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2023-24 NFL season


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Colts DB Isaiah Rodgers being investigated for gambling.  


Including bets on Colts games, according to reports.  If this is the case?  Career over.  Started 9 games last year, his 3rd in the league.  Mostly not a big factor, looking at his stats, so if you don't specifically follow Indy, it's probably not surprising if you haven't heard about him.


And if this holds up at all, you won't have another chance.  This isn't like the technical violations.  In the last day or two, there was a mention of a story about this in The Athletic's newsletter, which I get...but I don't subscribe to the full mag.  So, not sure what it was about, but it's interesting that this pops up at basically the same time.  


As we said earlier:  DUH!!!!  All the major sports have become full scale partners in everything but name.  Can't believe this'll be the last major case, even this season.

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Fun question: Which of the NFL's eight current divisions has won the most total Super Bowls?



Hint: It's the only division where each of the four teams has won at least once.



The NFC East, with 13: Dallas with 5, NYG with 4, Washington with 3, and Philadelphia with 1.



Follow-up question: Which division has won the fewest Super Bowls?


Hint: Three of the four teams in this division have never won the Super Bowl, and two of them have never even been to one.



The AFC South with 2, both by the Colts.



So there we are.

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On 5/23/2023 at 3:58 PM, Pariah said:

I don't understand this. At all.


Broncos release veteran kicker Brandon McManus after nine seasons


McManus is the last link to the team that won Super Bowl 50. He's been one of the most reliable kickers in the league for several years. Yes, his numbers were down a bit in 2022, especially on kicks of 50+ yards. Hmm, anyone remember his first such attempt last season? (Hint: It was at the end of Game 1 on Monday night, when the world learned that idiot former coach Nathaniel "Can't" Hackett had no clue how to manage the last two minutes of a ball game.) How many unnecessary 50+ yard kicks did McManus have to try in order to cover for the Hackett/Wilson offensive debacle?


On 5/23/2023 at 5:02 PM, Logan D. Hurricanes said:

We'll take him! 


And we got him! 


New Jaguars kicker Brandon McManus eager to get back to the playoffs


everythings coming up milhouse GIF

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Wow.  Talk about having no career expectancy...


Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be running backs...


From ESPN:


The Minnesota Vikings have informed running back Dalvin Cook that they are releasing him, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Thursday.


The move ends Cook's six-year tenure in Minnesota after the Vikings failed to find a trade partner for the running back.


Cook, who turns 28 in August, was set to take up $14.1 million in cap space for 2023 and was due to earn $11 million if he spent the season with the Vikings. Those were big numbers for an aging running back who surpassed 1,500 touches in his career last season.


So they're saying on the downhill side of his career at 28 and after only 6 seasons?  Wow.  Basically the same move the Cowboys made, releasing Elliott after only 7 years...but Cook missed most of his rookie season.  Zeke has almost 2200 career touches, Cook a bit over 1500.  They're both the same age...birthdays are only a couple weeks apart.


They'll probably both latch on with other teams, altho what they'll get offered remains to be seen.  And yet, only 3 got drafted before the 3rd round, and I count only 18 total, with half of them in rounds 5-7.  Odds of making the team aren't that good.

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