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  1. Everybody knows that cats just love to rip .. ehm .. rap!
  2. That could just sell me on the idea of taking a hike ...
  3. I believe the Bat 'er he kicks my face in again!
  4. "Do not have men in underwear in scenes with women, and no nude men at all." That takes the cake! 😁
  5. That's a product I am really looking forward to. I hope there will be at least a POD-option - I like PDFs, but having long-dead processed tree in my hands beats any PDF every time of the day and twice on High Nooon!
  6. Hi-ho, Silver! Way to go (to Dodge City)!
  7. Well, I just have hold my breath sitting in front of the monitor and could do it for two minutes on the first try. The last 30 seconds were not really comfortable and I was really looking forward to catch my breath again but I have felt that I could last maybe some 10 seconds more if I really had to. And no - I am not sporty or hero material. And of course, I wasn't exerting myself - just holding my breath and watching the clock hand turning. So, two minutes seems all right to me and in now way out of the way.
  8. Yes, in AFRICA! But lucky Him that there was a mongoose around - probably on a sightseeing tour from INDIA - that kinda volunteered to give him said blood transfusion. The Whizzer's backstory is so stupid and without any sense on so many levels it almost makes sense again: "Sooo - you say that you were bitten by a venomous snake in Africa, got a bloodtransfusion from an animals that is hunting and killing snakes that only liveds India but just happened to be there. Then the quac ... doctor who came up with the idea got killed by a heart attack and you developed this super-speed power and now you are fighting crime and dating that wealthy, flying superstrong loooker? Hmmm ... yeah, sounds totally legit to me. I believe you 100% because this tale is too stupid that someyone could invent it, tell it straight-faced and think that anyone would believe it!"
  9. Well, it is hard to keep an EXCELLENT cover down!
  10. Yeah, it's just us ugly folks playing HERO. *sigh* It's a shame ... 😉 But generally speaking: HERO has always been quite under the radar. As far as I remember (started with Champions back in the 80s) it was always the "odd system out" - you had a better chance to find someone playing GURPS (which BTW is also not as popular as it used to be). No publications from HERO Games sure is a bummer.
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