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  1. I have two characters that fit that origin although these are heroes not villains. Hydrofoil was an environmental activist (more of a practical joker than an eco-terrorist) who was interfering with a ship that was illegally dumping waste into the North Sea when she was forced overboard and fell into an area where the waste was leaking and turned her into an amphibian who could only stay out of water for six hours at a time and obtained water control powers. Finback was a teen-aged fisherman who fell overboard during a storm in an area where a Soviet era cargo ship carrying "strange materials" was rumoured to have been sunk gaining amphibian abilities as well being able to grow to the size of a finback whale.
  2. No Snake Men, but I do have psionic Pterosaur-like beings, an animal handler in control of two 40 ft. bi-pedal creatures, an intellegent ape-like being, and to top it all off, a group of upper crust British teenagers who manage to receive parahuman abilities the moment they crash into this underground world. All under the command of a man thought to be a fictional character in an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel.
  3. Captain Nemo and the Nautilus Nine are based at Pearl Harbour and they operate mostly in the Pacific. I've been putting together off and on a west coast setting based in Seattle (named Emerald City here) Both have the advantage of having access to nearby Navy facilities (Pearl Harbour and Bremerton)
  4. I have a character named Minstrel who has a sonic power that can only be used with various flutes as a focus. A basic flute allows for various sonic attacks, a piccalo does RKA's, and a fife emits hearing flashes.
  5. I'm avoiding Dracula for the time being although I have Lucy Westenra making life miserable for Mina Harker and the Scarlet Order. I have also played with the idea that a repentant Lucy would lead the team and Harker would be the pain in the neck (no pun intended).
  6. I opened a post earlier about a campaign involving a group of so-called "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" who've somehow arrived in the present day and are in charge of their own parahuman teams based on their various fields of expertise. They are Captain Nemo (the seas), Mina Harker (the occult), The Time Traveler (what else?), Robur (the skies), David Innes (the subterranian world), and Professor Cavor (space). What I would like to do at some point is to have the groups (or maybe just the LXG's and their team leaders) confront a master villain from their time period that is also alive and well in the 21st Century. The only one I have come up that could take on most of them in their elements is H. Rider Haggard's Ayesha aka She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed or just "She". The idea being that her immortality is wanning and the "Blue Flame" that is her source needs to be either restored or a new source needs to be found. Since she is in survival mode, so nothing is going to stop her which has the undivided attention of all the LXG's (although Cavor would be a stretch). What other classic steampunk villain from classic sci-fi and adventure literature would be bold enough and adaptible enough to take on our time displaced adventurers in the 21st century?
  7. My Universe consists of three connected but distinctive eras, The Pulp Era (the first arrivals of the so-called "Mystery Men" known as the American League), the Modern Era (centered around the Crusaders, The British Avengers, the Lost Ones, and the "LXG's"), and the 31st Century (centered around the Force of Nine and the Shadowers). All eras are connected to the city of Liberty Metropolis in one way or another.
  8. I have a group called the Majestick Twelve that is composed of parahumans and aliens working for the U.S. Air Force in protecting the world (when the Global Defense Initiative is asleep at the wheel) from alien threats. They are based at (where else ?) Area 51. I also have a hero named Card Sharp who runs a casino with a space theme to let the group blow off some steam from time to time. With all that atomic testing back in the day you should have no trouble coming up with mutated humans and animals that would keep your team busy. Perhaps a whole community near one of those sites. There is an annual electronics convention there. You could do an "Oceans 11" -style heist for valuable technology on display there.
  9. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! I apologise if I seem greedy on this but it made sense the longer I thought about it. Trent, Trevor, and Treena McKinney are the children of a submarine captain stationed at the U.S. Navy submarine base at Bremerton, Washington across Puget Sound from Seattle. Trent is a engineering student at The University of Washington in his third year. Trevor is training to be a deep diving expert and has been since graduating high school a year ago. And Treena is a sophamore at the local high school. Trent and his insanely rich schoolmate were testing three lightweight but durable "rescue suits" with new tech and abilities that resembled a poor man's powered armour when the kids father's submarine went missing in treacherous waters. Trent wanted to use one of the suits though his collegue objected due to the various bugs still in the suits. Trevor and Treena took the other suits much against Trent's wishes but he could not talk them out of it. They lost their mother some years back and they were not about to lose their father, too. Trent's friend stayed at the lab to supervise and gave them each codenames to to identify themeselves. The McKinney's chose their own. Trent became SEAHAWK, Trevor became MARINER, and Treena became SOUNDER, The kids managed to master the suits and their bugs and rescued their father and the other 134 men of his crew. the Captain asked the armoured trio who were and Trent tried to hide the fact that his rescurers were his own children and therefore avoid getting in trouble for endangering himself and his siblings. He concocted a story that they were a Navy test project called Trident Blue and this was the purpose of the programme. This drew Captain McKinney's attention away from his kids but put it squarely on finding out just what department initiated the "Trident Blue Project" if for anything to thank the people who rescued him and his men. For those out of the American sports loop; Seattle Seahawks (football), Seattle Mariners (baseball), and Seattle Sounders (soccer ( I absolutely, positively WILL NOT say or put F.C. at the end of their name)) I did three because not only do these teams share a nautical naming pattern but they share strikeingly similar color schemes.
  10. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! The Lion is a mystical brick who draws his strength from the strength and courage of the people of England. Next Team: The Micro 7 This group is an independent super security force which a has members from all backgrounds and worlds and bringing a wide range of skills, powers, and talents to bear on any job given them. The one thing they all have in common is that they are able to reduce their sizes anywhere from six inches tall to microscopic and beyond which gives them a huge advantage to infiltrate the most impregnable facilities around and following just about anyone and anything virtually undetected. Members:7 I came up with this idea recently after looking over a good number of my Champions characters and I noticed I had good sized number of "shrinkies" (to borrow a term from Dr. Shrinker) with a wide variety of powers.
  11. Re: Superhero Images Sorry I haven't responded in a while but I'm preparing events for GenCon. The skin color is right but is more of a midnight blue hue. Her hair is white as is her cape. Her outfit is black with silver braclets and shin guards and a old gold belt. From her sholders to her chest and along the sides of her legs is what's meant to look like Garnet crystal. The "Heart of the World" in the background is a lot better than what I had in mind which was more like large lava lamp-type effect against glacial ice. I see you haven't lost your touch.
  12. Re: Superhero Images [ATTACH]31804[/ATTACH] This is Angelshark. She is a member of Force Aquarius. She,along with Lamprey, were members of the Aquaficer's strike team called the Sharkmen when they were captured by Force Aquarius. Both joined up after an attempt to kill them by their former boss was thwarted by the supersub's personnel. Angelshark has the unusual ability to run on the ocean floor far faster than anyone can swim and can tunnel into it to evade capture or predators. She also possesses vast Ego powers which compliment her spy skills. Since she was in the employ of an enemy force, she is watched very closely by the crew.
  13. Re: Superhero Images [ATTACH]31767[/ATTACH] I'm Baaaaack! I have a new Computer with all the goodies and I am now filling my portfolio file with new heros to post on this thread. First up; THE COUNTESS. Countess is the Princes Mellora of the ice planet Krystaalan. The Force of Nine journeyed to her planet in hopes of joining the Allied Worlds League. When a kidnapping attempt was foiled by the Force, her father told her the location of the "Heart of the World", the planet's "Lifeforce",so she could gain its power to defend herself. Once bonded to the Heart, she became a powerful being and helped the Force foil a much bigger plot. She joined the Force after another adventure. She is essentially a checklist heroine.
  14. Re: Superhero Images Sorry I haven't replied earlier. I'm having computer issues again. Dreamwalker's short coat is light purple with a dark purple criss -cross pattern and white crystal diamond clasp. Her body suit is beige in the middle and burgandy down the sides. Her boots are midnight blue on the inside of her legs. Her gloves are burgandy with multi-coloured jewels on her forearms. Her hair is golden blonde.
  15. Re: Superhero Images Her bodysuit is maroon with black sleeves and beige shoulder rings. Her mask is black and ends where the jewelry begins on her chest. The jewelry is gold and white crystals. She wears beige leggings and black boots. Her cape is black on the outside and blood red on the inside. She has sandy blonde hair.
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