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  1. I'd be withdrawing my kid(s) from Plague Rat Academy, and hoping the lawsuit to get the tuition money back would finish up before the last person on faculty with check-signing authority gets put on a ventilator.
  2. Not in the land of the living much longer either, judging from her home treatment regimen.
  3. I would, assuming Musk feels like launching another of those orbital cars.
  4. I think her insanity defense is pretty well set up when her case reaches court.
  5. I wonder if Jones will say anything about the lawsuits on his show and risk the craziest of his followers harassing and stalking a sitting judge...
  6. Is Texas very different from other states about jailing people over contempt of court in civil cases? I knew of someone who went to jail for not paying his court-mandated child support here in AR, and it seems like this is much more flagrant disrespect toward the judge.
  7. Well said. As an illustrator and graphic designer who does work for hire, I'm quite okay with the agreement that my employer (or their clients) own and control work I do on the job in exchange for a steady paycheck (and health insurance). I entered that agreement with eyes open, and could have chosen instead to create art on my own time and be responsible for all the costs, marketing, and so forth if I wanted sole ownership and control. Admittedly I've never created IP that became a major element of popular culture like Mickey Mouse or Superman did, but it's not as if comic book companies yanked those early writers and artists off the streets and impressed them into servitude against their will.
  8. I'm hoping for the best, but dreading that we'll get THIS instead...
  9. Note to self: Drive to neighboring state if ever in need of medical care in Ohio.
  10. Malignant Marketed like another James Wan Conjuring-style ghost story, it seems to instead be an homage to Italian Giallo movies and 80s body horror slashers. Hold onto your seats kids, this one is quite the ride! The batshit crazy quotient is much higher than any other horror movie I've seen this year; Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar is the only thing that can compete.
  11. That was for Alex Ross' Earth-X dystopian future series, not the main in-continuity Marvel Universe. Which isn't to say that they won't use the plot line in the MCU movies. But the official comics explanation is that the Celestials tampered with human genetics about a million years before present, endowing them with the potential for super powers (both mutants and people who develop them in reaction to radiation accidents and such) just as they did on numerous other worlds. Whereas the Eternals offshoot of humanity are the actual Celestial-approved planetary defense system. And there are other factors in play like the earth being aligned with the Cosmic Axis, thus allowing people the opportunity to learn magic, encounter otherdimensional beings and be enhanced, etc. Edited to add: Looking good, Shang-Chi!
  12. Yeah, regardless of how various people will react, that baby being home from the hospital and presumably over the worst is the most important thing. May she have no lingering ill effects!
  13. At least DC solved that problem by having reboots so frequently no one knows if a given character is still supposed to be dead or not! 😆 (I kid, but I was very glad to see Ma & Pa Kent return with the one at the end of Doomsday Clock.)
  14. I don't think Mysterio would even know who Dr. Strange is, much less be capable of impersonating him around Wong for any length of time.
  15. My understanding of the issue is that OnlyFans is not the actual producer of the content it hosts, unlike the various adult studios with their dedicated websites, and that it would be prohibitively expensive for them to provide the kind of oversight/moderation for thousands of individual content providers that would quickly take down anything illegal before it became a problem.
  16. Whatever gets done with his story in the near future, I'm fairly certain that long-term Clark Kent as Superman will be around as long as the DC Comics IP—and indeed, the superhero genre in general—is. He's just too iconic for that not to be the case. Besides, we're almost two years out from the last DC reboot at the end of Doomsday Clock, so another line-wide retcon is probably overdue.
  17. Wild turkeys, sure. I think those giant-breasted farm turkeys can only flap hard enough for hops though, not real flight.
  18. I wonder how that interacts with consideration that unvaccinated patients who lost a game of Covid roulette mostly won't be competing with vaccinated Covid-19 patients for ICU beds; they'll be competing with people who need treatment for heart attacks, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, cancer, etc.
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