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  1. Heroes, I'm planning a Champions scenario for this Saturday (the 19th) and I need a bit of help with the plot. I'm using the Sonic Sqeezeplay plot idea from Villainy Amok. As per the plot, the villain's sonic device utilizes the city's infrastructure as resonance chambers to blanket the city in white noise. Where I'm stumped is how the heroes can determine where to seek out the villain and his device. The villain is blackmailing the city to keep the sonic device from being used (a million dollars a day into his Swiss bank account), so there is no drop off point for the money that the heroes can use to trap the villain or follow him to his secret base. I don't believe the villain would be so stupid as to build his device so that the heroes can simply "focus in on the center of the sonic waves" and locate his secret lair. Any suggestions on how the heroes might be able to track down the villain's lair that are not overly difficult but not too simplistic either? Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Can someone tell me if the Limitation Extra Time (Regeneration Only) replaces the need to add the Self Only Limitation to the Regeneration version of Healing? I don't have the Revised 5th Edition (can't afford it yet), but I do have the updated Hero Designer with this opition in it. Thanks.
  3. I'd like to create a villain character for my campaign who can do the following: The villain can infest others with his nanites, and take control of their body, gaining a duplicate of himself who can act as his agent. Basically, my villain's body is full of nanites. He wants to be able to transfer some of these nanites into innocent victims (or heroes!) and transform them into duplicates of himself. How you guys suggest this power be built? Should I start with a Transform that changes victim into host body for the nanites, then follow up with Duplication, Only with Host Bodies, with the limitation "must touch host body to duplicate?" I'd appreciate any help you guys can supply. Thanks.
  4. Re: Happy Halloween Herophiles! This is a great character. Thanks for posting him.
  5. Re: Who was the LAMEST? First off, ROM Spaceknight ruled. If the character was a lame as you say, then how come he had his own comic which lasted for 75 issues? As for who are the true lame heroes, I'd point a finger at Cable, Gambit, or half the other silly mutants in the Marvel Universe.
  6. Re: Need Help With A Detect bump Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
  7. Re: Need Help With A Detect After reading all of your helpful posts, and doing some research of my own, I've decided to take this approach (based on the Advanced Radio Handset and Homing Beacon found of page 119 of the Champions genre book). 14pts) Lesser Ring of Finding: Multipower, 59-point reserve, all slots Independent (-2), Images Only Perceivable By Greater Ring of Finding (-1), IIF Unbreakable (-1/4) 1 pt slot) Long Range Sensing: Mental Group Images Increased Size (32" radius; +1 1/4), +/-4 to PER Rolls, MegaScale (1" = 10,000 km; +1 1/4); Independent (-2), Images Only Perceivable By Greater Ring of Finding (-1), IIF Unbreakable (-1/4) 1 pt slot) Short Range Sensing: Mental Group Images Increased Size (32" radius; +1 1/4), +/-4 to PER Rolls; Independent (-2), Images Only Perceivable By Greater Ring of Finding (-1), IIF Unbreakable (-1/4) 6 pts)Greater Ring of Finding: Detect Lesser Ring of Finding 13- (Mental Group), Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees), MegaScale (1" = 10,000 km; +1 1/4), Can Be Scaled Down 1" = 1km (+1/4); Independent (Universal; -2), IIF Unbreakable (-1/4) Well? Did I over-complicate this? Any suggestions on how to make it better? I used Mental Group for the Images, as I was not sure what else fit. Also, should the Images Only Perceivable By Greater Ring of Finding Limitation be worth more that -1? Basically it's two magic rings; one is the beacon and the other is the tracker of the beacon. Good? Bad? Ugly?
  8. One of my players wants to create a magic item to give to another player that she can wear and will allow him to locate her at any given time. How would I go about building this item? I'm thinking a Detect (single thing - superheroine Flame), Ranged, Increased Arc of Perception (360 degrees). At this point, I get stuck. I am unable to add Megascale to this power, according to the rules. I think I need that in order for the hero to be able to "search the globe" for his missing loved one. Also, the magic items are to be a pair of earrings worn by the heroine, so they will probably be IIF. Would this be best built some other way? Also, would there be a limitation for the power only being able to detect one individual thing, as compared to one kind of thing (i.e. detect minds). Need you're guys' expert help here. I'm at a loss.
  9. Can anyone tell me exactly how this power (from the vampire write-up in the Hero System Bestiary) works during game play? Call Rat Pack: Suppress DEX 2d6, Area of Effect Nonselective (One Hex), Reduced Endurance (0 END), Uncontrolled, No Normal Defense ([standard]; Defense is Being In A Frictionless Area or Outfitted Head-to-Toe in Armor), Continuous, Only Where Rats Could Be, Possible Delays plus Killing Attack - Ranged 1/2d6 (vs PD), Area of Effect Nonselective (One Hex), Reduced Endurance (0 END), Uncontrolled, Continous, Linked (Suppress), Only Where Rats Could Be, Possible Delays What I am confused about is that after the vampire hits the target hex and victim, does the victim simply avoid the effects of the Suppress by stepping out of the target hex? The effect is rats swarming over the victim, slowing his agility down (suppressing his DEX). Wouldn't the rats cling to him, even if he moved out of the target hex? If not, what Advantage would need to be added to this power to get the desired effect? Also, is the Suppress considered cumlalitive? Does the target suffer an additional 2d6 Suppress each phase? Or does the Continuous Advantage just mean that each phase he takes anywhere from 2-12 points of DEX Suppression? Thanks in advance for you help. Acroyear II
  10. Does a 1d6 HKA NND the Does BODY also do NND Stun damage as well? For example, if the attack hits, and I roll a 5, then that is 5 BODY suffered by the target. But since it is also a HKA, do I roll the Stun Multiplier and apply that to the target as NND damage as well? Thanks in advance.
  11. In the FAQ section of this website, the question of using Breakfall or Acrobatics after Diving for Cover was posted. Basically the question was asked if a character could use either Breakfall or Acrobatics to land on his feet (and not become prone) after successfully making a Dive for Cover. Steve's reply was "no." I asked Steve about this, and he replied that it was basically a game balance issue. Do any of you out there allow Breakfall or Acrobatics after a Dive for Cover manuver? I have a player who insists that this should be possible, and I'm having a hard time backing up the official rule posted in the FAQ section. I'm not doubting Steve's call, I'm just a little confused as to what game balance is being lost if I were to allow such skill rolls after Dive for Covers are made. On the one hand, it does seem a bit cheap to me for a character to be able to Dive for Cover from an Area Effect attack, and then land on his feet right afterwards. Granted, he most likely Aborted his Phase to do this manuver, and that in itself is a "penalty." On the other hand, it seems to me that in some instances it may be likely a very agile character could pull of such a manuver after Diving for Cover. What do you guys think? I just want to be sure before I make a final ruling on this, as it could a) upset game balance in my game if I allow it, or upset my player if I do not allow it. So please share you thoughts on the subject. My thanks in advance.
  12. I'd like to get the opinions of you players out there about how you handle the difference between breaking free of an Entangle versus breaking free from a Grab. As per page 283 of FREd, it states for characters attempting to break free from an Entangle, if they do twice the remaining BODY of the Entangle or more, the character immediately has a Full Phase in which to act. If the character rolls just enough BODY or the exact amount of BODY to free himself of the Entangle, he may immediately take a Half Phase action. On the same page the rules for breaking free of a Grab read that if a Grabbed character rolls twice as much BODY on his STR Roll as the BODY rolled for the Grabber's STR Roll, the Grabbed character immediately has a Full Phase in which to act. However, if the Grabbed character rolls rolls just only enough BODY than the Grabber's BODY rolled, then he is free, but can take no more actions that Phase. Why is it that when breaking free of an Entangle (but with not twice the BODY rolled) that a character receives a free Half Phase, but when doing basically the same thing when breaking free of a Grab, the character does not receive a free Half Phase in which to act? Also, why is it that the characters breaking free receive ANY free Phases (whether Full or Half) when basically they are using an Attack Action to break free, and as such, that Action should end their Phase. Is this rule suppose to simulate a type of "Casual Strength" when breaking out of Entangles and Grabs? Can someone explain this to me, so that I can in turn, rationlize it to my players.
  13. Re: Game Maps and Counters Exchange Etherio, Any chance you have the full color pics of some of the heroes and villains you posted tiles for? Just wondering if you have full color shots of the Coil guys, Deathstroke, Protectors, and any of the other characters you made tiles for. If you have, could you post 'em, please?
  14. Re: Map Makers My group and I use a very large battle mat, which is quite handy I must say. Still, I wish there were pre-made Champions maps out there with 1" hexes already on them, like those found in the Hero System Resource Kit. I asked Steve Long if there were plans to make a Map Pack supplement that included all types of maps ususally found in a super hero setting. Sadly, he said "no." Does anyone know where to get pre-made maps with 1" hexes like those found in the Resource Kit?
  15. Re: Need Name For Telekinetic Villain Okay, I ran the session this past Saturday involving my new telekinetic villain, so I can now give the details. The name I chose from all suggested was Cataclsym. Thanks again to everyone who gave suggestions. Interesting back story to this villain, as her appearance in the campaign was six years in the making. Cataclsym is the daughter of one of the PCs (Ultra) and a villain (Nemesis). The father Nemesis kidnapped his daughter two years ago (campaign time - 1987) and traveled with her back to the year 1962 via a stolen time artifact. Ultra was understandably upset, and spent many months searching for a way to find her young baby girl. The heroine finally discovered that Nemesis had met his demise in 1964, and their daughter was sold by the Chinese Tong to an unkown wealthy family in 1965. The trail ended there. The current timeframe of the campaign is now 1989, and in our last session it was revealed by the villain Menton that he had discovered the whereabouts of Ultra's child (who would now be in her late 20s, which is older than her mother!). It should be noted that the child of Ultra and Nemesis was only 15 months old when taken from her mother, and just over 3 years old when her father was killed and she was sold by the Tong. She has no idea of who her real parents are. During the session Menton interupted a battle between the heroes and Genocide and revealed that the Genocide commander who had been a thorn in the heroes' side for the last 5 years was in fact the daughter of Ultra and Nemesis. Ultra and her teammates found this to be implausible, as any offspring of Ultra would be a mutant like her mother. There is no way the Genocide commander was a mutant, right? Wrong! The Genocide commander was indeed a mutant who hated her kind for all the pain suffered in her life. She had kept her mutant abilites hidden from everyone, even her Genocide masters. After being convinced by Menton that the information he knew was correct both heroes and the Genocide commander were stunned. Forced to face the truth of her past the Genocide commander unleashed the full fury of her mutant (telekinetic) powers and began tearing up the city. Taking the name Cataclysm the daugther of Ultra attempted to kill her own mother and her teammates. Menton just sat back and enjoyed the show. Needless to say, it was a good game. I had been planning this story arc for the last six years, so I was glad it paid off. Cataclysm is now one of the most dangerous villains in my campaign, and has direct ties to the PCs, which should make for some interesting stories in the future.
  16. When bricks or other strong superheroes want to rip a telephone pole (or similar object) out of the ground and throw it at someone, do they have to roll a STR roll in order to free the pole from the ground? Example: Major America wishes to grab a telephone pole and throw it at Ogre. Major America has a 60 STR, and can easily lift a telephone pole, but does he have to make a STR roll to free the pole from the cement it rests in? And if so, what is the roll? Does he have to roll the DEF and BODY of the telephone pole in order to free it? Does this action take the whole phase, or is he able to rip it free and throw it all in the same phase? Maybe I've missed it, but I can't find this detailed anywhere in FREd.
  17. Re: Need Name For Telekinetic Villain Normally I would give out more info, but I believe one of my players visits the board quite regularly now, so I'd rather keep that info under my hat. I have, however, choosen a name from those provided. Thanks to all of you who helped out. You guys are the best!
  18. Hey guys, I need some help coming up with a name for a very powerful telekinetic villain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  19. My gaming group has been debating the Dive For Cover rule for a while now, and I was hoping you could shed some light on the reason why the skills Breakfall and Acrobatics cannot be used after preforming this manuver. I checked the FAQ about this, and the only answer given was that "no," Breakfall and Acrobatics could not be used to land on one's feet after performing Diving For Cover, which would negate ending up prone at the end of the manuver. A few of my players feel that Breakfall and Acrobatics should be allowed to be used with this manuver, but I feel that there must be a reason that the FAQ state that it is not allowed. I assume it is some form of balance of the mechanics of the game, but I can't seem to figure out what the balance is. Could you please detail your thoughts on this ruling? Thanks much for your time.
  20. If a hero uses Drain vs Armor on a villain wearing a battlesuit (his focus), and all the Armor points are drained, does the whole battlesuit therefore crumble to dust? Or is the battlesuit still intact, just with no Armor DEF and therefore subject to having it's associated powers "broken" by follow up attacks that do BODY above it's remaining DEF? Also, in the Drain vs Armor (focus) example above, is the battlesuit subject to the standard 5 Active Point return rate allowed by the Drain power or excluded because it is considered an object?
  21. The group that I have been GMing for the past 10 years has 12 players. I try to run sessions with only 5 or six players in order to keep things from getting bogged down. Out of the 12 players, 6 are regulars, with the other six on rotation.
  22. I would purchase colored pics of the villains/heroes published in the Champions books. If they were made available I could use them with the Hero Designer. Color pics of the characters would be a GREAT aid to the GM when he showed the players what the villain(s) looked like they were battling. Much batter than holding up a black and white picture from the book. Would anyone else purchase color artwork of the Champions Universe characters?
  23. She was hot though... Here's another pic, this time she's in her Secret ID.
  24. She was hot though... Even though the series sucked, the young lady who played Black Scorpion was a hottie though. Check out the pic!
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