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January 2023 Superdraft: The Five Bad Band


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"I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me."


Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone. We've spent the last few weeks being nice, in the interest of peace on Earth and good will toward mankind.


Now it's time to be naughty.


For this month's Superdraft, we'll be choosing a team of villains. This will be a dark reflection of the Five Man Band trope (details below). All character picks are exclusive, and all the usual rules for drafting characters will apply. You will make a total of 12 picks in this draft:


Location: This is the physical setting for the story. This is the mandatory first pick. Locations are not exclusive.


The Heist: This is the villains' objective, be it a robbery or otherwise. It may be as generic or as specific as you wish. Heists are not exclusive, but they should be interesting and/or unusual.


The Big Bad: This is the villainous leader—the one with the plan, the one giving the orders. Fail him (or her) at your peril!


The Dragon: This is the Big Bad's chief executive, lieutenant, or second in command. The Big Bad sees the big picture; The Dragon gets sh*t done. The Dragon may be an even more formidable combatant than their boss.


The Evil Genius: This is the character with the scientific and/or technical know-how to implement the plan. They may be a capable fighter, but that's not their main function on the team.


The Brute: Hired muscle, generally. The Brute may not (or may, in fact) be very bright, but they're really good at breaking things.


The Dark Chick: Femme Fatale, Ninja, Telepath ... this character is less frequently a front-line combatant and more often an expert in distraction, sabotage, or subterfuge.


The Hapless Hero: Someone is invariably going to try to stop this heist. Who is this poor schmuck, and why are they involved?


The Hero's Sidekick: Of course, the Hero wouldn't wade into this without backup. This character is usually less powerful, less experienced, or otherwise less capable than the Hero. 


Three Options: Use as you see fit: additional villains or heroes, support personnel, MacGuffins, theme music, whatever. Options are exclusive, unless there's a compelling reason for them not to be.


This Superdraft will begin on Monday, January 9th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. (Ask Siri what time that is where you live if necessary.) We will draft one pick every day, including the weekend, until Friday, January 20th. Location is the first pick; all other picks may be made in any order. A poll will be posted on or around Monday, January 23rd and will close at midnight in Saturday, January 28th.


Any questions? Let's hear 'em now, before things get hinky.

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Player: Bazza
Title: Civic War
Location: Washington, DC
The Heist: To heist the White House
The Big Bad: Steve Rogers as Nomad
The Dragon: Scott Lang as Ant-Man
The Evil Genius: Clint Barton as Hawkeye
The Brute: Solomon Grundy as himself
The Dark Chick: Wanda Maximoff as The Scarlet Witch
The Hapless Hero: Tony Stark as Iron Man
The Hero's Sidekick: Peter Parker as Spider-Man
Option: Pietro Maximoff as Quicksilver
Option: Genreal Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross as himself
Option: Opening narration: "In 2016, a crack Avengers unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Washington DC underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as Avengers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... the eX-Avengers-Team."


Player: Cancer
Title: Many Dragons, One Atomic Bomb
Location: USAAF Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range, Summer 1945
The Heist: To steal the Gadget -- the prototype implosion-type A-bomb -- before the actual Trinity test
The Big Bad: Fu Manchu
The Dragon: Wo Fat
The Evil Genius: Dr. Julius No (James Bond series) 
The Brute: Oddjob (James Bond series)
The Dark Chick: Dragon Lady (Terry and the Pirates)
The Hapless Hero: Lee (Enter the Dragon)
The Hero's Sidekick: Yu Shu Lien (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
Option: Wile E. Coyote (local guide for villains)
Option: the Metal Men (DC canon, good guy allies)
Option: Theme music: Windshear from Ronnie Montrose's "The Speed of Sound"


Player: csyphrett
Title: Battle For The Punk Panther
Location: Tokyo
The Heist: Theft of the Pink Panther on loan to Tokyo
The Big Bad: T.H.E. Cat
The Dragon: Cat Man (DC)
The Evil Genius: Mr. Wolf (The Bad Guys)
The Brute: Nuku Nuku
The Dark Chick: Katnappe 
The Hapless Hero: T'Challa
The Hero's Sidekick: White Tiger II
Option: Cat's Eye burglar team
Option: Inspector Clouseau 
Option: Charles Lytton (a/k/a/ The Phantom)


Player: Death Tribble
Title: I Love Paris When I'm Thieving 
Location: Paris, France
The Heist: To steal other paintings from the Louvre which are in the same room as the Mona Lisa
The Big Bad: Carmen Sandiego
The Dragon: Catwoman
The Evil Genius: Egg Fu
The Brute: Juggernaut
The Dark Chick: Sage
The Hapless Hero: Nightwing
The Hero's Sidekick: Beast Boy
Option: A jamming device (like in The Italian Job)
Option: Sky Pirates 2's ultrasonic generator to make things float 
Option: Jubilee


Player: Logan D. Hurricanes
Title: The Brain Trust
Location: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
The Heist: A Kidnapping! (of one or more nerds)
The Big Bad: The Riddler
The Dragon: Syndrome 
The Evil Genius: The Leader
The Brute: The Maestro (Bruce Banner)
The Dark Chick: Dr. Harleen Quinzel 
The Hapless Hero: Mr. Terrific 
The Hero's Sidekick: Moon Girl
Option: The brain of Professor X
Option: Dr. Dinosaur
Option: Amanda Waller


Player: Old Man
Title: Beauty and the Beasts, or The Hunchback of Castle Grayskull 
Location: Castle Grayskull
The Heist: 
The Big Bad: Doctor Doom
The Dragon: Red Skull
The Evil Genius: Two-Face
The Brute: Mr. Hyde (TLoEG)
The Dark Chick: Mystique 
The Hapless Hero: Yennefer of Vengerberg
The Hero's Sidekick: Fa Mulan
Option: The Magic Mirror
Option: Cyrano de Bergerac
Option: PT Barnum's Circus Freaks (The Greatest Showman)


Player: Pariah

Title: Die, Witch!

Location: New York City

The Heist: The Assassination of Agatha Harkness
The Big Bad: Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, etc.)
The Dragon: Yelena Belova (Black Widow, Hawkeye)
The Evil Genius: Melina Vostokoff (Black Widow)
The Brute: Titania (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)
The Dark Chick: Sharon Carter (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

The Hapless Hero: Peggy Carter (What If...?)
The Hero's Sidekick: Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

Option: Agatha Harkness (WandaVision)

Option: A Wakandan vibraniaum spear

Option: The Scepter (containing the Mind Stone)


Player: Psybolt
Title: The Race Card
Location: Paris, Texas
The Heist: The destruction of public buildings and local monuments
The Big Bad: Killmonger
The Dragon: Black Manta
The Evil Genius: Deadly Nightshade
The Brute: Rage
The Dark Chick: Voodoo
The Hapless Hero: The White Dragon
The Hero's Sidekick: Peacemaker
Option: Sam Wilson (a/k/a Falcon/Captain America)
Option: The National Force
Option: The Aryan Brigade


The Heist: 
The Big Bad: 
The Dragon: 
The Evil Genius: 
The Brute: 
The Dark Chick: 
The Hapless Hero: 
The Hero's Sidekick: 

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2 hours ago, death tribble said:

I understand that Marvel did this thing called Axis or something like that where the villains became heroes and the heroes became villains. So could we draft the heroes as villains from that ?

Or could we draft established villains that are analogues of the heroes like Crime Syndicate ?


Good question. The key to this whole enterprise is The Heist. Your characters are doing something illegal, immoral, or frowned upon by society in general. Where you draw those characters from is up to you.

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2:00 PM PST here == 5:00 PM EST, here we go.


Location: USAAF Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range, Summer 1945.  (This site is now included in White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.)


The Heist: To steal the Gadget -- the prototype implosion-type A-bomb -- before the actual Trinity test.

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4 hours ago, csyphrett said:

The heist is the theft of the Pink Panther on loan to Tokyo



4 hours ago, death tribble said:

When you say Pink Panther do you mean the gem, the cartoon character or something else ?

I'm pretty sure the jewel is what he meant, but let me also point out the obvious secondary answer, which is Blake Edward's 1964 farce -- perhaps one of the most perfect of film comedies, at least of the 1960's. 

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