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Longest Running Thread EVER

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Here it is, a bit after 8AM on the 19th of August, and the Sun is coming in slantwise through the east window into my subterranean ersatz work slum, lighting up the side of my face as I muse into the laptop.  I suppose I should hiss and start smoking (in the sense of emitting fumes as my integument burns, not in the sense of conventional consumption of a cigarette).

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I'm within a few years of retiring, and between the chaos of the world in general and the reflections that accompany planning for no-longer-in-gainful-employment, I'm forming some tentative opinions.


I think that in the US there are only a small number of kinds of people with regard to retirement, perhaps as few as three. 


One kind never retires because they have to work to support themselves until ... they no longer can.  Hope not to be in that bin. 


A second kind doesn't fully retire because they love at least a major part of what they do.  There's a bunch of those in academia.  They retire officially so that they no longer have to deal with an 8AM lecture section of XXX 101 with 300 whiny undergrads enrolled and a grand total of six of them actually care about the material; but they continue to do research, publish the odd paper, read their discipline's journals, come to campus for the interesting seminars, and so on. 


The third kind, which I think are by far the most numerous among genuine retirees, largely go back to doing whatever it was they did during the summers of their high school years (and college years, assuming they didn't hold a job during those summers for whatever reason), or perhaps what one wanted to do in those late-school-age summers.  Obviously that's glossing over lots of social and technological changes, but I think those changes are simply background stuff and one subconsciously suppresses awareness of those differences, just like you suppress the knowledge that physically you just can't do the same things at age 65 that you could do at age 15. 

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"bombastic idiot" <--> diatomic bob sot <--> A disco bimbo tit <--> Basic Obit: To Dim <--> I, Combat Ibis Dot <--> I omit bobcat's id

"Surreal bloat" <--> arboreal lust <--> Roast Rubella <--> bull aerators <--> Aruba set roll <--> to balsa ruler

"covid bane" <--> bovine cad <--> van bodice <--> Bi coven ad <--> bacon dive <--> band voice

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My daughter has a pet corn snake, and every so often it sheds.  It's not huge, but it's a good 4 feet long now.


One of the shed skins got dropped into a box, one of a stack that we carted over to the house we've been trying to clear out.  When we came to the box with the snake shed, I just tossed the skin out into the bushes.


Three people came to the house while we were there, and every one of them commented on the shed snakeskin in tones that bordered on alarm.  (While we have snakes here, they are reclusive and quite small: garter snakes that get up to about 2 feet long, and rubber boas which are thicker but shorter.)  Clearly people who live around here view the prospect of a 4-foot snake with something bordering on dread.

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... and another quarter of a cubic yard of blackberry brambles have been hacked out of my yard.  (That's the limit of yard waste I can have carried away for free each week.)



9 hours ago, Pariah said:

Had a random guy on Facebook suggest today that I should study Physics.


Well, you know it's not me.  I'm not on FB.

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Grasp whatnot <--> warthog pants <--> gnash, part two <--> post-nag wrath

Slime demon <--> Ms Oiled Men <--> slimmed one <--> El Sin, modem

Scum and villainy <--> Calumny invalids <--> my uncivil sandal <--> Ill sync, vanadium <--> Lilac navy nudism

Rule the galaxy <--> Lather axle guy <--> Allergy axe hut <--> Ugly latex hare

Hyperspace <--> happy scree <--> cheap preys


... and later ...


Briefing of Goth <--> Bongo firefight

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