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Longest Running Thread EVER

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Seeing friends in February and will have to travel to see them by train. I have a number of new games (to the group) but which one(s) should I take ?

The choices are:-

Lords of Waterdeep (2-5 players)

Villainous (1-6 players)

Villainous (Marvel edition) (1-6 players)

Flamme Rouge (also expansion Peloton) (1-4 players with expansion 1-8)

Mountains of Madness (3-5 players)

7 Wonders (3-7 players)

7 Wonders Duel (2 players)

Aquatica (plus Cold Waters expansion) (1-4 players with expansion 1-5)

Azul (2-4 players)

Wingspan (plus the European and Oceania expansions) (1-5 players)

Horrified (1-5 players)

Additionally there are the games we have played before King of Tokyo and King of Tokyo (Dark edition) (2-6 players). Also Judge Dredd (upto 6 players), Ave Caeser (upto 6 players) and Pandemic(2-4 players) 


There could be upto 6 playing at any one time.

Now Duel is only for two so that one is out. I don't want to do Villainous Marvel until we have done Villainous.

Lords of Waterdeep maybe a non-started at present.

Have had a request to do Flamme Rouge.

Horrified should also work as we are all familiar with classic Universal monsters.

Mountains of Madness is Cthulhu based but is not like Arkham Horror or any Chaosium product.

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I would be sure to take 7 Wonders; it doesn't slow down with larger numbers of players, which is a big plus.


Of the rest, the only ones I've played is Lords of Waterdeep and it's OK but you already mention it as a non-starter, and Pandemic but that's limited to 4 players.


IF you had it I would heartily suggest Tales of the Arabian NIghts, but it is rare and expensive to get now (I own a copy).  It's good for up to 5 players, and it abuses the players so there is much laughter to be had from being Crippled AND Insane AND Scorned all at the same time, for example.




1 hour ago, L. Marcus said:

Not enough tweed.


as opposed to some places here in the US, where you would delete the second 't' from that comment.

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Remembered from long ago, in some ancient Fortran code.  Remember that in Fortran, comments start with a "C" in column 1.


(1)  Substantial block of increasingly complicated and incomprehensible code.  The one serious effort I made to understand it suggested it was doing bit-sequence manipulation, but I needed to know more about the CDC 6600's word structure to be sure of that.  About 6 lines below where one gets hopelessly lost trying to follow what it's doing, the line appears:



(2) Only comment in a routine that does some Fourier transform stuff; the comment is about a third of the way down the routine:


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Actually ... you pay attention to intended infinite loops without need for any comments.


The real annoyance came when porting code to a different machine and finding that it took 1024 steps to go from 4320 to 4330 in steps of 0.01.  Going from a 60-bit word to a 32-bit word sucks.

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Out of surgery, into recovery, she's very stable, but won't be awake for a few hours.  Surgery was more complex and took longer than original estimate because there was more cancer around the lower colon than was spotted in the CATscan, so they had to go open the lower abdomen and remove some of the colon. 


Key news is the simple declarative statement: "No visible cancer remaining."  There is nothing better than simple declarative statements.


She probably comes home Sunday.  Three more rounds of chemotherapy to come.

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