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January 2023 Superdraft: The Five Bad Band


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OK, our base roster is complete for Many Dragons, One Atomic Bomb.


Clearly the story here is that a Chinese group ... it's unclear whether it's a fragmentary government group, a criminal gang, or something of a blend of those ... has managed to get word about the Manhattan Project and decided that they want the explosive device.  How do they plan to use it if they get it?  No hint of that yet.  The Chinese hate the Japanese, but they also have reasons to hate the West as well.  Who knows; perhaps their sights are set even closer to home.  (Maybe they want to nip the budding Communist organization in the bud, and nuking Mao and his followers is a plausible way to go about that.)  At this point all that is established is that they're going to Alamogordo and they're gonna get married they're gonna steal the A-bomb.


But they are going to need help, because they don't know the American desert southwest.  Local area knowledge counts for something, and they need to enlist the aid of someone who (1) knows the area but (2) doesn't give a fig for the US government or US in general, even after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.  Who might that be?


A desert dweller ... who only cares about short-term rewards ... like, a chicken dinner today ... hmm, chicken?  or any poultry? ... Hmm ...





We draft, in Option Position 1, as local guide for the Bad Guys ....   Wile E. Coyote!

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Many Dragons, One Atomic Bomb drafts some help for the good guys with Option #2. 


This is a goofy assignment.  The two lead agents were selected for their ethnicity; attempts were made to infiltrate Fu Manchu's organization, and that took genuine Chinese-origin people, and the personal combat credentials of Lee and Yu are impeccable.  But the Bad Guys are multi-dimensional, and the asset the Good Guys are trying to protect is ... mysterious and unknown. 


So, augmenting their team are a collection of automatons, some of which have properties and abilities which could be uniquely useful around a highly radioactive and unprecedentedly destructive weapon.


Option #2, on the good guy side, we draft the original Silver Age Metal Men from the DC comic book canon.

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If you've been keeping up, then today should fill your last draft slot. If not, well, when that time comes, you can wrap it up this evening.


I will (try to) post an update tomorrow sometime, with a poll to follow Monday-ish.


Great work, everybody! 

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Okay, playing catch up first. 


Option 1: The MacGuffin, the doomsday device, the object de power, the reason this mass of minds has assembled ...

The Brain of Professor X!




Option 2: The Wildcard... you can't assemble geniuses, good or evil, without someone's ego getting hurt. Crashing the convention is the Earth's greatest genius from 65 million years ago, the insane Dr. Dinosaur!




Tonight will be option 3, the real mastermind behind all of this!




Player: Logan D. Hurricanes
Title: The Brain Trust
Location: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
The Heist: A Kidnapping! (of one or more nerds)
The Big Bad: The Riddler
The Dragon: Syndrome 
The Evil Genius: The Leader
The Brute: The Maestro (Bruce Banner)
The Dark Chick: Dr. Harleen Quinzel 
The Hapless Hero: Mr. Terrific 
The Hero's Sidekick: Moon Girl 
Option 1: The MacGuffin - Professor Charles Xavier's BRAIN! 
Option 2: The Wildcard - Dr. Dinosaur
Option 3: 

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The Brain Trust's final option pick, the real mastermind behind this whole affair, Amanda Waller! 

Convinced that the self-appointed super brains of the super world intend to take over by forming their own Illuminati*, she is determined to counter with a pre-emptive strike! 




*She's not wrong.

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Been behind... need three options.

Option #1:  Sam Wilson

I drew Sam Wilson, Captain America! Who would you like to see Sam team up  with in his upcoming rumoured Captain America 4 film? : r/marvelstudios


Option #2: The National Force



Option #3:   The Aryan Brigade




Player: Psybolt
Title:  The Race Card
Location: Paris, Texas
The Heist: The destruction of public buildings and local monuments
The Big Bad:  Killmonger
The Dragon:  Black Manta
The Evil Genius: Deadly Nightshade
The Brute:  Rage
The Dark Chick: Voodoo
The Hapless Hero:  White Dragon
The Hero's Sidekick:  Peacemaker
Option:   Sam Wilson
Option:   The National Force
Option: The Aryan Brigade

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Full roster:


Title: Civic War

Tagline: To protect it, they had to heist it.

Location: Washington DC

Heist: To heist the White House

Big Bad: Steve Rogers, Nomad

Dragon: Scott Lang, Ant-Man
Evil Genius: Clint Barton, Hawkeye
The Brute, Solomon Grundy

The Dark Chick, Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch

The Hapless Hero: Tony Stark, Iron Man

Hero’s Sidekick: Peter Parker, Spider-Man 

Option: Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver

Option: Wildcard: General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross as himself

Option: Opening narration: "In 2016, a crack Avengers unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Washington DC underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as Avengers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... the eX-Avengers-Team."

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All I need is my mastermind. I am picking Mr. Wolf from the Bad Guys as the big evil putting his team together to steal the Pink Panther before the Cat's Eye team and the Phantom, and overcome the Black Panther and the White Tiger running security and experiments on the gem at the University of Tokyo. But can even Mr. Wolf's genius and organizational skills take in account the presence of the world's greatest detective, Inspector Clouseau?


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Okay, I still need an Option, a Heist, and a Title. Here they are.


Option: The Scepter (as wielded by Loki, among others), the original receptacle for the Mind Stone 


The Heist: To assassinate Agatha Harkness


Title: Die, Witch!


And with that, almost all rosters are complete. I'm still looking for a title from Death Tribble and csyphrett. I should be able to get the poll posted tomorrow, heaven willing.

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My Synopsis is this


Carmen Sandiego assembles a team to steal paintings from the Louvre which are not the Mona Lisa. They have a jammer to delay police response and a way of keeping the paintings floating. Jubilee is working as one of the thieves. If need be Juggernaut can make a hole for the team to escape. Egg Fu is keeping an eye on the tech and making other things to help the robbery. Carmen is trying to avoid bloodshed.

Nightwing and Beast Boy are in Paris looking into the activities of the villainous Wildebeest and Brother Blood when they become aware that Catwoman et al are up to something.

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On 1/21/2023 at 5:24 AM, Pariah said:

If you've been keeping up, then today should fill your last draft slot. If not, well, when that time comes, you can wrap it up this evening.


I will (try to) post an update tomorrow sometime, with a poll to follow Monday-ish.


Great work, everybody! 

Is there still going to be a poll? 

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