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1 minute ago, Pariah said:

Lousy Golden Knights.


12-4 is...not lousy.


Elsewhere......color me gobsmacked.  


The PGA Tour, DP World Tour and LIV Golf are consolidating into a single, for-profit entity.  The Saudi Investment Fund will be a minority stakeholder, but the new organization's chairman is the Fund's governor.

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11 hours ago, Cygnia said:

So apparently the PGA just stabbed their players in the back...




In the Athletic's morning newsletter, they pointed out that the Player's Council had to approve this merger...and that is by NO means a foregone conclusion.  Had my usual adjustment;  my chiro is an avid golfer.  He said the same...and we both agreed that Monahan's cut his own throat.  

It is NOT certain this merger is a done deal.  This is looking to be similar to the soccer Super League announcement, that crashed and burned so thoroughly.  Monahan didn't talk it over with any of the US networks, either, so they're blindsided.  Congress is NOT happy;  there's talk of pulling their charitable status, which could arguably cause serious problems with MANY tournament sponsorships.  

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Jonas Vingegaard wins stage 7 of the Criterium du dauphine


Man beats horse for only the fourth time in its history and for the second year in a row. I remember putting this down last year.



Iga Swiatek beats Karolina Muchova in Women's French Open Tennis final



Manchester City beat Inter Milan in the Champions League final 1-0

This means that Manchester City have a treble, League Title, FA Cup and Champions League Title


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4 hours ago, Logan D. Hurricanes said:


On what? Even TFG hasn't spent that on legal fees. That's insane. A lot of rich lawyers out there. 


Probably not, but corporate law is probably much more expensive, and using much more staff.  The discovery process is likely much more complex.  Hey, remember:  lots of the cases you're talking about got tossed EARLY in the process.


Don't get me wrong, it is a LOT of money.  But also recognize:  this was an existential threat.  The PGA had to respond with everything they had.  So I'm not gonna second-guess the amount involved.

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Well, that was amusing....


Vegas sprints out to a 3-0 lead in the 2nd.  Florida gets one back before the period ends, then claws back to 3-2 about 5 minutes into the 3rd.


This makes the last 15 minutes VERY tense...Vegas does NOT want to blow this lead.  


Winds down, winds down...with less than 20 seconds, with Florida going with the empty net, a Vegas player gets called for delay of game...intentionally shooting the puck out of play.  So there's *just a few* seconds left for one last, desperate push.


Goalie's stick gets broken.


MIRACLE leg save...then another....as the clock runs out!


3-2 Vegas.


And the tension bursts out as multiple fights break out before the sound of the horn even fades away.  Cuz this was huge.  If Florida can tie, they can still win.  If they win this one, it's back to 2-2...despite being outplayed massively overall.  Then it's a best of 3 and anyone's game.  NOW, tho, it's 3-1, with Vegas going back home.  Last 2 games in Vegas were 12-4 combined.  Another game 2 seems very likely...lots of pressing by the Panthers leading to many opportunities, and therefore goals, for Vegas.

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Ferrari win the 100th anniversary Le Mans 24 hour race, 58 years since their last win there.



Novak Djokavic wins the French Open and now has 23 majors


He is also the only man to win all four grand slams three times


Australia beat India in World Cricket Test Championship at the Oval in London



Giulio Ciccone won stage 8 of the Criterium du Dauphine with Jonas Vingegaard winning the race overall


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I don't follow horse racing, so I missed that the Preakness *also* saw a death during an undercard race on Preakness day.


Until today.

Because another horse had a catastrophic accident, injuring his foot and had to be euthanized.  (My understanding is, a horse's legs are actually a vital part of their circulatory system, so injuries that leave them unable to move will be fatal.)  Oh...but...yesterday, another horse...same trainer, *same track* at Belmont...ALSO had to be euthanized after an injury.  


So the most visible period of the year for the industry has been flooded with awful news throughout.  This has to have the entire industry in a serious panic, one would think...if this isn't a massive statistical aberration, then the first assumption is, there's something SERIOUSLY wrong with how horses are being trained.  If it is an aberration, that just suggests no one has identified the underlying factors...but they DARN!!!! sure need to.

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Oh my oh my oh my!!!  


CRAZY, CRAZY ending, Texas vs. Stanford.  Deciding game of the super regional, winner to Omaha for the CWS.  Tied in the bottom of the 9th at 6.  


With 2 outs, the hitter laces a line drive he thinks is gonna go out, but I think it's got some topspin.  It hits off the Pac-12 shield on the wall, which is red and white.  EVERYONE on the Stanford bench thinks it's gone, ergo game over.  Nope.  The runner even throws off his batting helmet, but hustles enough to make it to 2nd.  Next batter walks;  he's irrelevant, and it does set up forces at all bases.  

Next batter pops a Texas Leaguer.  But it's 8"45 Pacific time, in Palo Alto...decently far north.  It's twilight.  3/4 dark.  TERRIBLE contrast.


Yep.  Every Texas defender loses the ball.


It falls in...and of course, with 2 outs, the runner on 2nd has been running the whole time.


Game over.  On a ball lost in the twilight.  GOT to feel bad for the Texas boys.


Wait a sec...no...no, I don't.  It's Texas.



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The avalanche has begun.


Vegas gets 2 in the first;  Panthers get one bac early 2nd.

But Vegas gets another around the midpoint, then Panthers get stuck in their own zone, with one player who lost a stick...Vegas holds it in the zone for over 2 minutes, then score again.


4-1, just inside 7 minutes left in the 2nd.  Panthers haven't scored 4 in a game in this series.  It's far more likely this is gonna be game 2 all over again...Panthers have to push, which leaves openings, and Vegas is likely to pounce.  The live puck line is now at Vegas -3.5...at -140.  So the oddsmakers are favoring a 4 goal margin.  I'm thinking it may well be more.


EDIT...and 4 minutes later, another goal.  5-1.  Florida's gassed and flat.  DraftKings is giving you 22-1 if you want to bet the Panthers to win.  No thanks....


EDIT 2...and to close the coffin and lower it down into the grave, a goal with 1.2 seconds left in the period.  6-1. 

This may be Vegas, and there's plenty of Elvis impersonators...but the Stanley Cup is not leaving the building....


EDIT 3...9-3 final.  


Yeah.  9 goals.  One was empty net with about 5 minutes to go to make it 8-3, and at that point Florida called off the dogs and put the goalie back in until the clock ran out...the game was over.  And Vegas pushed one more in anyway.  


The illusion that an expansion team can't succeed has been utterly shattered.  Thanos wasted a finger snap on it, I'd say.  Vegas outscores Florida 26-12 in the 5 games.

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