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    It's mostly all in the title.
    I'm running a bunch of 1st Edition AD&D ports for GenCon this year. Instead of doing it piecemeal and not having what I need, I've decided to go to the extra effort and convert all the spells into Hero (eventual goal is to upload everything to the library so everyone can have it). My goal is to have a master spellbook with the descriptions and particulars of each spell (that will probably also contain the Hero build) and a Prefab for HD. I'm going to have one prefab for Cleric Spells, one for Druid Spells, and one for Magic-Users. I'm skipping Illusionists because no one ever liked them anyway.
    My plan is to provide each spellcasting character with their own physical copy of their personal spellbook with all of the spells they know. I believe I'm also planning on having an export format for JUST their spells so that they have a copy of the Hero builds for their character sheet. So each player would receive a bound/stapled physical copy of a spellbook that may/may not include the Hero builds of all of their spells. They will get their character sheet that will have a Custom Power called Spellbook that costs as much as the spells they have. They will also get an extra sheet (or two) called Spellbook that will be an export format that includes nothing but their spells. So if anyone has/would like to also help with an Export Format I wouldn't turn away help (there is probably one in the Vault, but I haven't spent too much time digging around in there just because I'm not to that point yet). I haven't played with Export Formats in (quite literally) years and I'm rusty. I can do it but it will be slow going for a while. I'd also like to have some kind of fancy cover for each caster, but that's if I find the time or find someone to mock something up for me (or I can find something to steal).
    I'm rapidly closing in on the point that I'll be done with the Cleric Spells (I just started 5th level today and there are only 7 levels of spells) and I could use another set of eyes to compare the HD builds to the descriptions/details in the master list. I'd also the builds looked at, to ensure I haven't neglected an AoE or a Time Limit or something (or miscalculated the Magic Skill modifier). Any helpers would get a mention in the file and my eternal gratitude. Obviously we have some time (since GenCon is in August), but the sooner I get this done the sooner I can move on to other things.
    So, what I'm looking for is a few people willing to read through some spell descriptions (and find typos and spots where I neglected to remove reference to Levels, etc) and compare them to an HD file (so you will need HD), and while you are proofreading double check the builds and let me know if I have missed something or (in some cases) if my build is just whackadoodle and you have an idea of a better/easier way to do it. I'm doing all the heavy lifting but after a while I'm finding that I am missing some things and not everything is consistent in build/methodology. I'm going to go through and proofread them myself again (obviously) but you don't always do a good job proofing your own work.
    Thanks in advance.
    EDIT: Samples below, first is spellbook, second is HD.
    Cure Critical Wounds
    Range: No Range
    Casting Time: 1 Minute
    Components: V, S
    Duration: Instant
    Magic Skill: -3
    College: Necromantic
    Area of Effect: 1 Creature
    Mana Cost: 2
    Brief: 4d6 Simplified Healing
    Description: This spell is a very potent version of the Cure Light Wounds spell. Upon laying his or her hand upon a creature, the cleric causes 4d6 points of healing on a wound or other injury damage to the creature's body to be healed. This wound will not affect creatures without corporeal bodies, nor will it cause wounds to creatures not living or those which can be harmed only by iron, silver, and for magical weapons.
    Cure Critical Wounds:  Healing BODY/STUN 4d6, Usable By Other (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (60 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Minute, -1 1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Requires A Roll (Magic Skill, -3; -1/4)
    EDIT EDIT: It might also be helpful to compare the spells to the original AD&D versions. If you don't have a first edition players handbook, I have a PDF I can loan you.
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    In City of Heroes, Rommy and Requiem are Archvillains (kind of the biggest of the big bads).
    Cimerorans are citizens of Cimerora (a region patterned after ancient Greece). Nictii or the plural or Nictus, which are beings of dark energy.
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