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  1. Well, yeah. Also, her prosthetics/makeup/body paint looked a lot better. But Lawrence's were theoretically also done by Hollywood professionals, and I think the cosplayer at least equalled them.
  2. Anything requiring contacts would be a hard pass from me, before you get to walking around in an applique-studded bodysuit with facial prosthetics and wig. But hats off to her dedication, that's at least as good as the version they put Jennifer Lawrence in for the actual movies.
  3. Also reputedly adept at mesmerism. At the very least, sufficiently charismatic to have heads of state wrapped around his little finger. There's a reason he's been picked as a supernatural villain in more than one work of fiction.
  4. Ooooo, I didn't realize that had been released. I know what my plans for this evening are now!
  5. As a fan of Lovecraft I feel it would be hypocritical of me to criticize him on that point. Last night I watched the sort-of new horror movie The Empty Man. I thought it was quite good, mainly on the back of James Badge Dale's performance and some very expert cinematography. If you've avoided it because the advertising made it look like another derivative supernatural slasher flick, maybe give it a second look.
  6. They're already planning for that future eventuality by starring raccoons in their movies. I saw the movie at the theater this afternoon. It was an enjoyable enough way to spend a couple of hours, but if I hadn't had a gift card that had been sitting on the shelf unused for more than a year, I'd have been happy to wait until it was streaming for no additional cost.
  7. I'm glad to see filling it with regular sized Reese's peanut butter cups is an option, as I can't imagine any other contents improving on the standard.
  8. To save themselves the ordeal of reading a full-length book of cliches and tropes written by a 15-year-old?
  9. Maybe the solution would be having such theaters owned and run by people other than miserable scum: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/general-news/alamo-drafthouse-crisis-allegations-sexual-assault-harassment-mount-1043207/
  10. Maybe if we can celebrate the whole month on a pool floatie with a piña colada in hand.
  11. I've tried to watch it, and I do like Hoechlin as Superman and Tulloch as Lois Lane even if I don't like what's being done with them. But I have zero interest in the teen soap opera that most of the airtime is devoted to, and the superheroics strike me as a retread of Smallville's.
  12. I think the writers have pigeonholed him into the "sneaky trickster" role, and forgotten that he's a sneaky trickster god who's able to fight lengthy-if-losing battles against Thor and survive a beatdown from the Hulk with just the wind knocked out of him.
  13. Yeah, I would have loved to attend family events earlier in the year, but waiting until all the adults were fully vaccinated gave me the peace of mind to actually enjoy the one I've been to so far.
  14. Nurses have given accounts of people insisting Covid-19 is a hoax as they're put on respirators in the ICU. So for some, it's over their dead bodies.
  15. Also Infinity War, since they play a very big part in its narrative. (I'd say it's almost as much Gamora's story as Thanos'.)
  16. 3 eps in now and it's probably my 2nd favorite Marvel TV series after Agent Carter.
  17. Wiccan (the Scarlet Witch's son William) has technically appeared, but when last seen before evaporating he was a 10-year-old child. I think the Young Avengers will be quite a ways off, if they ever come to fruition.
  18. Skilled RNs, engineers, safety inspectors, etc. contradict as well.
  19. I'm sure the Spike Network will continue provide plenty of entertainment free of the scary colored and queer people, and women with minds of their own. Oh, it got rebranded in 2018 and now features an original movie about the Trayvon Martin story, and Ice Cube hosting Lip Sync Battle? Oops! 🤷‍♂️ Well, there are always those Christian film industry movies. Enjoy!
  20. First episode of Hulu's Marvel series Helstrom. It was right up my alley, and executed better than I'd expected. I'm both glad I bit the bullet to buy the series on Vudu and sorry to hear it apparently didn't get renewed.
  21. I'm thinking it was a predator-picks-the-weakest-prey type of situation, rather than that the hillbillies had Chubby Chaser magazines at home and Beatty's character was their dream guy.
  22. That island off the Indian coast whose inhabitants riddle any outsiders approaching with arrows might be an option, however...
  23. Spoiler alert: Series not titled The Timekeepers and Their Sacred Timeline. I wasn't thrilled by the first episode myself. Depicting the ultimate power in the universe as an absurd bureaucracy works fine in satire like The Good Place, but not so well in dramatic tales of heroism like the MCU stories Loki's been a part of so far. It makes everything seem meaningless rather than majestic, and works against the agency of the heroic characters. Most of my friends who are fans of comic book movies loved it, but I suspect Hiddleston is far less of a feature for me than for them.
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