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Remco Evenepoel wins stage 9 of the Giro D'Italia which like stage 1 was a time trial



EDIT: And is out of the race wit Covid. That really opens it up. Ineos lost Ganna with Covid as well.

The virus is going to be a potential game changer in the Tour and Vuelta as well.

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On 5/11/2023 at 3:03 PM, Pariah said:


The best part of watching the Knicks fail miserably was seeing SAS reduced to spluttering incoherence.

The worst part was realizing practically everything he says isn't much better.


At one point, I didn't think he was down to the level of a Bayless, a Whitlock, or a Cowherd.  Now....?  Far too often, he's giving them a run for their money.

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14 hours ago, unclevlad said:


At one point, I didn't think he was down to the level of a Bayless, a Whitlock, or a Cowherd.  Now....?  Far too often, he's giving them a run for their money.

I'm not even a sportsball watcher of any sort and those four idiots make me wanna shank a TV whenever one is blathering on.

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The fairest thing you can say about Skip Bayless is that occasionally he'll say something so profoundly idiotic that it will make Stephen A. Smith look like a Nobel prize laureate. And vice versa.

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Kind of a strange, nasty, ugly issue happening at the Italian Open in Rome right now.  Evening session.  It's been raining;  well, clay courts can handle some rain.  There's 3 matches going on.  In 2 of them, the play's been stopped, and at this point, the players have left the court altogether.  In the Musetti vs. Tiafoe match...they're still playing.  Tiafoe's IRATE.  Jim Courier has expressed concern about safety...heck, that was 20 minutes ago.  You can slide on dry clay;  wet clay can clump and stick, and *that* is a badly sprained ankle just waiting to happen.  More rarely, a nasty knee injury that can cost you MONTHS.  


OK, they FINALLY just suspended it.  FAR too late.  Courier's very critical of the organizers' inconsistency.  Why did 2 matches stop 20-30 minutes earlier, but despite Tiafoe's vociferous objection AND the fact that 2 other matches were stopped...the organizers didn't stop play on this one.


Elsewhere, earlier in the day, Hungarian player Fabian Marozsan entered the Italian Open at #135 in the world, and never having won an ATP world tour level match.  He faced #1 (in live rankings, #2 seed) Carlos Alcaraz...and won.  In straight sets.  2nd set tie breaker, he was down 4-1 but ripped off 6 straight points to take the match.  It's earned him a nice, but not yet huge, jump in the rankings, as this was the round of 32...not *that* many points.  He's moved up 20 spots to #114, tho, which could get him into the French.  Next up is Coric;  if he can back up this stunner, he'll move just inside the top 100, which should get him automatic entry.  

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In a few weeks, the Stanley Cup will be awarded to a team from one of the hockey hotbeds...Raleigh, NC;  Dallas;  Miami;  or Las Vegas.




How is this possible???  Las Vegas is actually, it looks like, the furthest north...just a few minutes (of longitude) north of Raleigh.  Strange days indeed.  


Another potential issue:  bad ice.  This might've been fixed but it's tricky to maintain the ice when there's a full house, and in the kinds of temperatures that can be expected, particularly by the time the finals take place.

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Carolina and Dallas have already won Lord Stanley's Cup (the Stars on the infamous "creased lightning" goal). Florida played in the finals in 1996, when they lost to the newly-relocated Colorado Avalanche. Vegas has only been around for a six years, but have already been to the Cup finals (vs. Washington in 2018). So there's some history for all four teams. 


Sadly, this means that the longest Canadian drought will be extended for another year. The last Canadian team to win the Cup was the 1993 Montreal Canadiens. (Though you could make the argument that every Cup has been won by a Canadian team, since nearly half the players in the league are from Canada.) 

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1 hour ago, Pariah said:

Sadly, this means that the longest Canadian drought will be extended for another year. 


What's sad about it?  
Turn out the lights....

The party's over...

They say that all good things must end......


It's the Law of Conservation of Championships.  They had WAY MORE than their share.  The bill became due, and they haven't paid in full yet.


(It is kinda freaky tho, especially given hockey's unpredictable nature.)


15 minutes ago, Cancer said:

A pity the Kraken lost game 7 against Dallas.  As a franchise they are new, but Seattle does have a hockey history: the Seattle Metropolitans won the Stanley Cup in 1917.


Did you keep your ticket stub from the game?


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The NHL's days in Arizona may be numbered.


Coyotes’ arena denied by voters, future in Arizona looks bleak


As an aside, there's an Olympic ice hockey arena in the Salt Lake valley that seats just over 10,000. That's pretty small for the NHL, but it's about twice the capacity of the college arena where the Yotes are playing now. And there's an ownership group in place that's looking to build new venues to bring the NHL and/or MLB to SLC. 



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I don't live in the Phoenix area, so I have no reason to feel any pain if they move.  I suspect residents are generally taking a more jaundiced eye, tho, WRT any such agreements.  There's a growing perception that...no matter how good the agreement might look like, the overwhelming benefit is to the team, and the risk is on the taxpayers.


Another angle is if sports has become oversaturated and overpriced...and hockey in a fringe market would tend to be a place where we see it.  There's a plausible connection between the Broncos selling for, what, $4.5B, and the Commanders for $6B...and fan pushback, across ALL sports.  Even in hockey...the median total cap is $73M.  Obviously, this doesn't hold a candle to the NFL, NBA, or MLB...but it's still a LOT of money, and means even hockey salaries are something almost none of us can aspire to.  Now toss in the Chargers abandoning their base.  The Raiders moving 3 times in 40 years...that might sound like it's infrequent, but with these mega-stadium deals, the liabilities related to them extend out decades. 


Or perhaps another way to put things....the perception that there is no such thing as loyalty in sports.  There's far too many cases of this.  Players have no loyalty to teams.  Teams have shown they have no cities.  It's all about chasing the megabuck, and there's only one way to do this...exploit the fans.  Directly or indirectly...exploit the fans.  So why should fans have loyalty to the teams?  Why should non-fans support them, because they're going to be paying for it too?


Tampa:  everyone hates the Trop, every day, in every way.  But they can't get an agreement to fund a new place.

Oakland:  Same. 

Vegas:  we'll see whether they'll support the new stadium for the Raiders or not.  That said:  I believe they've pushed hard enough to force the team to reduce taxpayer costs.

DC:  ehhh, this is arguably more complex, as it's harder to say whether it's a reluctance among the fans, or Snyder demanding too much, or...aother plausible argument is, WHERE?  And at what cost?  That entire area, DC and the bedroom cities, is pretty darn saturated.


So Phoenix isn't that surprising.  There's also little doubt in my mind that hockey's likely a very distant fourth, FAR behind the Cards, Suns and D'backs.  And, whether the metro area is really capable of supporting 4 teams.

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