dislike the psionics, by the way.
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