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Another one. I see her as the type of Brick that the hero won't realize is a Brick until she's landed a solid punch in the 60-75 STR range. (Chuckle)




She's got the whole "gymnist with a bad attitude" thing going on...

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Hey, I found another one of my old characters! Her name is Paradox and I based her off of a miniature (I wish I had a way to show you guys my miniatures... one day I'm going to get a digital camera!)



This is strictly feltpen:



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Re: Nice stuff


Originally posted by Magmarock

Nice stuff, Kaeto!


Aquarius reminds me of a Pini elf (ElfQuest). I like!


Is your Phoenix the Jean Gray/X-Men Phoenix?


I think I like your Harlequin pic the best, though! Great costume!



I use Wendy Pini's elves sometimes as models for the heads.


No she isn't Just a person with a firebird motif.



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I love ElfQuest


And for a long time every person I drew looked like a Pini elf. LOL. When I started drawing superheroes, I had to break all my habits for proportions and such. It was really hard for me, too!


Wow, I really like Firewind! Very nice. ;)

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Here is a side by side of two earlier incarnations of Psy-Kit.

Both painted right on the PC sheets (over templates) using acrylics.





She started out as a mutant cat with latent psionic abilities (might've made a great familiar for some witch) but was mutated into humanoid form by the evil Dr. MyuTa'Chu (the first of many such experiments along the lines of his collegue, Dr. Moreau).


When I first played her in a game in 1990, she was about 3' tall. Over the years as I spent her experience points, she has become more and more human and a more powerful mentalist as a result. Earlier in this thread I posted a pic of a PC called Enigma... who is the final result of Psy-Kit's mutation.


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Thanks for the info...poking around a bit I have found that the "live" version linked to on the associated site is evidently still v1, since it has the Brick template & a couple of others as well.


I, too, wondered about the decision to do dwarves next; I simply have no clue about it. Are dwarves REALLY so popular with this crowd that their voices drowned out all others? :rolleyes:


Originally posted by Starlord

As Magmarock alluded to, the 'brick' pose is from HeroMachine 1. HeroMachine 2 is far superior with many more items to add, as well as superior color/shading. However, HeroMachine 1 has 4-5 more 'poses/forms'. I like to make my 'brick's with HeroMachine 1.


Unfortunately, work on HeroMachine 2 is going VERY slowly. I think he made a mistake working on 'dwarf' poses. I (and I'm sure, many others) would prefer more 'normal' poses and a brick template, instead he produced a male dwarf template and is now supposedly working on a female dwarf. :rolleyes: How much call is there for that I wonder?

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