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  1. When it comes to the issue of relationships, I feel as though it is more of flavor in the story. If it were removed, then there most likely would be no to extremely low change in what happens. The primary reason for it to be included would be as flavorful joking or some story reason for it to be included (such as getting information from the opposition).
  2. Here's one to zing your taste buds - Xylocarp Cupcakes
  3. Q: I will surrender to you, but can you capture my dog, B'dg? A: We have the Einstein Bridge, now there is the Hawking Bridge.
  4. Continuing with cakes - Velvet (red, green, whatever your desire)
  5. Q: How is that effort of merging poker with MTG going? A: All roads lead to the same place, unfortunately that place is where you started.
  6. The best topper of all Jelly (you choose which)
  7. Let's not start a tangent on language. Another classic - Hot Dogs (with chili)
  8. Let's go with a classic - FRENCH FRIES
  9. Q: What is a perfect trap for the Daredevil? A: We left tomorrow and arrived yesterday.
  10. There is an attachment - the exoplanet list.
  11. This sounds like the way it is in business. Business say you take this and workers take it exactly as the business say. The only other option would be to refuse and go on public assistance, which does not provide sufficient support to make minimum life requirements. So either the workers take the pay that business offers that barely meets life requirements or public assistance that doesn't, which are you doing to take?
  12. And after you get in, they have 45 minutes of ads. (You can't skip them)
  13. So Professor, can you answer the question about why there are so many donut shops around? A: When you claim to see spots, they can be literal spots.
  14. I got thinking of the rules option since that is where most people tend to get the most problems. With the extreme variation that Herogames has between the base ability, mods, and other ways of both making and using the extreme different types of characters that can be created, many new players are properly lead to believe that this system is way more complex than it really is. Actually dnd has the same complexity and few people cry about that system being strange and complicated.
  15. Having played one too many jokes, he finds a new home for you - on the Moon. NT: You are on a tour of jurassic park. How do you spend the night after all the dinosaurs break out?
  16. Q: What is the way that Pariah likes his dates? A: We are now at the half life of nothing.
  17. Skow Chow - essentially what they were able to get from their latest expedition. NT: What is VIPER'S latest plan and how will it fail?
  18. Q: What was the preferred dinner among the Rebels when they were on Hoth? A: This coffee will give the Flash the jitters.
  19. I was attempting to emphasize the point of how rare they are, which explains other comments I made. Back to the original topic - the "correct" amount of magic is the amount that you and your players believe is the correct amount. DO NOT let some arbitrary person in some random discussion board (even this one) say what is write or correct since they don't know the unique situation that is involved at your table.
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