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  1. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings
  2. Re: overwhelmed The rulebook's in two volumes, so it's worth getting volume II as well. You won't need more than that, though. There's also the Basic rulebook, which you can use on its own. (Basic does not have all of the examples and is missing some of the optional rules).
  3. Re: The Nightmare of Megascale Teleport Since the villain hasn't had his action in all of this, then, assuming he isn't much slower than the hero, doesn't he have a couple of shots (around 3rd and 4th phase) at the hero, maybe even time to Haymaker? If this happens often, I'd expect the hero to get hit at least sometimes (especially at half DCV), and if he gets Stunned, he's got a problem. After all, he's removed the villain from the fight, but he's also taken himself out of range of assistance from his allies. That should give the villain a fighting chance against a tactic like this, without unduly penalizing the hero. Presumably a villain won't kill his only way back home, so it's not life-threatening, but it's a risk the teleporting character will have to consider.
  4. Re: Common superhero types you've never seen in play I don't see a lot of players with only Shrinking for the same reason why you don't see characters with only one of any other Power. I did play a character who's primary abilities were Shrinking and Teleport. I did a lot of infiltration and sneak attacks. One of my convention pregens is a shapeshifter, but also has Shrinking and Flight Only When Shrunk.
  5. Re: Eccentric but plausible ways a character could be rich? Massive financial settlement from the company responsible for the industrial accident that caused the character's superpowers.
  6. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... The players are having some ninja problems. Johnny Cornfed: Well, we know this is a town with metahumans, so, based on population, I'd say there should be about three ninjas enrolled in this school... He then decides to call them out, and goes to the editor of the school newspaper and asks her to publish an article where he says that "ninjas are stupid, and I'm not scared of them." The headline: New Kid Attempts To Set Up Painfully Obvious Trap
  8. Re: TV show concept And yet, Smallville has been very successful...
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In a supervillains game, one of the PCs expresses concern that someone we plan to rob might hire assassins to come after us. The rest of the PC's scoff. Eris: In the words of a great philosopher, "consequences, schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich!"
  10. Re: Fading Stars...when and why should superheroes retire? At first it was just going to be maternity leave, you know? Stretch kevlar's not all that forgiving, and it's kind of irresponsible to be fighting crime when you're four months pregnant. Not to mention the time-consuming search for an obsetrician who could work around my unique metabolic needs. And then Louise came along, and took after me maybe a bit too much. We got it all sorted out - good thing Dr. Franklin has nerves of steel - but it was a while before I could think about anything else, and then Frank, Jr. was coming along, and I guess I realized I was never going back to full-time heroics. A couple of teams still have my number for the big emergenices, but it's been more of a once-a-year thing. Lou's going to be eighteen next year. When she found my stuff I made her promise to hold off until her 18th birthday, and in return I'd get her trained up and geared up. I guess now I've got to let her do it. Frank's laughing at me - he says its karma for all the sleepless nights I gave him back in the day. I'm going to have to brush up my skills, maybe even check up on who's active out there these days. My baby's going to need backup...
  11. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. I got to greet somone "How's your spleen?" this morning...
  12. Re: Fading Stars...when and why should superheroes retire? For that matter, if you're going for realism, at the edge of 50, you just don't have the reflexes you had as a younger hero, not to mention the accumulated injuries of several decades (look at the sort of things you see in boxers or football players at the end of their careers.) That also allows for the last hurrah. If you're looking at female heroes, there's always pregnancy and the demands of childcare. You could even have a heroine mentoring her own kid.
  13. Re: Counter-stereotyping I enjoyed the one-liner from one of the JL cartoons when Vixen was asked about jungles and she just gives a blank look. "What makes you think I know anything about the jungle? I live in a loft in Chelsea."
  14. Re: Counter-stereotyping I've done a pacifist brick. Which falls into the "gentle giant" brick stereotype but also bypasses the unsubtle property damage stereotype.
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
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