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2023-24 NFL season


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5 hours ago, Starlord said:


Luxury Watch Veteran Upends Market With Pre-Owned Timepieces


He said WRIST watch.  You'd need to be Gargantuan, possibly Colossal to wear that.  And need the STR...the case is 18k gold, so it'd be HEAVY!

(Yeah, it's one of those "if you need to ask the price, you can't afford it" watches.)

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Well, the NFL owners have shown yet again that their home town fans mean nothing to them.


TNF games in weeks 13-17 can now be flexed.  The flex has to be announced 4 weeks in advance...but it's still quite disruptive to the fans of the 4 teams involved.  By definition, too, they want to avoid the dog games like Rams-Raiders last year (week 14).  BUT, that means they'll be putting in a playoff-significant game, late in the season, into the crapshoot that is TNF.  That might've happened just based on the schedule, but now.....



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Complex, convoluted, potentially limited...yeah.  SOME of those rules are clearly tied to the interests of Fox and CBS that want to keep most of those marquee games;  they're the ones who support the league the most, with showing 13 games most weeks between them.  I saw those rules, but they made my brain hurt.  I'd strongly advise only trying to read them with a double shot of your favorite libation on hand...but I can't do that just yet.  Need to take the after-dinner blood sugar here in a bit;  booze can mess around with the numbers.  AFTER that?  Well...who knows.  It could happen................

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A fun little opinion piece: Marc Bertrand: Top 11 NFL uniforms from the ’90s that should make a comeback


I'm on board with most of these, even the Patriots jerseys with the way-too-large Flying Elvis logo on the sleeves. But the Eagles need to go back to the 70s, when they had way too many stripes. 



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I don't understand this. At all.


Broncos release veteran kicker Brandon McManus after nine seasons


McManus is the last link to the team that won Super Bowl 50. He's been one of the most reliable kickers in the league for several years. Yes, his numbers were down a bit in 2022, especially on kicks of 50+ yards. Hmm, anyone remember his first such attempt last season? (Hint: It was at the end of Game 1 on Monday night, when the world learned that idiot former coach Nathaniel "Can't" Hackett had no clue how to manage the last two minutes of a ball game.) How many unnecessary 50+ yard kicks did McManus have to try in order to cover for the Hackett/Wilson offensive debacle?


And it's not like the Broncos have another kicker on the roster. I guess Paton & Co. think reliable kickers grow on trees. 

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McManus was one of the higher-paid kickers, but his stats last year weren't up to the salary.




That should be coming up by FG%, in descending order.  There are 8 with < 20 FGAs.  Take those out, for inadequate sample size...but that still puts him 27th.


And look at the overall accuracy numbers...which isn't the be-all, end-all, as kickoff effectiveness is also important, but still, it's a big one.  He was far below average.  9 kickers with 20+ attempts were over 90%.  Another 14 were at 83.3% (5 out of 6) or better, but under 90%.  So 24 kickers can hit 5 out of 6?

Yeah, pretty much, accurate kickers grow on trees.


Some of this may be that distance kicking is going out of style.  4th and 3 at your opp's 40?  In most cases, I suspect, teams will go for the first down.  McManus' greatest virtue was range.  


Also note that virtually no kickers were drafted, so you can invite several to mini-camps, tryouts, or even non-roster full training camp.  


Is some of this related to Wilson's contract?  Could well be, but overall value just doesn't look very good.

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Only caught part of this yesterday, and largely forgot about it til now.


Rule change for the upcoming season.  From NFL.com:



NFL owners voted on Tuesday to approve a resolution that allows players to fair catch on kickoffs with the resulting possession beginning at the team's own 25-yard line.


The new rule specifies that the fair catch off a free kick (safety or kickoff) must occur behind the team's 25-yard line in order for the ball to be placed at the 25.


The argument is player safety.  


They really, really want to eliminate the kickoff return.  I think they'd like to get rid of it altogether...but that would make a surprise onside kick impossible.  That said:  I can readily see teams keeping 9 players up within 10 yards of the onside kick line, with 2 back to simply fair catch.


This also may be another, possibly secondary, factor in moving away from McManus...who had a big leg, but for this season (it's a rule for just this season at this point) it may be that it doesn't matter.  I also think there'll be a self-reinforcement/feedback aspect to this.  If FCs are easy and not painful, then more teams may choose to practice them less, to leave time for situations that actually matter.

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Not that I actually mind if that particular club has its little travails...oh, did ya'll see that there might be problems with the bid to buy them?  Apparently there's quite a few limited partners, some overseas.  Vetting is apparently something of an issue.


But the reason why they couldn't get the trademark is that some *BLEEP* jumped them.



“Commanders’ Classic” is used to refer to the annual game between the Army and Air Force academies. Martin McCaulay, is the DC area individual who has pending patents for “Washington Space Commanders” and “Washington Wolf Commanders.” Both were done to try to snatch up potential names before the organization, and then bank a big financial return when they came calling to buy the right.


Haven't heard of this for a while.  I still remember way back in the day...someone bought the domain registration for abc.com...and got a nice, hefty check from ABC for the name.  Cheap, cheesy, and a clear abuse of the system...but legal.


Speaking of legal, or at least legalities...



I seriously doubt this case has any merits.  Even if I'm wrong on that, even if they win and can get the drafts returned, assuming they ever delivered them (and there are no serious legal issues, like ties to banned organizations or possible money laundering)...the suit's asking for a totally absurd amount in punitive damages.  That alone is enough to convince me it's a spite move or temper tantrum.  Could be wrong;  it could be that there were expenses related to putting together those assets, and the hope is to squeeze BofA to recoup them.  But mostly, my money's on temper tantrum.

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1 hour ago, Starlord said:

Sounds like he makes too much friggin' money....


That can be said for at least 1/3 of the players in the league.


This is pretty scary, to see how many make, say, $10M+, or even a paltry $3M+, a year.  Oh, and of note?  Hopkins IS NOT even on this list because he got released.



With Hopkins, yeah, he made too much, but it's also the dubiousness of long-term guarantees and the incomprehensible, labyrinthine machinations on how the money is structured for cap purposes. $7M of dead cap is listed as a restructuring bonus.  What exactly that means is beyond the comprehension of any non-agent.


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