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That's actually probably a pretty big deal for him.



He's signing for league min?  That's, what, $400K?  And it means he's a lot more likely to actually stick.  I doubt any of us really thought about it...but...well, we know the tenuous nature of assistant coaches' jobs.  But here, think of those guys on practice squads...barely hanging on, not at all sure if they'll have the spot the next season.  Pay's pretty good *if you can get that spot*...but if no team's vested in having you, man...that'd be nerve-racking.

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Sound and fury, signifying nothing. But more entertaining to think about than the $24M the team will be over the salary cap next year.


Rumors swirl about Broncos' new uniforms




Not bad. I'd prefer blue helmets, as there's already a team in the division with white helmets (and they suck). I presume they'd pair this jersey with white pants.


I have ~0% confidence that this is what the team will ultimately unveil, but it's an interesting look. 

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Yeah, the axe is getting used liberally today.


Vrabel out in Tennessee.  "What have you done for me lately, huh?"  


Chicago pretty much fired their entire offensive coaching staff.  Translation, to me...sticking with Fields.  Raises the odds they'll trade out of the #1 slot, aim for, say, 3 picks in the top 40?  You can do quite a bit of rebuilding that way, if you draft to need.


So that's 7 HC positions getting turned over.  So far.  Belichick, Saleh perhaps, and maybe Dennis Smith.  Why?  Because the players overruled his kneel-down...they still knelt, but then smacked the ball in.  That was Winston's call, but the players are backing him up too.  Generally, it's gotten a major thumb down...The Athletic had it 3-1 that it was a bad move this morning...but NO fans are much more approving.  Could really be...more or less nothing, too.  But it's great fodder for the rumor mill........

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If you're gonna hire Bill, you absolutely cannot give him GM responsibilities.  Let him coach and dont let him near the draft or personnel issues.


According to Peter King, from 2016 to 2020 no 1st, 2nd or 3rd round draft pick signed a second contract with the Patriots.

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I expect he'll get hired somewhere, if he wants to continue coaching...but I wouldn't want him.  At this point, it's a short term fix, at best...how long is he going to continue?  Transitions are never assured to work, and I'd rather deal with one, than one now and one in 2-3 years.

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