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Fantasy Hero or Fantasy Hero Complete?


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I have a small group of players who have voiced a willingness to try it out.  I played older Champions and the original Fantasy Hero back in the late 80's or early 90's, the players have never used Hero System.  So which would you recommend for us? FH or FHC? 

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If you're thinking of using the latest edition, Fantasy Hero Complete is your pony. The current Fantasy Hero still needs the rule books, which can be difficult and pricey to find. FHC is a one and done book that includes rules and genre info. 

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I recommend Fantasy Hero Complete, because it has all the rules you need without the vast amount of examples, background, campaign concepts, etc that the full FH gives you.  If you need ideas and tips on how to run a fantasy game as well as a huge amount of thoughts on fantasy, gaming in a setting, the kinds of fantasy  games there are, creatures, spells, magic items, etc, Fantasy Hero works.

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Another vote for FHC here, but I have to say that I vote that way specifically because you said this:



21 hours ago, magnon said:

 I have 5e hardcover 


And because you have played 4e FH.


You have everything you need for setting detail, building wrapons, races, equipment, etc.


FHC gives you a solid distillation of the current rules and just enough genre trappings to make what you already have one-hundred percent useful with the latest rules.



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