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2023-24 NFL season


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3 minutes ago, Pariah said:


Maybe he'll get drafted by a team that is stable enough to let him watch & learn for a year or three. Kinda like Aaron Rodgers all those years ago.


OMG, I just realized he's going to drop down to the Cowboys.


And start dipping his nachos in his coffee....

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5 minutes ago, Logan D. Hurricanes said:

Hmm, 6'5" OT I've never heard of. Ok, that's... good?


No. No, it's not.


Jaguars left tackle Cam Robinson is facing a multigame suspension for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing drug policy. sources told ESPN today, and he had the sixth-worst pass block win rate for an offensive tackle last year. Right tackle Jawaan Taylor left in free agency. Harrison is versatile enough to step into the left tackle spot until Robinson returns to the lineup and then push Walker Little for the starting right tackle job. -- Muench

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2 minutes ago, archer said:


OMG, I hope the Cowboys never win....


That goes without saying.

2 minutes ago, Pariah said:

And the Chiefs close the night by drafting a guy out of Kansas State, and the crowd goes nuts.


The Chiefs are in Missouri, tho.  Yeah, someone really needs to tell the city to change its name, it's confusing.


HOWEVER, the kid apparently is a native of KC, MO, so...ok.  Even the end of the first round is still, IIRC, fully guaranteed, and quite good, money.

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4 minutes ago, unclevlad said:


That goes without saying.



You've never sat in the Wal-Mart parking lot across the street from the Cowboys' stadium on game day for six hours waiting for your daughter to get off work because they start blocking traffic into the area around the stadium once the game starts. (And that's after close to an hour in traffic getting to the store parking lot.)


No, it doesn't go without saying. :D 


I don't know how people who live in that residential area (which starts a block away from the stadium) deal with it.

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The dust has finally settled. I got confused last night, but here's the upshot. 


The Jacksonville Jaguars traded their No. 24 overall pick to the New York Giants for the Nos. 25, 160 and 240. They then traded the No. 25 overall pick to the Buffalo Bills for the No. 27 and No. 130. And with the No. 27 pick, the Jaguars selected OT Anton Harrison from Oklahoma. They will pick 11 more times on Day 2. 


That sounds pretty good, especially with a much-needed OT selection. (It wasn't much needed until Cam got a suspension for PED use, but I digress.) Day 2 should be very exciting. 


In other news, Levis didn't get picked! That was not predicted. 

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12 hours ago, unclevlad said:

On the Cards...I'm not following things closely at all;  I don't have it on TV.  I'd rather wait til the end of the round and have the time to look things over....


Starlord:  I refuse to ignore the character concerns, because they've proven to be overriding too often.  "The best ability is availability" isn't a proper characterization, IMO, but it's true that if you take yourself off the field, it doesn't matter how good you are.


Article about the Jackson contract...



It can go either way - there have been 'character-concern' guys who then busted, but there have also been examples like Warren Sapp and Laremy Tunsil.  Both became dominant players.

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On 4/22/2023 at 8:43 PM, unclevlad said:

Oh my.  I didn't see this before.




2 were technical.  The league rules say NO betting from any NFL-affiliated facility, including practice facilities.  The other 3...for the entire season...were betting on NFL games, per NYT.  


Blowing basically any control off sports betting has opened the doors, and there are going to be downsides.  How much this will be, kinda remains to be seen.  It's not clear it's a real institutional problem.  YET.  But the potential for something Really Ugly is there.

Funny, I remember in the old Colloseum days the Lions were always the safe bet.


The NFL practically owes its existence to organized gambling which they dared not acknowledge while it was a.) illegal, and b.) controlled by organized crime. They attempted to half-heartedly keep the players away from it because in those days it was impossible for any athlete to play with two broken kneecaps.


There is no bottle. The Genie was always there. Only now he dresses like a respectable businessman and not like a gangster.

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On 4/27/2023 at 9:56 PM, unclevlad said:

The Chiefs are in Missouri, tho.  Yeah, someone really needs to tell the city to change its name, it's confusing.


Only half of the city is in Missouri, though. The other half is in, you guessed it, Kansas.

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