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  1. I do think that D&D/Pathfinder has simpler building blocks - class, level, HP, roll d20 against armor class. Certainly in its more elaborate forms (Pathfinder) it has a lot of complexity, but it's still easier to sit down for the first time and play than Hero. And the network effects mean a lot more support in learning the game, both in terms of products and other gamers. D&D is successful because it suits people clustered around average IQ or slightly higher, rather than Hero which appeals most to people a standard deviation above 100.
  2. The simple truth is that Hero is a game for and by high-IQ people. It sounds elitist, but I'm convinced that is the case. People with IQs below 100 struggle to grasp key concepts and usually hate it, those at around 100-120 can learn it, but need to be guided or particularly motivated to get over the hump, and over 120 IQ folks pick it up easily, and tend to be the ones who love its possibilities. I gave the 6e rules to one of the smartest guys I know, who is not even a gamer, and he digested it over a weekend and was totally enthused. It was quite eye-opening. I'd put his IQ at 140-150.
  3. I suggest a stretch goal to get the excellent Fred Hicks to do the layout! To me the layout of 5e and 6e really adds a lot to the game (makes it manageable in fact).
  4. I don't remember many straight up fights or heroic warriors in the original Tales From 1001 Nights, which is the major source for what we think of as Arabian fantasy. There is a lot of sneakery and outwitting going on, though. Djinn are more prominent than evil sorcerers. My memory is a bit hazy as I read a translation (not Burton's famous one) more than 20 years ago. But definitely worth a read to get some authentic flavor after all of the Howard, Al Qadim and Disney that give us a watered-down fantasy Arab world.
  5. I don't see why the two core volumes couldn't be put up as POD. It's simply a choice for Hero Games and as I understand would involve only a small amount of work to format them as softcover black-and-white.
  6. Hey that's interesting about the cover, Narf. So it was updated to fit in with the rest of the line! Is it possible for you to upload an image of the new cover? Just a simple phone snap would be fine. As for the "flimsiness" it's good to know too. I do make allowances for POD, those books never feel quite the same as a traditional offset-printed book, but that's a worthwhile price to pay for having titles perpetually in-print, and it's not due to anything Hero Games can control.
  7. Skills isn't a setting/genre book. It's the only 6e rules book without the blue cover. And the only one with the same cover as the equivalent 5E book.
  8. I'll definitely buy it when the cover has been updated to 6e trade dress. I wonder why of all the 6e books this is the only one without the blue cover...?
  9. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy (1972). Rather grubby film, but entertaining nonetheless.
  10. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... I've been re-reading a bit of Jack Vance recently - a couple of obscure early novellas, namely the Houses of Iszm and Son of the Tree. Good nostalgic fun and inventive stories in their own right.
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